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Induction Cooking Explained by Fisher Paykel | Pros & Cons

Induction Cooking Explained by Fisher Paykel | Pros & Cons

Hi this is John with Designer Appliances,
we’re here at the Fisher & Paykel experience Center where their Executive
Chef Tagere Southwell is gonna cook us a meal using the Fisher & Paykel ovens
and cook tops. Let’s go check it out. With induction this is something that people
are not necessarily familiar with some people say uh, I don’t know but they
don’t even know about it they just don’t want it because they don’t know and I’m
like well you should really look at it. When people come in for demonstrations
on induction they really see the power of it and as I said 40% faster
than gas what they did here was updated with the smart zone so that you don’t
have any real gaps between the two so if you have long pots and you want to roast
something or if you have a longer grill that goes across two elements here or
two zones that would work perfectly to utilize that and have no dead space
where there’s no heat. And people always ask you know how you know what’s the
response time how precise is it and you know I’ll put like a little bit of let’s
say our sauce in here, I’ll get our shallots going first and of course I’ll
just turn the power on, we have swipe technology so it’s kind of
like your smart phone, so once again it mimics the current technology and that’s
what I like about Fisher and Paykel is that they think currently – so I’m gonna
put just a pinch of grapeseed oil in there which I like to use a flavorless
oil things that people aren’t allergic to. And so I’ll turn this up to like a
nine and you’ll immediately start to hear a sizzle or actually or actually a “P” here we go so that was about five seconds you start
to hear a sizzle. So that is what you want all that power going into that pan
and of course you need pans that are highly ferrous which means they have
high iron content to work on here and that’s what we have here and these pots
are great they don’t make a lot of sound some pots that are off on their metals
they make a lot of sound on here like a lot of loud vibration and people don’t
like it, that’s what also turns people off of
induction and you don’t hear that on here – but what you want to know is that
this goes up to a “P” which is giving you a 110 percent power. And I’ve worked on
inductions for years I worked in the appliance industry for 10 years now
doing demonstrations and you can see already how those shallots are trying to
go – People always ask me what’s the learning curve with inductions
you cut up something really small and pretty like that and you burn it just
like that, because that P is hot it’s like me and the hibachi guy at
Benihana’s and you need to be manipulating that food like constantly. So and that is
a very quick saute, so that’s why a lot of restaurants have taken on induction
because obviously their job is to be quick and this is what it gives you is a
great finished product, really really quickly. What I also like about this is
they have a timer on each one of these six zones here which is great, so if
you’re doing rice you want perfect 15 minute rice you have your timer which is
the first thing that I burned in here as I tell people about the power of this
machine that 110 percent power is going to give you that hibachi style cooking
or wok style cooking that people ask ‘Oh what about my round bottom wok now’ and I’m like you put your most highly ferrous pan on here and you will see
it’s just like a wok because it gives you that power right into the pan. So
let’s tell people make sure you cook on a medium high if you’re not comfortable
if you’re getting used to it if you’re sort of used to gas and now you’re using
this it’s a little bit faster so you might want to play on like a 5 or a 4
and get everything going and then speed up a little bit. But what’s great is that
this whole pan is getting rid of that water it’s dissipating all at the same
time so I have even cooking, like if I’m doing 5 chicken breasts in here I’m not
moving it around sort of following the flame so to speak which is great so
everything is getting done really quickly I don’t have that action green
sort of army green colored vegetables when I’m finished I should have a
beautiful wilted vegetable in a 2 or 3 minute process of cooking here. So and
that is done and that was maybe two three minutes so that is the kind of
product that you want nicely finished turns right off and once again you have
your timers on each one and they also have an auto shut off if you get liquids
all over here if it spills over when you’re not looking you walk away and you
know that’s when a pot usually goes over that will make a boo-boo a really loud
sound which is great. You know, you come in and say ‘oh I don’t like induction’
many people have said wow now I I want it so you just never know and it
may not be right for you either because your situation might be different. I had
a person at a demo actually my last demo at monogram, where this guy he taught me
about cast iron where actually cast iron in general it’s made with sand in the
production on the bottom so if you have the old kind that’s not enamel coated
which I recommend enamel coated for these cooktops because if you’re doing
the chef thing that people see on TV doing this rubbing thing, you’re going to
braid your top and you’ve spent how many thousands on this thing and now you’re
going to destroy it by just dragging this heavy pot cast irons very heavy on
here and so he told me he lived at the beach and he had a gas cooktop and he
was ready to buy an induction because he takes him 40 minutes to boil water cuz
he must have his windows open at the beach heat that’s why he lives there in
the summer, he’s like I want my windows open but I also want to eat so he got
the induction! So that’s better for his lifestyle so I told people I asked
people as many questions as they asked me because you may want something that’s
not right for you but when I explain these products to them then they rethink
it. So, you never want to put in something or install an oven in your house and
then rip it out that’s kind of ridiculous you know because you’re not
happy. So we want customers to be happy. Want to experience a similar life
cooking demo at the Fisher & Paykel experience center call us at 888-714-4938 and we’ll hook you up with their
knowledgeable staff and executive chef so you can start getting inspired for
your next kitchen project. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Designer Appliances this looks amazing once again! Thank you all so much for the opportunity to properly showcase the precision and power of the Fisher & Paykel luxury line of appliances. It was a pleasure to serve you all a tasty meal and hopefully teach you all a few cool appliance features. This is beautifully shot as well. I thoroughly enjoy working with true professionals. John, your team is spot on!!! Best of Success to you all!

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  3. Thinking about buying the Frigidaire induction range and this video helped, thank you! I'm researching pots/pans right now and I enjoyed your comment about finding the right ones to avoid the click/hums. What were you using in this video? Anything else you recommend? Thanks!


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