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Inilah Surganya Belut Tempat Mancing Belut Paling Mantap – Eel Fishing

Inilah Surganya Belut Tempat Mancing Belut Paling Mantap – Eel Fishing

Assalamualaikum Wr.wb Meet Me Again on the Eel Fishing Channel Here I am Ordinary There Are Many Spotts Still in the same place and I’m sure There Are Many Eels So Please Help To Subscribe and Turn on the Bell And who have been supported Thank you Who Already Likes and Comment Thank You Anyway Thank You All Now This Is Common With Utruk, Atho, And that is the senior Ijul, and this person Well C’Tampan, Well … Well … Well … Maybe so, he said Utruk got it See,, Played, No Release? ,, Not Just Played Bring the Bucket Gob ** This is Cinematic Dark,, Well like that viewer, it’s not yet to the pool It’s Still Around The Yesterday’s Rice Field Because Yesterday, There Are Lots of Yesterday Off, Odonk, OYO, Lots of Once Off Here So We Are For Today Here First And Praying Hopefully We Can Be Like The Yesterday Lots up to 6 KG, thanks And our plan for tonight The Eel Results To Save As Soon As The Audience It might be like that haha Sundanese Bro Sunda Well, it says Sundanese, if it’s like to mix it up and continue, yeah Now, the viewer, hopefully here, stay here, continue Well this is a big wee … BIG,, It’s Big, It’s Big Great, Steady Soul Look at his face, go to the camera! Invisible Steady Ouch From yesterday Big If That Big His name is also in the fields Well this is Tuh ,, from yesterday viewers From yesterday this can’t continue Let’s Go Again That’s Ryan Still Trying Let’s Try Again Because There Are Many Now This Audience Ryan Is Trying to Pull To the Rice Field Usually to the Pool Pull the boss, pull it out, said viewers Tuh Taken Audience, Look? The hole is also ouch ,, This is great The hole is so big … Difficult boss … heavy … See Audience Attracts Also. Come on get it A little more ahaha Why is that? Cobain Has Me Don’t be trampled later he’ll be scared, yeah forget it We Try, Want to Eat What Not? Just fired no? If Firing Will Not Want to Eat Firing No? Firing No? How do you fire? Yes Ngajeprut is so fast? Yes Ouch Will Not Want Again Must be scared Come on, ride Coy Don’t want him Ryan Ah, Is the Audience Visible? There is an Eel that appears Just Certainly the Fitting I Take Will Not Be My Video The problem is difficult See Only Later Eels Are Also Big Viewers Not bad ,, This Is No Friends So Impossible At Take hold of the camera Ouch Influenza How Many Days I Have Does the Audience Look Eel? Maybe When I Get Yes, The Same I Appointed At Keresek I Want To Take It First, The Problem Is Difficult Hold the camera I’ll video if you get it too Audience Looks Eel? With empty hands Blank Hands Yes, Don’t Bring Anything Just Bring Urek Satu With Blank Hands On Like This This is still alive Look? Thank God Maybe like that Later We Will Find Another Hole Now Viewers Ryan / Tarzan are Narik Look? There are … There are … There are … There are … Aist Why Thrown Like That Yes,,,, Get it, get a small AJIG not satisfied haha Let’s Take It Off Please Release it Yes Please Release, I Have a Camera Look Here First Fishing Mania E ,, E ,, Just Release It Can’t? Thank you, viewers Do you want greetings first? Wants to, Greetings to the Karang people and ahha Corals and said Well C’ganteng Kalem Get More, Where’s the Eel? this is the viewer’s hole Eh Why is that? Not eaten yet? It turns out that Narik is again Pull Again Ouch Ouch Pegal Pin Up First Dark Pin It’s Like It’s Sitting Silent Ah Cape Viewers, My Runs From There, Bro, From Tarzan Keep coming here Why Is It Old, Can It or Not? Oh there it turns out The Powerless Period It’s There, It’s There When It Is Released, Heartache My words too Just now released … Not eaten, Ouch ,, Not Eaten De Ouch Astagfirullohaladzim Anj ** hAHA Remove viewers Want More No … Want More No … Touch One Side We Ngobor Night, Many Holes, I’m Confused Many Holes It’s Difficult If It’s That Day, Especially It’s Hot, Especially noon It’s hard It should be tonight Do you now night? Haha Youkensi Lekmong I no You Dongkai well viewers … Today Can Alhamdulillah hckjsvjgvahjsd There are Six Lah Here This Can Be Used This is mine This Is Me Greetings Mine is Which Is Hard A minute It’s hard Susah Pin ,, Just got two tails haha Yes, already That Wants To Be There He Said He Wants To Look First That’s Asep and Ryan Oops Sunset Again, Oops Sunset Again ,, viewers Look? Steady Soul This Is Still A Yesterday’s Place, Ordinary In Rice Fields That’s Mount Galunggung, How Beautiful Mount Galunggung is Maybe like that viewer Maybe so much for today, thank you To those who have been very grateful, to those who have watched until it’s finished If something has not been named, please comment below I’ll mention his name one by one Thank you Many thanks Peace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings

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  1. Wuihh.. spotnya potensial bang..
    Salam shoby dr sidoarjo..
    Biru n merah tlah padam..
    Ditunggu kmbalinya bang.
    Mksh n sukses ya buat abang.. 🙏🙏👏👍👌😁😊

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