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Inside The Laughing Gas Black Market

Inside The Laughing Gas Black Market

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  1. Oh..gimme a break! 'Brits' have obviously never been to a Dead show! Go to a Grateful Dead concert. You'll see tanks and balloons EVERYWHERE! They even blow it out onto the floor area where everybody's already tripping..called 'dancin' with the Dead'..if you wanna call what looks like an epileptic break dancing, dancing per say! It's actually pretty hilarious to watch. Outside at the bizare, where ANYTHING can be bought, everybody's got huge ass 'weather balloons' – not those panny-annie Chucky Cheese sizes that raves have. Rave needs to do an episode on the history of the Dead shows. I think they'll find it to be 'enlightening', to say the least. One thing Brits have seen are the Floyd shows..which, as far as NOS and acid go, are on this same par. I've been to both. I've done both. The closest description I can give is that NOS is like a hit of crack – only not as long or as paranoid. It's very safe, regardless what the government might say. If it weren't so, dentists wouldn't still be using it today. I know..that's a 'controlled' environment..but, it's still the same idea. In some ways, it's safer to do it outside the office because the anesthesiologist tells you to continually breath deeply. With a ballon..or, my personal favorite – the seltzer bottle, with the 'CO2' cartidges, are safer because you can only hold so much in. You kinda meld with the universe. It's the almost perfect high. It doesn't scare you, wears off quick and has a feeling not found in any other drug..and, it is NOT physically addicting. It doesn't show up on piss tests either! That's a big plus!

  2. Quick question from a Canadian viewer. How TF does Vice keep finding these black markets and such? Are they a part of these markets? Is something shady going on? And why is the police never involved? Shouldn't they be passing tips on?

  3. 8:40
    Typical leftist Vice lying fucks. Blur out almost all of the police’s statement but the parts that look good for your episode. If the rest isn’t important, there’s no need to blur it out. What does it say?

  4. I’ve experienced nitrous oxide in the dentist and I’ll tell you that it’s the best feeling that I’ve ever felt and it’s incredible, if there is one drug that I would try it would definitely be this one

  5. shitis weak what a waste..for that just get duster its less work refilling one cartridge per hit pfttt….take through ur nostril to avoid the bitter taste and dont gforget to breathe

  6. Anybody else watching this video while hitting a balloon and this is flyer party shit we been doing this in La and over Southern California since early 2000

  7. Oh sure Alcohol which kills thousands of people a day worldwide is legal, cigarettes which kill even more 100% legal.. Nitrous which killed a handful of people total gets banned. 😕 this world is backward

  8. its really not that big of a deal if u can control ur self with it like basically it just slows down ur perception of time. 15 seconds turns into 5 minutes, you enter a new dimension every thing is stuck in a time loop.

  9. literally so so many people my age (15) have been doing balloons/nitrous oxides even up to 3 years ago. i would try and tell them how dangerous it is but they don’t care

  10. All the rubbish thats left behind outside my son's school it's disgusting it's a sad world 😟 use a bin you small minded little turds 🖕

  11. Why do p I’ll like nitrous I’ve tried it and it doesn’t last long and it doesn’t even get you like super faded I’d dare to say weed is stronger

  12. “You lose a few brain cells” so clearly this bitch failed high school science bc you constantly lose and gain brain cells anyway. Braindead fucks

  13. British teens: At LeAsT oUr ScHOoLs ArEnT ShOoTiNg rAnGes

    As they suck on a balloon full of NOS through a gap in their teeth so large you could fit the fucking great wall of china through it

    Yeah, brits dont know how to have a good time, but they sure as shit know how to make themselves look even dumber to the world lmao

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