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Inside Toyosu Fish Market in Tokyo

Inside Toyosu Fish Market in Tokyo

in this video I’m gonna take you guys inside up to yo suit fish market since 5:00 in the morning right now and I’m waiting for an outlet to pick me up because today he’s gonna take me to tell you the fish market he has to pick up supplies for the restaurant and because of that we’re gonna go into Toyotas at this market and buy some seafood and veggies everything he needs for the restaurant a lot of you guys always ask me what Toyota fish market is like so today I get to show you what it’s really like but don’t worry the outer fish market is still there at Tsukiji you should be here soon but if you guys wanted to see what I’m doing on the daily definitely check out my Instagram account and if you want to help support the channel definitely check out my Tokyo merch I didn’t think we’d be waking up this early in the morning or you got to do what you got to do let’s go do this Oh how are you doing this morning good so now does one of my good friends you’ve probably seen him before in my summer my city festival video he got a little wasted face and that one but he should be solid today every other week or so he has to pick up seafood and produce from the platelets of fish market but the Chinese restaurant he manages he allowed me to come along today so I could show you guys what it’s like inside it’s a mocha congee disco quando chega they go check over here polio so an engineer I’m hearing is not there’s more cheaper I know she was gonna move I surrender auctions did she say – uh see the new fish – are forwarded to Caracas super Hegira kuzey gudetama Delta Oscar ah yo coach at the path no pre-monsoon angela louise young granny oh well kinga cannot reach a decision your restaurant will also stop it Ali Hashi total Easter dinner Moneta no so now two drinks every night but today it’s special he didn’t drink coffee there you go have any coffee this morning Keenan on Easter there so we just there was somebody talking about me someone given a holster you are Daniel time on the Civic emoticon it’s some shooting tour yes I go my good aura lesson on this run motherhood’s game event Chinese key oh yeah yeah yeah oh my dear madam I refer you then this won’t kill you better day in there so yeah come on in the third you guys can see just ahead of us in that building right there that used to be the old CG finish market building they’re turning it down now and going on for the last four months so this road were on right now was built just for Toyota fish market and wasn’t here before on a bike must be tough so right now our about to go into Toyo sand market there’s actually no check I’m kind of excited because I’ve never actually been inside of the workers section I mean I’ve been to the outer part of the inside market but I’ve never been inside of the inside market that makes any sense inner part of the skeezy fish market it was moved to the US for last year basically because it was falling apart and there was more demand for space it was more than 75 years old so it didn’t come as a surprise I even heard that parts of the building was falling down creating major safety concerns that would suck to die at the fish market the toyota market is about 400,000 square meters in total and there are three main buildings the seafood wholesale building seafood intermediate wholesale building and vegetable produce building they’re all intended for professionals like dotto but on the fourth floor of the seafood intermediate wholesale building anyone can shop there also you can find some restaurants relocated to trio su from Tsukiji now we reach our assigned parking space oh and we got to make sure to leave the doors unlock I’ll explain why a bit later in this video but let me know in the comments if you can figure out before then so we just entered the inner market foods and Omar can go to yes it is Christian and she did so freshness is always key now we’re headed down to the real-deal fish market now to has a buyer registration form enhance so we’re permitted to go down pass a coned off area unfortunately this is where Japan’s rules went out and my camera has to go dark so let me explain what you’re missing on the first floor basically the second floor has small window panes that I look down to the first floor fish market shops but as you can see the only thing really visible are aisles between the fish shops anyway I should also probably tell you about the tuna auction probably one of the main reasons my visitors come here the auction takes place between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. you can watch from the upper observation windows but you should definitely come early since there’s not a lot of space and you may end up just viewing a sea of heads in front of you here’s the auction area below but I didn’t get a chance to take it during the actual auction time so you’re just gonna have to imagine a bunch of dead tuna all lined up on the ground in rows and a group of Japanese men standing around wearing rain boots and raising their hands up and down from time to time oh and maybe worth mentioning that you can also say the tune auction from an observation deck which is one floor down but tickets work on a lottery system so playing doesn’t mean you’ll get a ticket I’ll leave links in the description as always now here’s the produce side you can see a bit more through the window panes but still your view is quite limited I don’t know but watching now to walk around from the second floor is kind of boring nothing like the old Tsukiji inner market feels a bit Cyril almost like a Tesla car factory anyways after placing all the orders from the first floor of shops note that I head back to the second floor which is open to the public no it has to pick up one last thing before we head to the restaurant a box of scam oh no which are pickled vegetables usually served as appetizers at restaurants the lady says the box weighs about 10 kilograms doctor decides it carried himself back to the van so here’s the magic of the fish market and why we left the doors unlocked did you guys figure it out no it is the back of the fan it’s already loaded and filled with boxes of produce and seafood remember how I told you earlier that the market has assigned parking spots well he’s fine has a number and when you place your order at the shops your order is linked to your parking spot as soon as you place your order the shops load your goods onto forklifts and they take it directly to your car and load it up for you now that’s efficiency so I wanted to show you guys kind of what it was inside what the fish market is like but fortunately we couldn’t take any footage so we’re pretty much relegated to the video from the top of the fish market and as you can see you can’t see that much and you don’t get a real sense of what the fish market is like I walked through it and I was able to get like a like a full sense you see them cutting fish people buying you see all like the trucks moving back and forth and it’s like it’s a real awesome experience but unless you’re a worker or a purchaser then you can’t really go inside so in the previous videos a lot of people asked me if I had a choice which one would I go to Tsukiji fish market or Tosa fish and definitely I’d say I’d go to excuse me fish market dorm or don’t you guys give this card to us about the history at this matter to Darmody mean jokin Archie when I come see a negative skew Gina took me more to the squishy obedience of the table which is down on sugar don’t mix so that she see that to him out there the bitch is next to us cause she she got the shigeko yoga so you one day God I mean each other though it’s like a new separation come on what I should ask is you know go in Jogja I do idea what alright so that wraps it up if you guys liked this video help me out and hit that like button if you want to see what I’m doing on the daily definitely check out my Instagram account if you want to support the channel check out my Tokyo merch and if you want to see more of my Tokyo guys then hit that subscribe and Ndebele button and I’ll catch you guys in the next one [Music]

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  2. I just went to Toyosu market. but because of the visiting time, there were no auction..
    If we cannot shoot the video inside the market, maybe the best way to show the fish auction is shooting from fish market observatory space huh🤔
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  3. Yes I think it's great for the business to get there business running smooth at the new toyosu with no tourists in the way at times!
    But really agree with you Paolo for us food hungry and want to see tourists tukiji would be better for sure for us!!!!
    Naoto was hammered in the last vid yeh!! But he seems to be cool guy!!! ✌️

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  10. I went to the old fish market … I can understand why they keep tourists away now as they kept touching the tuna….. blaring now but more practical for doing business

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  12. Naoto is so chilled, cool dude, would like to meet him someday; maybe have a drink or two and some fresh tuna with nori and rice. I'm half Japanese (thank you, Mom), so I eat Japanese food a lot. Toyosu is huuuuge!! I wasn't surprised by them closing down Tsukiji, place was falling apart and would hate to see anybody get hurt from falling debris. Yeah that second floor, might have to shop there knowing the stuff is going to be real fresh, seeing where the source is right there, ha ha. Not gonna lie though, I'll miss Tsukiji, but life goes on and everything evolves. Oh well. Thanks for the vlog and now I'm going to head out for some sushi for brunch. Arigato.

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  21. Keep your car unlocked so they can deliver your good straight to your car? Since it’s assigned parking, purchasing must be connected to your parking number in some way to distinguish you from other buyers. That’s my guess. Japan is smart like that lol

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