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Inspirational Fish Tanks 🐠 Themed Aquarium Edition

Inspirational Fish Tanks 🐠 Themed Aquarium Edition

welcome back y’all and today we are
checking out some more themed aquariums I had a lot of requests for this after
my previous themed aquarium video so here we go so first up we’ve got this
awesome awesome dragon themed fish tank oh my goodness I don’t know where they
found these dragon ornaments or if they made them themselves but Wow
and next well I would definitely say this tank is way too small for this mini
goldfish I really like this whole cage idea that they have going on for their
tank that is pretty cool that’s a neat little idea it’s like little fish living
in prison and here we’ve got a pirate themed tank
I like that their background even matches the whole pirate theme that’s
pretty great and next we got a Harry Potter themed axolotl tank love this
setup and I absolutely adore axolotls one day one day I’m going to have an
axolotl and here we have another Harry Potter Quidditch style themed fish tank
I’m digging the Harry Potter tanks I’m digging the Harry Potter tanks and I’m
sure any Star Wars fans out there can appreciate this atat cichlid tank I
really appreciate the scaping on this skull themed tank where they actually
seem to have added shelves and everything above the tank to create this
look and here we have a lego theme tank I’ve always been curious about the
chemicals and Legos if that’s gonna be something that would leach into the
water and cause a problem because I really I like some of these Lego tanks
that I come across sometimes and here we’ve got Groot and Guppies this is a
really cute little tank I like it it’s amazing how many spongebob themed
aquariums that I have come across looking for different themed fish tanks
just amazes me i expunged Bob seems to be a very very popular themed fish tank
I gotta say though these people did a pretty decent job recreating bikini
bottom and this one has to be one of my favorites and it’s a Finding Nemo theme
I love it I love the shark in there Fisher friends not food and this one
beyond a shadow of a doubt has to be my favorite themed tank that I’ve come
across today and that is the Super Mario Brothers theme whoever created this did
an awesome job this is another Lego fish tank which is why I really really wonder
if Legos are actually safe for the aquarium that’s gonna be something I
have to look into because I I would like to have I would like to have a Mario
fish tank that should be something I I need to have right so anyway guys that’s
all I really have for y’all today as always thank you so so much for watching
I love you guys and I will see you in my next video bye

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