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Instant Pot Salmon | Lemon Dill DELISH!

Instant Pot Salmon | Lemon Dill DELISH!

I have got a super quick easy and tasty one for you guys today Instant pots salmon you guys it’s super popular right now People are searching for it all the time and guys, make sure you stay tuned because I have got this lemon dill sauce that I’m gonna spoon over it on the end it is to die for Welcome to the spicy apron cooking show my name is Heather and I am the author of two authorize instant pot cookbooks and Also of the spicy apron dot com food blog and by the way the full recipe for this instant pot salmon today I’ve got a link to that below it will take you to the blog for a printable recipe for you Alright don’t blink or you might miss this one instant pot salmon Now let’s talk salmon for just a very brief moment. If you will see I have here a wild cut sockeye salmon I love it. The flavor is far superior to Farm-raised but it is a little bit more expensive. Okay, sometimes it’s a lot more expensive I do think it’s worth it. The health benefits are also better. But if you only can find Farm-raised salmon, that is totally cool It’s still gonna be good, especially with my lemon dill sauce that I’m gonna show you at the end So let’s get going with this salmon. I’m going to put it on the trivet and put it in my instant pot Okay. Now as I said, I was gonna put these on the trivet I have the one with the long handles if you don’t have that one, that’s fine put 1 cup of water in your instant pot, but then put your trivet on top of it and then just lower your salmon fillets Right on top of your TripIt. I’ve got the handles so I’m just gonna lower it down and A little bit of salt and pepper before we cook it not much Just a sprinkling over the top gives it a nice extra little flavor And then I like to sprinkle a little bit of fresh dill on it when it goes into the pressure cooker now I will be using the majority of the steel in that fabulous sauce that I’m going to show you how to make in just a Minute, but for now guys, that’s it. Oh my god. Does it get easier than that? I don’t think so. Okay So what you’re gonna do put the lid on pressure cook it on high for 3 minutes now Let’s talk about the time for just a minute. I’d like it a little bit translucent in the middle I do it for three minutes if you like it really opaque and really thoroughly cooked all the way through Then do it for four minutes, maybe five you will not need more than that, and the question always comes up Can I do this from frozen and the answer is yes But add one minute to whatever time you would have chosen So in my case if these were frozen I would do them for four minutes Now a lot of people say and you will read this everywhere you do not need to add time if it’s frozen Quite honestly, I don’t think that’s true because I’ve tried it. Yes. I’ve written two cookbooks I’ve done hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of instant pot recipes and my opinion is yes You need to add some extra time if you’re cooking it from frozen. So for salmon fillets, I would add one minute so go ahead and set that timer to three minutes and then we will do a quick release and I’ll show you how to make the sauce. Okay, while that salmon is cooking and I won’t decline Let’s make this sauce and as an aside I got this new induction cooktop portable burner so I can give you better overhead shots But I don’t know if it’s gonna be too noisy. So I really want you guys to tell me if it’s too noisy Like I’m still trying to figure out how to work it. Please tell me if it’s too noisy While I am doing this video because if it is I’m just gonna have to switch to something else But anyway, it works really really well But do tell me about the noise level because it’s got a fan that’s pretty noisy. Saw Tings always gonna be noisy Okay the sauce now This isn’t exactly a diet sauce. It’s delicious, but it’s not diet So if you are eating salmon to lose weight, you really can omit the sauce the salmon is still delicious, but let’s start with a couple of tablespoons of butter To saute the shallots that are gonna go in there All right to the melted butter, add one large shallot finely minced now, you know me I’m always adding a little the salt here and there it makes everything taste better So I’ve got to say I really am in love with induction Cooktops they are so precise they eat up so quickly love it. It’s new to me, but I love it Okay, once the shallots have sauteed for just a minute or two Then you’re gonna add some white wine Now you can use vegetable broth if you would prefer but the wine gives it a really really nice flavor And do use a dry wine like a Sauvignon Blanc Once you add the wine, let it simmer And reduce by half that should take about three or four minutes. Okay, that wine has reduced Now we’re going to add a couple of tablespoons of fresh lemon juice fresh is always better But if you can’t find it that’s fine. Go ahead and use the stuff that comes in the little plastic bottle. Okay? now we’re gonna add some more butter and this part works best if the butter is fairly Well chilled I just want you to add it one chunk at a time and incorporate it into that wine lemon sauce you guys Oh my god you should smell it fabulous now whisk that butter in there and Lower the heat just a little bit because you only want it to barely simmer. Oh my god. There’s just nothing like shallots I’ll tell you it’s just such a smooth and almost smoky taste with those showers Okay, once the butter has fully incorporated. Then you’re gonna take a tablespoon of fresh Minced dill fresh makes a huge difference in this dish. I highly recommend using fresh and Just whisk that together very briefly And that is it the sauce is done and the salmon I just heard it beep so it’s done So let me bring that back out and we will plate it and drizzle this lovely sauce right on top of that salmon All right. Let’s look at our wild sockeye salmon. Oh, I can’t wait. Ah It’s perfect. It’s always so perfect in the instant pot Okay, so if you use the trivet with the handles you can just lift it out If not, then go ahead and use a spatula I am going to transfer it to the plate and pour that awesome sauce on top Okay, first I have to tell you it just smell so fresh and wonderful If you like that salmon smell it does smell really really good and again if you are Trying to lose weight by eating the salmon then you can eat it just like this and it is fabulous But I am going to drizzle some of this sauce right on top I’m sure I’ll make a mess, but you probably won’t care. Look at this the shallots. It’s a thin sauce It just gets drizzled right on top the shallots and the dill and the lemon up absolutely Wonderful. Look at that sauce. Okay now for presentation purposes Just put a nice little sprig of dill right on top and look at that gorgeous beautiful Instant pot salmon you guys it’s fabulous. It’s easy time for a bite to see how flaky it is now The skin is on the bottom of these filets and so you just want to flake it right off the top look at that It’s perfect. Oh, I’m so excited mmm Healthy never tasted so good It’s fantastic. So I hope you enjoyed this instant pot salmon Please go ahead and give it a thumbs up if you did and don’t forget to subscribe because I do come out with new videos Every week and that way you will be sure to be notified

6 comments on “Instant Pot Salmon | Lemon Dill DELISH!

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  2. Induction burners under 200 $ are not close to precise. Love my instapot but steaming salmon in it saves very little time compared to the old way stovetop.

  3. Looks great and can't wait to make this!! If I had 4-6 fillets and had to stack them in there, would the time be the same?

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