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International Competitors Angle for Glory at World Fly Fishing Championships in San Francisco

International Competitors Angle for Glory at World Fly Fishing Championships in San Francisco

(applause) – [Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Golden Gate
Angling & Casting Club for the 16th annual
Jimmy Green Spey-O-Rama. – Spey Casting originated on
the Spey river in Scotland because of limited space behind you, of trees and bushes and whatnot, and having to make a
long cast with a fly rod. So they came up with a
way of anchoring the line in the water and then being
able to make a long cast. – [Announcer] Cast the
break, single, score. (crowd cheering) One zero eight. – Spey-O-Rama started 16 years ago and has drawn an international field. You’ve got people from all over the world and you’ve seen year after year. It’s a great fun competition to be in. (upbeat music) (announcer speaking) (crowd cheering) (crowd applauding) – [Announcer] One two four. – It’s one of the neatest
parts about being here, everybody wants the best for each other, even amongst the competitors
in the same field. And because it’s a lot of the same people who come back every year, it is like a family. It is a really good community. – [Announcer] Cast number
seven, left single scoring. – The single cast is, basically you bring it back over your shoulder and then
cast it off that way. A snake roll, start
with the line out here, bring it out in front of
you, bring it behind you and then launch it forward. – [Announcer] Cast
number nine, right snake. (crowd cheering) – A lot of people say it’s
really quite meditative. You sort of cast, swing,
step, cast, swing, step and you do get into a really calm mindset. – To get everything right, you gotta be in the proper
position, the proper movements and the proper application of power. When you get it right,
it’s absolutely wonderful. I mean things just take and launch. – [Announcer] Right cast, right snake. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] One two three. (upbeat music)

5 comments on “International Competitors Angle for Glory at World Fly Fishing Championships in San Francisco

  1. Long casts to prove what? I can stack 30 bricks high but what good is that and who cares anyway? Most fly fishing is within 40 ft anyway.

  2. Perfect weight and action for the stream and small alpine lake fishing I do.>>> This replaced a very old fiberglass rod that had been around for @45 years so it was well past time for an updated rod.

  3. "The Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club's facilities include the Angler's Lodge and the Casting Pools which were built in 1938 as part of the great public building effort of the era. Its style is similar to traditional mountain lodges, with rustic woodwork and stone. The facilities were designed for fly and plug casting and also provides a congenial atmosphere for related social events. The Angler's Lodge has a library of excellent books and videotapes on all aspects of fishing and casting. Fly tying and rod building equipment is also available for use. The Club provides free use of loaner fly rods for beginners for casting practice and has a full complement of tournament rods for use by qualified casters."

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