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Intro to the Private Client Group | Fisher Investments

Intro to the Private Client Group | Fisher Investments

Fisher Investments has been helping clients
achieve their investment goals for over 25 years! This brief video will explain how Fisher Investments
is unique in the industry and what that means to you in terms of client service and portfolio
management. Hi, I’m Ken Fisher. Thanks for taking time to view this video
on Fisher Investments. This video was meant as a high-level overview
of what we do in managing money for clients and what we do with client portfolios. On the other hand, it can’t possibly be a
replacement for your personal needs which have to be addressed one on one, but I do
hope you get an overarching view what firms about. Thank you very much for taking the time to
learn about Fisher Investments and watching this video. This video will cover many other ways Fisher
Investments is different from other money managers. Your portfolio is built based on your objectives. You’ll enjoy client service that explains
and educates. You’ll work with a stable and experienced
management team. Your portfolio could have a global approach
to investing. You’ll get a flexible approach to your portfolio
strategy and you can feel confident that our interests are aligned with yours. Throughout this video you’ll hear from the
Investment Policy Committee, a team that makes investment decisions for the firm. Understanding your complete financial picture
is the first step in constructing a portfolio to meet your financial objectives. Some of the factors we consider are your time
horizon, any cash flow requirements you may have, your outside assets, and any income
you may have, and any capital gains or losses that we should consider in the management
of your portfolio. All this information is then transmitted to
our Portfolio Evaluation Group which, under the guidance of the Investment Policy Committee,
will create a detailed portfolio analysis and investment strategy recommendation. Your Investment Counselor will send you the
written analysis and portfolio strategy recommendation for you to review. And will schedule a time to discuss the recommendation
with you to answer any questions you may have, and make sure you’re comfortable with the
strategy. Only after you’ve approve the recommendation
will we move forward with your investment strategy. Then as we go about the business of managing
a portfolio for a client, we stay in regular communication so we can ensure that if your
personal circumstances or financial goals change, we can make the appropriate adjustments
along the way. At Fisher Investments, we put a huge emphasis
on delivering top-notch customer service. We want to make sure that our clients are
always in the “know.” That they understand why and how we think
about the global capital markets and how that translates into their particular portfolio
positioning. Each client has a dedicated Investment Counselor
who provides personal attention and ongoing service tailored to your needs. In addition to regular monitoring your investment
objectives, Investment Counselors can help you better understand the Investment Policy
Committee’s investment decisions and what’s going on in the market. You can expect regular calls, especially during
times of market uncertainty. Investment Counselors can also take your day-to-day
administrative requests quickly and smoothly. On top of this, we also provide you both written
communications as well as an extraordinary array of events aimed at allowing you to understand
what we’re doing, what we’re thinking, and ask questions and express your opinions. We conduct client only seminars all around
the country where clients can hear our latest global market forecasts, our views on events
impacting markets, and our current portfolio strategy. Clients also have access to a broad array
of things ranging from our Fisher Friends events, Investment Round Tables, DVD’s. Some of our clients like to use them all,
some over clients don’t like to use them all, it’s really a function of what works best
for you. Your portfolio strategy will be overseen by
the Investment Policy Committee. This team has over 100 years of combined industry
experience. The team is led by Ken Fisher, a respected
investment strategist. Ken has written numerous finance related books,
including several New York Times bestsellers. The Investment Policy Committee supported
by a large research department that monitors each investment sector and major country around
the world. Many investors inherently have a bias towards
investing in their home countries and US investors are no exception. Far and away most US investors focus solely
on the US, and ignore investing opportunities elsewhere. As a client you can benefit from our global
research capabilities, investing expertise, and access to information that allows us to
find investment opportunities for you all over the world. Today some of the best run, largest, highest
growth companies, are located outside the US and investing globally enables us to take
advantage of those opportunities. So as we go about the day-to-day business
of managing your portfolio, there’s a wide variety of tactics we can deploy to help improve
portfolio performance but also maximize the probability of you meeting your financial
goals and objectives. And this is very different from many other
investment managers or mutual funds that might have a more narrow scope in terms of their
investment philosophy, because if that philosophy is not consistent or in favor with current
market conditions, that can be very detrimental to your portfolio returns. So if we’re of the belief that larger companies
will outperform smaller companies, we’ll emphasize those bigger companies in your portfolio. Or if we’re of the belief that your portfolio
should have higher allocations to fixed-income or to cash, we can make those changes as well. But on a forward-looking basis we always want
to select the investment options that we feel are going to be most optimal given our current
expectations for the market environment. And we always want to do that by maintaining
a broad diversified portfolio to minimize and reduce portfolio risk. Fisher Investments is not a broker, which
means we earn no commissions on trades. So we don’t make trades in your account simply
to generate fees. Fees are based on assets under management,
which aligns the firm’s incentives with your best interest. In other words when you do well, we do well. Choosing an investment management firm is
one of the most important decisions you’ll make for you and your family. You deserve to know your options and have
all your questions answered in person before making any decision. I encourage you to take a good serious look
at Fisher Investments to see if where the right firm for you. Call Fisher Investments to arrange a confidential,
personal, meeting with one of our local representatives in your area. There is absolutely no obligation and it’s
a chance for you to get a new perspective on your investments. We look forward to meeting you!

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