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INVISIBLE AND VENOMOUS – World’s Most Venomous Fish

INVISIBLE AND VENOMOUS – World’s Most Venomous Fish

My buddy Ben and I were heading to a remote resort island in Myanmar in search of pristine coral reefs. I I’m ready! In three afternoons, we were able to document an abundance of sea creatures, exotic wildlife and the latest trending German swimwear fashions. Our guide Sam offered to give us a personal tour of all the best reefs and beaches around now, Nyaung Oo Phee Island. The only catch was that we had to share the boat with four other people. Among the plethora of vibrant fish species and alien ocean creatures, we saw many of the world’s top most venomous and poisonous animals in the sea. Including the top three most venomous fish in the world. Many people confuse venom and poison or assume they mean the same thing. They are both toxic substances. The main distinction is the method of delivery. Poison gets into the body if you touch it, swallow it or inhale it. A venomous animal has means of actively injecting their toxin into you with fangs or stingers. This sea snake is venomous. And this scorpion is venomous. And the barbs on stingrays tails are venomous. If you touch the secretion on a tiger salamander and then rub your eye you’ll be in a world of temporary pain. I learned this the hard way. So, many salamanders are poisonous. The fangs on this blue tarantula can inject you with venom. Glands on this toad’s skin are poisonous. The Stinger on this bee is venomous. And if you gobble down this puffer fish or this porcupine fish you’ll have ingested a potent neurotoxin. And so these fish are poisonous. Now that you know the difference let’s get down to the top three most venomous fish in the world. The first location Sam took us to was a rock poking out of the ocean. The sides of this little island were coral covered walls that descended straight down… Forever! This was an excellent location to search for sea creatures and compete who could free dive the deepest. Our new friend “Sea” always won. Here we found the third most venomous fish in the world… The scorpion fish. Scorpion fish have crazy camouflage as they patiently await to ambush smaller prey swimming by. Their fins are equipped with venomous spines. And if you’re clumsy enough to get pierced by them, there’s a long list of various pains and symptoms you’ll get to experience. The second most venomous fish in the world was spotted at the second location Sam took us to. A rocky sea floor covered with corals urchins and an anemones. As Sea was scouting the depths like she does, she spotted a lionfish. Lionfish and scorpion fish are closely related, But this one is much more flamboyant. If you get stung, like the scorpion fish, there’s a long list of various pains and symptoms. But worse! If you touch a jellyfish you may get a sudden painful sting. So it’s poisonous right? Wrong. Under a microscope, you’ll see that a jellyfish tentacle is covered with nematocysts. Tiny spring-loaded harpoons, explosive to the touch. Anenomies also having to nematocysts and like jellyfish use them to paralyze prey or defend themselves. But some fish are immune to these booby traps. The third location Sam took us to was a vacant beach paradise. Alone in all this pristine beauty, it’s easy to let your guard down. But all wildernesses demand respect. Lurking below your feet here is a master of disguise and the most venomous fish in the world. The stone fish! If you step on a stone fish it’s serious and there’s a good chance so get to ride in a helicopter. Symptoms are similar to that of the scorpion fish and the lionfish but way, way worse! What did you just see? A stonefish! Yeah? so, uh… That’s a concern. All right, I like your statement that you made when you touched him. What was that? He’s really committing to the stonefish role. He’s really just doubling down on it. You gave him a little nudge… I’m like, I’m pretty sure you’re a fish dude. And he’s like “nope.” So if you’re on the island just don’t walk there. It’s a general rule. Every coral reef worldwide has its share of venomous and poisonous creatures that deserve your respect. Even if you don’t know what to look for or if you do and you’re just distracted by the scenery. The odds of getting tagged by any of these gems defending itself is extremely slim. The only real discomfort you’re likely to experience here is a broken heart from one of these girls. We’d like to send an extra-special ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါတယ် to Sam and all the wonderful staff at the Victorian Cliff Resort on Nyaung Oo Phee Island. These are our guides Mingalabar! Thank you for this unforgettable dream vacation Myanmar. ‘Til next time… next time friends Happy Trails… It should be friends. Ok. now… I’m the only fan… Ok One, Two.. It should be “til next time friends, Happy Trails. 1, 2, 3… (all together) ‘Til next time friends. Happy Trails!

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  1. Alright, so scotland has been seeing bad weather and storms. I think this could mean something, if scotland’s weather keeps going like this. All the way to summer, expect a tornado season.

    EDIT: Btw Hank you gotta upload more

  2. Holy hell. When me and my German wife go to Germany to visit her family we usually go swimming and when her cousin tags along he always wears a Speedo….he weighs almost 300 lbs.

  3. I didn't expect you to ever go to the other side of the world. I went to Myanmar in 2010 finding it to be incredibly interesting though coastal areas and the Western areas of the country were off limits at the time and no land border crossing permitted. Can you show us more of everything dangerous, scary, and beautiful? It's storm season again in the US.

  4. I don't like snakes, eels, lighting and tornadoes. PGH been through Two tornado incidents. Wasn't directly affected. But VERY near. My father (now retired) was a PGH Medic in 1994. We sought shelter in the basement.

  5. I got stung by a jelly and my whole side and lines and crap from where it stunk my side I was free diving and seen it and got too close then I had too get rushed too the hospital bc I wasn’t feeling good at all and then the next summer I got bit by a shark now I had a get 50 stitches

  6. Yo man I am just like you hank I love animals and tornados at school we have a yellow jacket nest and I show them how to handle them with out them stinging you! You’re the best can’t get enough of you. Good luck for chasing this season! And I am only 14 years old!

  7. Glad to see sea life coral reef still healthy but not for much longer as the oceans continue to absorbe the majority of trapped atmospheric heat and a acidification accelerates.


  9. Hank – was that "blue tarantula" any chance a Cobalt Blue tarantula? They are one of my favorites. After years of owning tarantulas and arachnids, I have yet to own own of those gorgeous animals.

  10. I hope you see this message. I'm posting this message to this video comments section because it's recent. I purchased yours and your band's albums on iTunes on Monday night. Allow me to say this: darn fantastic man. Really, really enjoyable music. Keep up the good work, all around. Your storm chasing, etc. And for the love of Pete, be careful out there this year. We lose fellow military members to all sorts of tragedies, far too often. Don't need to be adding any more decent young guys to the list of those who've passed on. Glad you're alive, man. Keep up the fantastic work!

    P.S.: And for the record, the snake that got its dose of hydration from you LOL coolest thing I've seen in a while. I've saved animals from busy highways before. Nice to know there's someone out there who shares my disposition toward wildlife.

  11. So you're telling me you get close to VENOMOUS FISH with just bare skin and a swimsuit?

    I'd be rockin that rubber hazmat suit, no venom for me today

  12. What a shame you had to share your boat with dinner..Good thing thats not poisonous or least most of the time anyway

  13. 4:57 “If you stand on a stonefish, there is a good chance you will get to ride on a helicopter”
    -Pecos Hank 2019

  14. It’s still a scorpionfish the third one, easily mistaken for one. It is also called the false stonefish. If you bother it, it will display the bright red underneath its pectoral fins. Whereas a stone fish is rounder in shape and will only enlarge its pectoral fins when annoyed and doesnt have the bright color underneath the pectoral fins. Great video though!

  15. Love & appreciate your critter videos too. Caught a blow fish once & an eel! If it's weird, I'll hook it. Hope you're still out there harvesting footage of tornadoes. With all the water, it really is the "Days of Noah" literally & biblically.

  16. what I like most are these sweet and pretty meremaids you shared the boat with.
    Hope they werent venomous, were they?

  17. 0:12 had me rolling!! I love your videos, you add that extra laugh or special trait in every video!

  18. Dude, just when i think you've done it, you top it. Jesus christ man, tornaders, hooters, and venom shooters. Best channel

  19. So when Hank isn't chasing the 2nd most dangerous things in the world…tornadoes, he's chasing the 1st….. tail.

  20. Easiest way to distinguish between poisonous and venomous. If it bites you and you get sick, it's venomous. If you bite it and you get sick, it's poisonous. Death to lion fish.

  21. You my friend probably one of the coolest/craziest people I know.
    This fish is bad symptoms bad
    This fish is bad symptoms are worse
    This fish is bad symptoms are even worse

  22. Another awesome video! I'd love to see some more critter videos next time you're on vacation in asia. That blue tarantula was stunning.

  23. id share more than the boat with them girls. was that a vietnam blue tarantula? never handle a very venomus scorpion you idiot


  25. I was 7 years old when I saw a stone fish beached. Curious kid I was, I didn't know what it was at that time, luckily my instincts kicked in and didn't touched it and poked it back to shore.

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