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Irish People Taste Test American Pizzas

Irish People Taste Test American Pizzas

DIANE: We are eating-
PAUL: Yes we are! DIANE: [laughs] Pizza! [instrumental music] DONAL: Am I right in saying that pizzas are Italian? BLAITHIN: Double sauce, double pepperoni, and then if I’m feelin’ it- oh wait, and double cheese. PAUL: [sings] I want some pizza! I want some-ha! PAUL: New York style pizza! DERMOT: [Italian accent] Itza pizza, a pizza.
DONAL: [accent] Eh-eh, New Yorka DIANE: [New Yorker accent] Cuppa coffee. Bit a pizza. MADI: Oh it smells so good.
BLAITHIN: Yeah, it smells like pizza and I like the smell of pizza. PAUL: Ten out a ten for looks.
DIANE: I-I’m delighted. DERMOT: [cries] I’ve genuinely never been happier. DONAL: Aw. Awww, get those tears on camera. PAUL: Man, that cheese, oh. DERMOT: [weird eating noises]
DONAL: Oh god, he’s making a mess. MADI: Very nice. PAUL: Cheese just goes [noise] and then the sauce comes “Hey!” DERMOT: How did this and Donald Trump come from the same place? PAUL: It’s just so juicy. DERMOT: If all this video is is this one slice of pizza, this is the best shoot you’ve ever done. PAUL: Chicago! DIANE: [spits rhymes] Chicken in a car, car won’t go, that’s how you spell Chicar-go. DERMOT: It’s thick crust, sure, but it’s not deep dish. I mean that’s–I’m just saying -we’re going to get comments. We’re going to get comments. DONAL: [weird American accent] You damn Irish idiots! -Don’t you know what deep dish is? Ya stupid f[bleep]. BLAITHIN: Why do you tear it? I love you so much, you’re so weird. DERMOT: I know it’s gonna be good. DERMOT: [unintelligible mumbling, contented laugh] BLAITHIN: You’ll see throughout the last few minutes I’ve just been moving all the meat- [laughs] into a little meat pile. PAUL: It’s not as saucy as the last one. BLAITHIN: I hate mushrooms so much.
MADI: Are you pulling my leg? DONAL: [mouth full] Did you know that mushrooms are technically an insect? So… PAUL: I wouldn’t’a ordered this one. I’d’a ordered the last one. DIANE: You ate the whole thing.
PAUL: I did, kinda. [laughs] BLAITHIN: Like, I know that other people would like it.
MADI: [unintelligible] BLAITHIN: I don’t necessarily hate it. DERMOT: We know, we know it’s not deep dish.
DONAL: [mumbling] I don’t know. DERMOT: We’re sorry, okay? We’re sorry. We know it’s not. DONAL: No no, I think all Chicago pizzas are meant to be thin. Paul: Now this one’s trickin’ the mind MADI: The shape of this one
BLAITHIN: Onions, onions, onions Donald: [different accent] Oh, ay, I’m guessin’ Minnesota. PAUL: [chuckles]
DIANE: I don’t like when the pizza is overcomplicated with “tings.” BLAITHIN: It’s less pizza, more naan with toppings. PAUL: [quick laugh] DONAL: [noise]
DERMOT: Why is nothing else in my life as good as this? BLAITHIN: This is really really tasty. DIANE: It’s not a pizza, but it’s–no, okay. MADI: Pizza’s like a sandwich, but also just not really as well PAUL: Onion looks like a volcano. It looks like kind of like an Hawaiian island. DERMOT: Ah, look there’s like vegetables and shtuff on it–
DONAL: Of course– DONAL: It’s California
DERMOT: It’s California. What is that, kale? Hah! BLAITHIN: I’m gonna eat this whole thing, that’s how much I like it. Paul: [unintelligible] the middle, hmmm. DONAL: You’re a very slow eater. DERMOT: Well, ’cause, we’re supposed to talk about this stuff as well?
DONAL: [blows a raspberry] PAUL: [sort of rapping] Gonna rate it, I’m gonna give it a six. DONAL: I do like pizza, but I think not in like a sexual way that you like pizza. DONAL: What. Is. Up. With. The. Shape? BLAITHIN: We did maths, and we know a rectangle when we see it. MADI: I got a C3. DONAL: This is one a’ those fancy European pizzas.
DERMOT: Is this actual Italian pizza? BLAITHIN: I’m seeing some brown and I don’t–I can’t explain it. DIANE: That’s not a pizza. DERMOT: Maybe it’s shaped like one of the states so, Idaho? DIANE: Detroit coming’ atcha! I don’t know. DERMOT: [unintelligible noise] MADI: Sharp corners. Can’t be trusted. DIANE: No thank you.
PAUL: I’ll have what she’s not havin’. Ha ha! DERMOT: The shape should matter. I mean we’re not shape queens or anything- -but the shape should matter. MADI: I don’t know, there’s something very different about it. PAUL: Mmm.
DIANE: Funny cheese. PAUL: [sing-song] It’s funny in my tummy because it’s havin’ fun. BLAITHIN: I like it loads. PAUL: It’s comin’ up on number one pizza! DERMOT: Well, it’s a smaller slice.
DONAL: No, but it’s a bigger pizza- –you’re not looking at the bigger pizza. BLAITHIN: We got to eat pizza today, I’m happy. DONAL: When are we going to have dessert? PAUL: I’m actually just so happy. Pizza–
DIANE: Aww. PAUL: Pizza pizza pizza! And America, you done me proud. DONAL: All right, we’ve done four. There is like, a million more, ’cause there’s a million more states.

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  1. I hope you know that when you bash Trump… You are bashing possiblity over half the American viewers of this channel… I've seen most of the vids on both channels… It happens a lot

  2. Give these people more pizza, for the love of all that is holy, give them more. Like a Truck full of pizza would be in order, please.

  3. So glad to see you guys eat pizza ( my fav food ) …and even happier that you liked it …I could watch you trying foods all day …as a matter of fact , I am ….whoop whoop

  4. That's straight up bull crap Chicago pizza isn't like that where did you get that pizza it likes nasty as hell our pizza is much better than New York pizza any day 😎😎😎😎😎

  5. All them pizzas didn't look right. They were made in Ireland by someone that saw a picture of pizza. Having said that I wouldn't spend my own money on anything but Detroit style pizza. If someone else was buying the other pizzas I would choke them down. You know if it's free it's for me.

  6. NYC pizza is supposed to be SUPER thin and a mile wide with just cheese… Chicago style also supposed to be just cheese and SUPER deep dish with burnt edges on the crust I ain't from Detroit so I don't what that was… And I never been to California but that looks like DiGiorno or something

  7. Your edit sequence is so rushed it’s hard for non Irish speaking viewer to understand each speaker because the next edit is abrupt. Just a suggestion

  8. "How did THIS, and Donald Trump, come from the same place?"

    LOL Brilliant! Actually, as a New Yorker, we figure he's an import from Scotish and German stock. That explains it!

  9. I have lived in Cali my whole life, what the hell is that?! Onions on a pizza, little ceasers can do better, come on

  10. Our Chicago pizza dont look like that … and not even talking bout deep dish cause we really dont eat deep dish unless we really want it or special occasion.

  11. Does anyone else get the feeling that these folks do not care for America? I’ve seen several of their episodes and they have given me the same impression every time.

  12. Let me get this right. Obama and the Democratic Party Support Planned Parenthood murdering millions of black babies over the last several decades. The retards don't want to shut down the Border allowing millions of people to flood into the country ensuring that the black population will always be a minority in their own country. Are you retards really okay with that. I know you guys are Irish but stick to the pizza you know nothing about politics.

  13. Detroit was the most prosperous state in the nation at one point until Bill Clinton's dumbass enacted NAFTA sending big business overseas. This put several hundred thousand people out of a job in the United States. They couldn't pay their bills their mortgage or feed their children. Trump comes into office and he's changing all of that. Black and brown people as well as women are more employed today than ever before in the history of our country and you retards don't like that?

  14. Barack Obama gave us Sanctuary cities and Muslim no-go zones. If white people had a no-go Zone that would be racist … WTF. The Democratic Party and any retard that stands with them can lick my American golf balls.

  15. Martin Luther King jr. Was one of the greatest men whom ever lived in the United States or anywhere for that fact. Barack Obama and the Democratic party just spent 13 years flipping the finger to Martin Luther King Junior's Legacy. MLK United this country in an unimaginable way without hate or divisiveness. Barack Obama divided this country in half. The Democrats with the help of Planned Parenthood murdered millions of black babies over the last several decades while allowing people from South of the Border to pour into our countries and have babies and their babies will have babies while black babies are being murdered ensuring that the black population will always be a minority in their own country. Maybe it's true… Maybe Irish people hate black people. Are you guys really that racist. Trump 20/20 and Candace Owens 2024. if you retards don't know who Candace Owens is let me help you… She is a black woman. That's right the Republican Party could vote in the first not only woman but black woman proving that the Democrats are truly the racist bastards that have held black people back. f*** you all you can lick my balls take them a place stick them in your face. oh and by the way Pizza is awesome.😀😃😄😂😂😂😂 Hillary Clinton sleeps with a battery operated trumpy bear. you don't know what a trumpy bear is ask your phone.

  16. "How did this and Donald Trump come from the same place?" — Guys, stick with food – you're not here, you don't know our politics, and you sure don't have access to real news (apparently).

  17. Need a Buffalo works pizza with crushed red peppers and parm cheese sprinkled on top. Don't skip the anchovies. Most of those looked like bad frozen food.

  18. Hey Dermot… I kinda like you but being an American and a U.S. Patriot your comments about DJTrump are ignorant foolishness. You are most certainly a Liberal Fuck and need to mind Irish Politics. Seems you have your own fucked up problems.

  19. how about not putting the guy who bash our president everytime he got a chance ,you know 70million people vote for im by the way . just keep your comment for the fucking food

  20. You god damn Irish bastards THATS NOT REALLY DEEP DISH MY UNCLE (R.I.P) SAID “Boy I never trust anyone who thinks thick crust is deep dish”

  21. Listen, I’m from Chicago and that isn’t our pizza. FURTHERMORE no one ever eats Detroit style and doesn’t want more. That isn’t Detroit what? 🍕

  22. What I think is funny is in highschool I did a paper on pizza and I traced it's lineage back to it's origins and it's from China and not Italy it's creation was to be unhealthy to the enemies of the Chinese people and to basically kill the enemy via coronary disease , so basically kill the enemy via heart attack , so if they couldn't beat the enemy they would kill them in the long run ! Huh strange .. but I love it anyway 😁

  23. As a person from Chicago, I'm happy I didn't comment about the "chicago" style pizza before I heard them talk about deep dish. If it ain't deep dish, you a bish

  24. Chicago style…nope.
    NY style…nope.
    Detroit style…nope.

    I apologize to all Irish people for this huge misrepresentation of American style pizzas.

  25. Would've gottena thumbs up until the political comment… That alone got you a thumbs down… Just make me laugh,, don't get political…

  26. They straight up had New York Chicago and then jumped right over to California completely Missed saint Louis style pizza

  27. I think here in America, you're probably more likely to get judged for NOT having sexual feelings towards pizza, lol.

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