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Irish People Taste Test Canadian Foods

Irish People Taste Test Canadian Foods

I actually went to a Canadian fight one time and a nice hockey game broke out. Are ya havin’ THAT?!? (intro music) It actually smells like a bag of crisps. Yeah, just a normal– –bag of chips Should be fine. It’s potato, fried potato, and ketchup. (Girl): Yeah
(Guy): Just a combination. (Girl): Already a thing that people do.
(Guy): It’s great. This looks like it’s been spattered with blood. Oh! They smell exactly like what–like they’re like on the tin. Ridged for her pleasure. Yep, they’re lovely. Would you put them on your bed? On my bed, in my bed. on my bed in my bed (groans) During… my bed. You had to bring sex into it. too much (chuckle) They do taste like…ketchup. These are–these are really good. Like I’m–good job, Canada. (music) Well there’s clearly chips there anyway, um… (Girl): Gravy
(Guy): That’s a lump of cheese, is it? Is this gravy and cheese? (Offscreen): Yep Is this poutine? Cheese curds? So it’s not…. What’s a cheese curd? A curd? That rhymes with something else, doesn’t it? I’m trying to think of something, like, that I can pull it up on but it’s fine. It’s just the definition of mediocrity, like it’s (unintelligable). Not overwhelmed with flavour at all there. It’s nice. I’d eat that now after a scoop of pints. It’s like somebody went to make something amazing, and then realized they only had three ingredients. There’s no green. There’s no green in it though. There’s no green in that meal. There’s no gr– you could put cabbage on that there, you could put cabbage on it there. (music) Coffee crisp. ohhhhhhh. coffee crisp. That .. That sounds Good. That I Love coffee so this, I can’t believe i’ve never seen this before. It smells like a like a.. Really nice coffee sweets like coffee flavouring. (Crunching) It’s hard to open but once you get inside you can’t stop yourself. Ohh That’s disgusting! It’s Delicious do. Yeah. It’s so good. It’s just Chocolaty wafer. It tastes like a nice Big, Big dirty Kit-Kat I know it’s coffee flavour but a cup o’ tea in this ohh. Yeah, That kinds of sums up. Id eat that. That’s it, it… good Shit. How are these not every where in the World I don’t know there really, really Good. This is super great! (Music) It looks like a Nice little cake that you get in a coffee shop. That looks good it looks It a- Caramel slice. Yeah some kind of caramely chocolatey, custardy, something. It’s Slebech -laughter- -laughter- so chocolate custard, Buiscuit and coconut -both- huh. That’s nice It’s like a Macaroon, that’s what it tastes like. Ugh It’s the base. Ho ho wow you really do not like it. I dont like coconut but, its nice. Yeah you think canada, youre always like ah yeah, sandy beaches coconuts. Okay. Fine. No. Now we’re talkin’ Now we’re talkin’ Tomato juice, …ah Stick of Celery I’d say, Vodka? Tomato Juice? Huh, I’m just gonna smell it. We’re Irish, we know everything. Ooooh Christ. Careful we got Ice With the Celery you can suck it all. Oooh. You wanna suck it. No, no I’m cool. Ahhh fff- Ah its horrible. It tastes like it should be dinner and not a drink though. yeah its like a mogga soup. There is one more ingredient. In the seasoning? You’ll never guess. Maple Syrup? No. Sperm. Did they put a Moose in it? There’s fish in it ? Seafood!? It’s Clam. Clams? There’s fish in it? Clams. Clams? Cool. Thats good in a drink. What? I dunno- Theres too much going on. I cant, I cant focus. How do you juice a clam?! I dare you.. I’m done. I dare you to do that. Well done, well done. Fairplay, how we feelin’? I tell ye somethin’, Canada better send me some money after bloody this That was all right? Yeah the Ceasar, did not care for it. if somebody brought that drink to me I’d go ‘are ya havin that?” Id say it back to them, cause I liked it. That show that had the moose show, Do you remember it? There was a guy, a moose, you follow a moose at the start then there these Canadians big stupid lookin, beautiful people. In the town and he used to get thrown “oh what should I do in life?” and one fell on the radio shack and the rest of them were like, these women, were like “is he cute or isnt he?” and then one of them would have sex with them and, that’s Canada. That’s the whole system. It’s like the veins of a bear.

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  1. As a French-Canadian American living in Vermont that poutine was garbage (and also where’s the meat pies, and crepes?) but as an American I’m pretty sure that drink is just a Bloody Mary…? Like a shitty Bloody Mary but still a Bloody Mary.


  3. oohhhh what the helll?? that poutine is a disgrace. i mean common fast food places here in Canada have more appetizing looking poutine than that…those poor irish people…

  4. Hide my location but sautéed cabbage is part of a poutine I can get locally (bc though, not qc) it’s my preference

  5. At last! A Canadian thing that other countries legitimately don't get – Caesars. Yummy…

  6. Like every other Canadian on here,I was saddened by the quality of the poutine. Going past that: 1) coffee crisps have no actual coffee in them anymore-its a damn shame too because the original version was epic! 2) Ketchup chips are freaking awesome but I never knew it was Canadian. 3) Clamato juice is gnarly and disgusting and it must be a joke played on us by Newfoundland. 4) No Maple Syrup pancakes????? One of our biggest export (next to the clam juice obviously) and it didn't make the list? 5) Nanaimo bars are meh….just meh. 6) No Pineapple Pizza???? Yes, I couldn't believe it either but Pineapple Pizza is not Hawaiian–its Canadian!!! So where is the pizza?

  7. The Irish criticizing Canadians. What a laugh? I'm sure our poutine isn't as good as haggis. Fvck off wankers

  8. What a shame, the poutine looked mediocre at best. Fresh made quality poutine is pure heaven when you are craving it.

  9. Well, the new CDN joke is 'I went to a basketball game and an ice hockey game broke out.' MEANING: Complete lack of body contact/checking in modern hockey.

  10. I didn't realize that Coffee Crisp was only in Canada.

    Also why didn't something involving maple syrup make the cut?

  11. Fun fact about Nanaimo bars. The name of the treat came from the place it was created in… your welcome

  12. What a crappy looking poutine…First, the curds need to be smaller so they melt better. Second, the gravy needs to be hot enough to melt the cheese. Third, my personal preference, is using curly fries. Not sure why, but makes it way better. But they key is having lots of hot gravy to melt the cheese completely.

  13. Remember,when drinking your caesar and you eat the celery;its celery to mouth not mouth to celery.And Coffee Crisp makes a nice light snack…..

  14. So Nanaimo bars can be good or bad depending on where you get it, best ones I've had was from my neighbour, caesers can be good or crap, some restaurants they're good some are bad, poutine depends on the gravy fries and cheese, should've had New York fries make it or a poutine place lol.

  15. Caesars usually have Tabasco, not whatever that hot sauce is, that's clamato looks like Mott's kind of but don't think it says Mott's, I've only had 2 decent clamato juices, Mott's and surprisingly great value, every other one I've tried tastes like crap, also brand of Rimmer makes a huge difference and a small amount of horseradish in it makes it way better, did they even have Rimmer on it? Or lemon or lime? Lemon is a major part of it too.

  16. That poutine was disgraceful.

    Should have been loaded with true bacon bits, scallions, ground beef and a dab of sour creme.

  17. As another Canadian among you, I feel it would go better if you didn't first prior eat and then shit out the poutine you served them. Inferior!

  18. Except that the show you were talking about was called "Northern exposure" and was set in Alaska (USA) …..though it was actually filmed in Canada.

  19. I have only heard that joke a Billion times about going to a fight and and a Hockey game breaking out, but thanks for the Billionth and one time!

  20. Give a generous amount of cheese curds with hot flavorful gravy…. poutine is made with love, i dunno what that was 🙁

  21. Poutine is great but it can be done horribly, (I'm looking at you Mc.Donalds) fantastic with green onions and bacon on it with thick, dark, beef gravy

  22. And if you’ve had to much Canadian tomato vodka and cont find your way to the hockey game just follow a moose there always going so we’re nice, just follow them if there in a pack cuz then there plotin to attack an on goer

  23. The show with the moose is "Northern Exposure" takes place in Alaska, filmed in Roslyn, Washington. My great-grands' house is in the intro.


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