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Is Fish Oil Just Snake Oil?

Is Fish Oil Just Snake Oil?

[Music] our purported benefits of fish oil supplementation for the prevention and treatment of heart disease just a fish tail thanks to recommendations like this from the American Heart Association that individuals at high risk for heart disease ask their physicians about fish oil supplementation it’s grown into a multi-billion dollar industry we now consume over a hundred thousand tons of fish oil every year but what does the latest science say a systematic review and meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American Medical Association looked at all the best randomized clinical trials evaluating the effects of omega-3s on lifespan cardiac death sudden death heart attack and stroke either advice to eat more oily fish or to take fish oil capsules what did they find overall they found no protective benefit for overall mortality heart disease mortality sudden cardiac death heart attack or stroke what about for those who’ve already had a heart attack though and are trying to vent another one still no benefit where did we even get this idea that Omega threes were good for the heart well if you look at some of the older studies the results looked promising for example the famous dart trial back in the 80s involving 2000 men those advised to eat fatty fish and 29% reduction in mortality pretty impressive no wonder it got a lot of attention but people seem to have forgotten about the sequel the dart to trial same group of researchers and even bigger study three thousand men and those advised to eat oily fish and particularly those supplied with fish oil capsules had a higher risk of cardiac death put all the studies together and there’s no justification for the use of omega-3s as a structured intervention in everyday clinical practice or for guideline supporting more dietary omega-3s so what should doctors say when their patients follow the American Heart Association advice to ask them about fish oil supplements well given the new meta-analysis and other negative meta analyses or job as doctors should be to stop highly marketed fish oil supplementation in all of our patients [Music] you

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  1. I should not consume fish oil or omega 3 ?
    Flaxseed oil is another supplement promoted for heart disease protection. Is this ok ?

  2. hmmmm lol maybe the companies making the capsules are not using quality fish oils .. plus the toxins in the environment are taking away from the benefits of fish oil ……….maybe ?

  3. Incredibly, the majority of reports attempting to analyze the effectiveness of Omega-3 supplementation have a common flaw.  They do not determine the severity of the Omega-3 deficiency in their subjects at the beginning or the conclusion of their studies.  They only rate the symptoms of the various diseases studied.  This is astounding because without proper measurements of the Omega-3 deficiency how can their reports draw conclusions one way or the other?

  4. I heard about omega 3 fish oil study back in the 80's people that had this very fatty food source daily were unlikely to have heart attacks,so now it's B.S?

  5. 29% is a lot… No one tried to figure out what's up with the first study? There's obviously a difference, it seems beneficial to some people in some cases. These cars save people, these cars kill people, but if you put the stats together… No effect. That doesn't seem like good reasoning to me…

  6. Flax is a very unreliable source of omega 3. The conversion rate is very low. Why is no-one discussing HEMP OIL ? Far more beneficial than flax going on the stats.

  7. it is not the amount of N3 in your diet. It is all about the ratio of N6/N3. A lot more N6 shunts us into the arachidonic acid pathway which increases the production on inflammatory cytokines.

  8. Confirmation bias FTW! There's a huge leap between an unconclusive study about heart disease and qualifying DHA and EPA as snake oils.

  9. Still seems unclear to me–I thought in Dr. Greger ' video about the vegan 40 yr old heart attack he recommends omega 3 daily.

  10. Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians swear that since they start taking Omega 3/fishoil, "tran", they don't ever get a cold. Explain how they suddenly stop getting sniffles and a cold in the winter.

  11. I wish someone would tell us the truth, today its good for you ..tomorrow its bad!..just eat a balanced diet and with a little treat now and then..and hopefully you would live a long healthy life

  12. But isn't the omega 3 is the opposite of omega 6 and since we eat too much omega 6 we have to even them by consuming the omega 3?

  13. LOL I barely consume Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It's just funny that people think they NEED oil especially from animals. That's just so weird and far from natural. Why is it that humans are the ONLY species that feels like they need to consume the oils of other animals?? Not even the real carnivores and omnivores think about these things lol

  14. Hey, if Dr Greger or anyone could help with this I would be very grateful. Recently I noticed light cramps in my legs, so I played around with my diet (I am a vegan btw, who eats low fat, high carb, predominantly whole foods). I tried playing around with sodium and potassium to see if was electrolytes but no luck. Recently I have felt lethargic at times and even experiencing muscle fatigue. The right side of my neck also feels weird at times and I sometimes experience unquenchable thirst. I had blood tests to check my b12 levels, thyroid levels, blood count and electrolytes and everything came back ok. I also had a diabetes test and it came back 4.8mmol/l. I have no idea what is wrong and I have ran out of ideas. Any help would be amazing!

  15. So this week omega 3's are bad for us?  I give up.  How can any health or nutritional study be trusted since they are so full of contradictions and all eventually get discredited later. 

  16. Omega-3s probably aren't inherently bad, but the source of them is; fish oil capsules usually turn rancid (hence smelly burps and indigestion) and i recall the amount of omega-3 listed usually isn't too accurate. Dr. Joel Fuhrman still advises taking omega-3 supplements as long as they are high grade fish oil or vegan algae-derived. above all, ground flaxseed and walnuts should be eaten regularly. these results confirm that the fish oil craze was unfounded

  17. What about fish oil's effect on lowering triglycerides? Do the studies suggest that despite fish oil's ability to lower triglycerides that mortality remains unchanged? 

  18. He used to recommend algae derived vegan EPA/DHA Omega in his supplements guideline.  Is this still the case or can I save my money on those pills now?

  19. I like to skip to the bottom line ….

    0:55 – Overall they found NO protective benefit for overall mortality.
    I am so Goll Darn sick and tired of being used as the dumping ground for the waste products of our industrial system, which is probably what this is all about.

    So … what about flax seed oil and other vegetable oils, better to eat the seed/plant or does the oil do us good?

    Thanks for these videos … speaking of bottom line, I always feel like I get the straight truth from NutritionFacts.Org!

  20. Just to be clear here isn't fish oil usually taken for brain development. EPA / DHA?? Who cares about heart/strokes(why would anyone even take oil for heart strokes, seems illogical). So yeah it might be right that its bad for heart disease, but that doesn't mean its not good for other things.

    When that is said as a raw food vegan I'm generally against all forms of supplementing. Nutrition should come from food not pills.

    Also I usually love everything that comes from your site, but I really think you owe it to the Gerson institute to re-research their actual results – they do a lot of good for people, and I personally think you did the health / vegan community an injustice with that video.

  21. Eat soy, don't eat soy. Coconut oil full of saturated fat, thats bad. Olive oil good. Now reverse. And eat butter and lard. Try not to breathe. The waters not good pumped with fluoride. Bottled waters a rip of. Meat good meat bad. Vegan is best, vegan is evil. Dont eat dont drink dont breathe.
    I'd like who sponsors the different research which contradicts another. 
    I'm sure theres something in that saying…"Eat a balanced diet" that perhaps is the best tip. That and breathe

  22. Yeah, fish oil does sound like snake oil when it comes to CVD, but I am pretty sure that it helped my son to get his speech up and running. He has a diagnosis of Autism and was non-verbal. I started fish oil, along with Vit E and K, noticed benefit in 2 months and since then he is improving.

  23. This week’s most popular video reviewed the latest science on fish and fish oil supplements:
    Any other nutrition myths you think worth debunking?

  24. well congrats. eggs are good eggs are bad. saturated fat is good saturated fat is bad. omega 3 is good now its bad. I think that sums up the collective intelligence of the medical community.

  25. I'm wondering about other possible fish oil benefits like in this CNN story:

  26. I took fish oil to help lower cholesterol naturally.It helps a bit but krill oil is a freaking miracle.  I'm not going to say a brand im not out to give anyone sales other then to say it helped me a lot! f#ck big pharma!

  27. this is all bullshit, the same Pubmed site has so many contradictory articles regarding the same issues. why dont they just rename it Jokemed.

  28. The only problem with this is the imbalance of omega6 to omega3 in modern western diets. Too much omega6 in comparison to omega3 causes inflammatory problems that often lead to cardiovascular illness.

    It's fine to say to stop omega3 supplementation, but only if you first determine that the ratio of omega6 to omega3 will be in the correct proportion, which for most people it wont be.

    In most people, they will already be getting too much omega6 and telling them to cut out omega3 supplements will only make their 6:3 ratio worse and result in a higher chance of informatory illness.

  29. Eating whole seafood is probably more effective than smoked seafood and oils, altho seafood now comes with tons of pollution and radiation like from fukushima which has been releasing radioactive water daily since 2011. Hopefully, Dr Ornish will stop recommending fish oil soon.

  30. How the fish oil (& others such as flax for those looking for good essential fatty acid sources) is extracted and processed would be good for a future video along with discussion of how bad they can be. This along with letting viewers know that dumping of radioactive material at Fukushima has been ongoing since 2011 and adding to all the other toxics that came before.
    In likely a vain attempt to minimize exposure we quit all ocean source foods since that time & occasionally eat freshwater fish that we buy or catch (and you can't beat the fresh taste of those you catch yourself!)

  31. In a talk you've given elsewhere, you say that the benefits of a vegan diet are only truly seen when you're getting plenty of omega 3 in your diet, bring the ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 closer to 1:1. So what does this mean about that theory?

  32. Plant-based omega-3 sources like flax, hemp and chia seeds are high in ALA, but low in EPA and DHA. Although ALA is an essential nutrient, the key point to remember is that the conversion of ALA to the far more essential EPA and DHA is typically quite inhibited by impaired delta 6 desaturase, an enzyme necessary for you to convert the ALA into the longer chain EPA and DHA. Because of this, it is important to include animal-based sources of omega-3 fats

  33. then tell the drug companies to stop making doctors push there bullshit drugs with all those fucked up side effects. This video is ment to stop people from using a natural alternatives that the drug administration can't control. Fuck them

  34. In "Plant Based Omega 3 Supplements", you recommended that every one take plant based Omega 3 supplements.  In light of the studies cited in this video, do you still believe that's important?  Thanks!

  35. is fish oil is useless why are doctors prescribing medications like Lovaza which is basically omega-3 ethyl ester? by the way these pills sell for around $2 a pill. that's a lot for something that doesn't work.

  36. a lot of variables can affect the outcome of the study causing it to appear negative. first where the omega-3 fatty acids derived from farm raised or wild caught fish. Secondly, what was the ratio of EPA to DHA, and overall, how many milligrams total were used in the study. lastly was it the oil itself that was used or encapsulated Omega 3. we know that the high temperature is used in the encapsulation process can result in the oil becoming rancid. you seem not to mention these things conveniently I might add.

  37. we really need different languages captions!! (such as mandarin!!!!)
    This is so useful but few people in Taiwan can sit through an all english video and understand everything

  38. Their fish oil study is fishy: How did they separate out the people whose cardiovascular systems had been poisoned with pharmaceuticals and pesticides from those whose weren't? These studies attacking alternative medicine, including nutritional science, are not necessarily disinterested. We are all caught between one moneyed interest and its opposing money interest, fighting over billions of dollars in "scraps."

  39. Not good for your heart,but good for Business..
    They make people worry to much,and that is why they get a heart attack!
    I know so many people that run to the doctor for a sneeze!
    Don't read all the nonsense on the internet,don't waste ya hard earned money on supplements!

  40. did you exclude all the trials where the fish or the fish or was high in mercury high in pcb's or rancid or where the were not tested. can you provide the level of mercury pcb's and level of oxidation found in the fish oil supplements used in the trials

  41. Chinese used to use oil from my particular snake which was used to cure many ailments. Chinese medicine usually works otherwise they wouldn't use it. has it ever been tested

  42. A very narrow video, but still thanks for the info. I was of the understanding fish oil was good for many aspects of the body including brain, joints etc. Its sad that doctors can now prove everything is good or bad depending on the day and the finance behind them. I can literally search just about anything and have a doc say its bad, then next article say its good, both with research and proof. You guys need to get your shit together.

  43. Gotta say, Ive had a couple of periods in my life where I was taking fish oil, and really I felt no difference from 6 months on to 6 months off.

  44. unfortunately you're not a scientist and you have a logic deficit disorder. a scientist would ask why the first trial shows a benefit and the second trial didn't. obviously there is a benefit in some cases. one possibility is that if you eat poor quality fish or take poor quality rancid fish oil contaminated with Mercury and PCB then there is no benefit. you need to find a randomised controlled trial that uses very high quality fish oil with knowing levels of rancidity Mercury and PCB. until this happens all you can conclude is it low quality fish oil is not worth a cent where is high quality fish oil is very beneficial. you also forgot to mention that high quality fish oil was found to be beneficial for the brain. so to improve your memory I recommend take some high quality fish oil.

  45. What was the quality of fish oil and fish used in these studies? Rancid oil is not the same as unspoiled oil, and highly contaminated fish are not the same as fish with low levels of contaminants. The role of doctors should be to point out to their patients that not all supplements are created equally and to consult with a naturalpathic doctor or nutritionist when seeking direction in that area.

  46. So, people were advised to eat more "oily fish or take fish oil capsules. So you could eat farm raised salmon and buy your fish oils from Walmart, and so of what use was this so called meta analysis? It seems there should be a specific study done with high quality fish oils only, with a control group who took none. And further, it would be helpful for us vegans if the study confined itself to vegans, and maybe ovo lacto vegetarians. Still, I would hardly call any conclusions made of any great significance because there are a lot of variables. Were the participants also eating a lot of leafy greens, or were they gorging on steaks and potatoes and hamburgers? I appreciate what Dr. Greger is doing for all of us, but the conclusions may not be worth a dam.

  47. The okinawan japanese, japanese and koreans would say otherwise…they eat a lots of seafoods (shrimps, mackerel, tuna, sardines, blue marlins, octopus, squid, crabs, fish roe, and shellfish).

  48. Very naive conclusions. What about people with deficiencies in omega-3's from lack of fish in their diet? Don't just look if the miracle effects are true or not, but also if they have any benefit at all.

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