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Is Keto an Effective Cancer Fighting Diet?

Is Keto an Effective Cancer Fighting Diet?

“Is Keto an Effective
Cancer-Fighting Diet?” Blood sugar, also known
as blood glucose, is the universal go-to fuel for
the cells throughout our bodies. Our brain burns through a
quarter pound of sugar a day, it’s preferred metabolic fuel. Our body can break down proteins
and make glucose from scratch, but most comes from our diet in
the form of sugars and starches. If we stop eating carbohydrates,
or stop eating altogether, most of our cells switch
over to burning fat, but fat has difficulty getting
through the blood-brain barrier. But our brain has this constant
massive need for fuel, one organ accounting for up
to half of our energy needs. Without it, the lights
go out…permanently. To make that much
sugar from scratch, our body would
need to break down about a half pound
of protein a day. That means we’d cannibalize ourselves
to death within two weeks, but people can fast for months. The answer to the puzzle
was discovered in 1967. Harvard researchers
famously stuck catheters into the brains of obese
subjects who had been fasting for over a month and
discovered that ketones had replaced glucose as the
preferred fuel for the brain. Your liver can turn
fat into ketones, which can then breach
the blood-brain barrier and sustain your brain if you’re
not getting enough carbohydrates. Switching fuels has such
an effect on brain activity that it has been used to
treat epilepsy since antiquity. The prescription of
fasting for the treatment of epileptic seizures
dates back to Hippocrates. In the Bible, Jesus
seems to have concurred. To this day it’s
unclear why switching from blood sugar to ketones
as a primary fuel source has such a dampening effect
on brain overactivity. How long can you fast though? To prolong the fasting therapy,
in 1921 a distinguished physician scientist at the Mayo
Clinic suggested trying what he called a “ketogenic diet,” a high-fat diet designed to be
so deficient in carbohydrates it could effectively
mimic the fasting state. “Remarkable improvement”
was noted the first time it was put to the test—efficacy
that was later confirmed in randomized, controlled, trials. Ketogenic diets started to
fall out of favor in 1938 with the discovery of
the anti-seizure drug which would become known as Dilantin, but ketogenic diets are still in use today as a third- or fourth-line treatment for drug-refractory epilepsy in children. Oddly, the success of ketogenic
diets against pediatric epilepsy seems to get conflated
by “keto diet” proponents into suggesting a ketogenic
diet is beneficial for everyone. But you know what else sometimes
works for intractable epilepsy? Brain surgery. But I don’t hear people
at the gym clamoring to get their skulls sawed open. Since when do medical therapies translate into healthy lifestyle choices? Scrambling brain activity
with electroshock therapy can be helpful in some
cases of major depression. So what…pass the electrodes? Ketogenic diets are
also being tested to see if they can slow the growth
of certain brain tumors. Even if it works, you know what else can help slow cancer growth? Chemotherapy. So why go keto when you
can just go chemo? Promoters of ketogenic diets for cancer, paid for by so-called
“ketone technology” companies that will send you salted
caramel bone broth powder for a hundred bucks a pound. Or companies that
market ketogenic meals report “extraordinary” anecdotal
responses in some cancer patients, but more concrete
evidence is simply lacking. Even the theoretical underpinnings
may be questionable. You know, a common refrain
is that “cancer feeds on sugar.” But all cells feed on sugar. Advocating ketogenic diets for cancer
is like saying Hitler breathed air— so let’s boycott oxygen. Cancer can feed on ketones too. Ketones have been found to
fuel human breast cancer growth and drive metastases in
an experimental model, more than doubling tumor growth. Some have even speculated
that may be why breast cancer often metastasizes to the liver, the main site of ketone production. If you drip ketones
on breast cancer cells in a petri dish directly, the
genes that get turned on and off make for a much
more aggressive cancer, associated with a significantly lower five-year survival in
breast cancer patients. Researchers are even considering
designing ketone-blocking drugs to prevent further cancer growth
by halting ketone production. And think about what eating a
ketogenic diet might entail. High animal fat intake may
increase the mortality risk among breast cancer survivors
and potentially play a role in its development in the first
place through oxidative stress, hormone disruption, or inflammation. Men, too. A strong association has been found between saturated fat intake
and prostate cancer progression. Those in the top
third of consumption of these kinds of
fat-rich animal foods appeared to triple their risk
of dying from prostate cancer. Not necessarily fat in general—
no difference in breast cancer death rates based
on total fat intake— but saturated fat intake
may negatively impact breast cancer survival,
a 50 percent increased risk of dying from breast cancer. There’s a reason the official
American Cancer Society and American Society of Clinical Oncology
Breast Cancer Survivorship Care Guidelines recommend a dietary pattern
for breast cancer patients that’s essentially the
opposite of a ketogenic diet: “high in vegetables, fruits,
whole grains, and legumes, meaning beans, split peas,
chickpeas and lentils, and low in saturated fats.” So far, not a single
clinical study has shown a measurable benefit
from a ketogenic diet for any human cancer. There are currently at least
a dozen trials underway, however, and the hope is that at least
some cancer types will respond. Still, even then that
wouldn’t serve as a basis for recommending ketogenic diets
for the general population any more than recommending
everyone go out and get radiation, surgery, and chemo for kicks.

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  1. “Keto” has been the most-searched keyword on for months, and I didn’t have much specific to offer…until now. Be sure to subscribe to the channel to be notified of the remaining 6 videos.

  2. Guarantee 99% of you are just shit talking fatsos who could only wish they’d have enough will power to follow ANY diet to get their fat slobby bodies off of youtube….

  3. This is the first video from nutritionfacts that i saw that mention Hitler and also the first one that mention Jesus.

  4. Love ya Dr. Greger but I see what you did there….Fasting does not put you into a ketogenic state..Starvation does. Let’s be real. There are benefits to fasting that have been done since the beginning of man. Not sure why you tried and correlate a keto diet with fasting….cheap shot..

  5. The Diet Doctor website is especially deft at this conflation tactic. I've tried pointing out to people the paucity of data repeatedly cited at the site, and the preponderance of short term/animal studies within the set(DD correctly assume their subscribers are science-illiterate people concerned primarily about weight loss) and that these are not proof of anything, and I'm met with blank stares. I am concerned about people I know doing animal keto for their cancer, but I'm hoping placebo effect results in improvement in spite of it. These keto people are true believers : (

  6. I could also do a similar video showing scientifically how a vegan or vegetarian diet could also be harmful to humans long term. We evolved based on seasons, we are not meant to be exclusive on one single diet, therefore cycling between low carb and high carb should be ideal.

  7. My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer last January and within six months of being in ketosis the prostate cancer came up blank on an MRI.

  8. While in ketosis your body also adapts to eating once or twice a day. So fasting becomes a bonus while on ketosis. Fasting has been shown and proven multiple times to be beneficial against cancer and a host of other illnesses. It literally prolongs life! I've been on keto on and off multiple times and everytime I am, I naturally fast: because I feel satisfied and full for long periods of time.

  9. But is comapring a cetogen diet to chemo not too aggressive? Cause chemo is the superlative….
    Why is ceto so popular then?

  10. Awesome awesome awesome once again. Make a great point. I’m looking forward for one video to the next, but this one topped
    It all.

  11. Look at the physical body of those who advocate Keto… jacked, lean, hormone balanced humans. Dr Gregor… lacking masculine traits shoulder rolled forward weak frail posture. Thomas Delauer vs Dr. Gregor… who are woman gonna mate with? // KOOOKKKKKS!!!

  12. 4:20 "Cancer feeds on sugar, but all cells feed on sugar."
    What you didn't say is: All cells can thrive without sugar for years (except for some brain cells, which can get enough sugar through gluconeogenesis), but most cancer cells cannot thrive without sugar.

    True, some cancer cells thrive on ketones, but at least for those cancers that cannot thrive without sugar, which I suspect are in the majority, isn't it logical to think that the keto diet might help suppress the cancer?

  13. Should i get off keto diet??
    Im in this Facebook group full of Dr Berg's fans and they all SWEAR by keto. It's at least 5k members. Keto this keto that.
    And they all eat bacon, supposedly non processed.
    I know sugar is bad but I'm highly skeptic of this keto thing.

  14. This video is powerful and excellent timing, because I was just about to recommend keto to a friend who has advanced prostate cancer and is waiting for new insurance before continuing treatment after his prostate was already removed. Now I will hold off on recommending keto to him…I definitely don't want to make him worse!
    I'd like to share a bit of my own keto story, which isn't about cancer but about pre-diabetes symptoms. I've been a Dr. Greger fan for years and was nearly a vegan until late last year. But even then I still ate a lot of carbs, such two to four pieces of "whole grain" bread a day. So after learning about time-restricted eating aka intermittent fasting (IF), almost a year ago I decided to gradually try it to get my body into ketosis without a keto diet, which at the time I didn't even know much about. But as I learned more about keto too, I also decided to see if my own relatively minor health issues might improve after reducing carbs — but still eating all of my favorite veggies and fruits. So this past winter I gradually eliminated all breads, pastas, and rice except for some small amounts on occasional restaurant outings. Didn't think I could ever give up bread, but now I rarely miss it. 😎
    Now I'm at a point where I can "fast" for up to 20 hours without feeling hungry, and one day I aim to do a fast of at least 24 hours. But in general I eat 3 times in a 5-7 hour window: first a post-workout protein drink, second a high-carb meal of plain oats with a half banana, cinnamon and other spices; and later a meal of lots of veggies and mostly vegan fats.
    In sum, so far I have seen lots of noticeable benefits from ketosis through this combination of reduced carbs (about 100g a day vs 200-300 before) and IF or timed eating. My skin looks younger, my arms/legs eczema is slowly clearing up, my legs swell a bit less (though I still need compression socks if I stand or sit too long without much movement), I sleep more soundly, I'm more mentally sharp in general, and more productive because I don't have to think about eating or prepare food until after my evening workout. 💪
    I don't know if all of these benefits come from ketosis, less carbs, more healthy (and 90% vegan) fats, or what. But my point is that burning ketones has health benefits, and you can get there without eating animal products or giving up healthy veggies and fruits. If anyone else has personal experiences or studies to share related to this, please do! I'm definitely still open to constructive advice. 😃

  15. Opening a can of worms with this one 😂
    I think people may actually realize the keto crew are even more religious about their diet than any vegan 😂

  16. Great video Dr. Greger. However, as a vegan, i must point out that people don’t go on keto for health benefits necessarily. People who I know who go on keto do it for weight/fat loss. What does the science say about keto for weight/fat loss?

  17. I sense that bias exists, and rather than examining the evidence with an open mind, and let the result presents itself. The example given of cancer treatments comparisons are just stupid and irrelevant!

  18. Sorry I have to disagree with you on this. There're many testimonies of patients whose condition turned around after going Keto:

  19. Funny how some people think this information is all there is about Keto. There's an equal number of journals that actually tell the opposite (perhaps Dr. Greger doesn't fancy the ketogenic diet and so decided to present only the journals that smear it). So with such conflicting reports I always turn to the testimonies – People who have actually tried the diet, they will tell you the real truth about it.

  20. With all due respect Dr. Greger, that blurb you highlighted at 1:47, where Jesus said "this kind only comes out by prayer and fasting", was not about epilepsy, but demon possession. You wouldn't diagnose someone sight unseen; why presume to diagnose the boy in that passage from that line of text? The text doesn't support the idea that the boy had epilepsy. Is fasting known to completely drive out epilepsy such that it leaves a person? And observe that Jesus himself did not fast, nor did the boy fast, yet he cast out the thing causing the boy's condition. That might suggest that this is not actually epilepsy, but a case of a boy with a demon who got exorcised by Jesus.

  21. You should do more videos on bioavailability of micronutrients from vegetables vs (skeletal and organ) meats and on polyphenols, plant toxins,…

  22. Can you list all the referenced medical reports in this video? Which ones were epidemiology studies and which keto studies were "the gold standard"? I have hard time giving credence to this video, because your tone is biased and you have a conflict of interest, because keto goes against your books recommended diet. This is a hit piece against your competition. What doctor wouldn't prefer anything else over chemo as a cure for cancer?

  23. Honestly I really didnt find this funny. I am plant based and an athlete I used to eat high carb I became so sick becames intollerant to all grains and beans and was bloated and tired with dark circles constantly under my eyes despite multiple supplements. I went high fat still plant based and was CURED i will never eat a "healthy whole grain" again in my life My performance is better im never bloated my dark circles are gone my anxiety is gone i feel amazing on higher fat plant based! You can do a HFLC or plant based "ketotarian" approach with cyclical healthy carbs such as sweet potatoes, plantains, squashes and seasonal fruits and do VERY WELL. My partner also has Stage 4 brain cancer – he has been on chemo and since doing a higher fat diet he has had amazing results. so the answer is NOT why keto when you can chemo because for some maybe do BOTH and DO LARGELY PLANT BASED not bacon and cheese for best results (cheese and bacon just shouldn't be consumed ever).

  24. Do you consider cannabis to be a keto friendly food? Or perhaps the oil it can provide? The NIH considers it a potent cancer adjunct treatment. 

    Detailed Description:

    Several studies have shown a potential anti-tumor role for cannabinoids by modulating cell signaling pathways, inhibiting angiogenesis, inducing apoptosis, and overcoming chemotherapy resistance. In phase I trials, cannabinoids have been shown to enhance the uptake of chemotherapy into malignant cells without affecting normal cells. The investigators seeks to demonstrate that the combination of chemotherapy with BRCX014 will have a greater anti-tumor and anti-proliferative activity when compared to standard of care alone.

    Condition or disease       Intervention/treatment 

    Cancer of Pancreas     Drug Cannabidiol (CBD)

    Cancer of Liver            Drug Bortezomib

    Cancer of Rectum       Drug Leucovorin

    Cancer of Colon          Drug 5-FU

    Gall Bladder                Drug Oxaliplatin

    Myeloma Multiple        Bevacizumab

    Glioblastoma Multiforme Drug Irinotecan Gemcitabine Temozolomide

  25. I personally know people who have cancer and have outlived all expectations of their doctors because they are on a strict keto diet plus true intermittent fasting and they take supplements like mushroom extracts, raw garlic, raw broccoli, etc. Some of them are still alive years after they were supposed to have died from their cancers. Not saying it is a cure, but it sure has slowed it down, and they did not do chemo or radiation.

  26. Dr Greger, but for Autoimmune disease a Ketogenic diet is extremely beneficial. It drastically lowers Th1 and Th17 differentiation which is involved in Lupus, Psoriasis, Eczema, Uveitis, M.S, etc, shifting the Treg balance to a protective Th2 dominant state.

  27. Brace yourselves for an avalanche of anecdotes. We don’t care how you or your neighbor are doing on keto! Science, not anecdotes! #ScienceNotAnecdotes

  28. But then why some types of cancer are better treated with fasting ?
    Fasting have possitive effects on some tumors, that says that ketosis might be good.

  29. I do Keto along with intermittent fasting for weight loss and to reverse my insulin resistance. Once thats done im back on a very manageable intake. I have to say its working more than anything else ive tried in the past. Whats more i crave carbs and sugar WAY less once my body adapted about 3 days into it. I dont crave night snacking, or snacking in general, no sweets here, and i can pass the bread and chips now. That along w/ your body change is very exciting!

  30. i think once you fucked up your metabolism with full western shit diet, then keto works really well to reverse insulin resistance.
    But in the long run humans want to eat food that is alive.
    it is also impossible to get good animal products with the state of the meat and dairy industry.

  31. What about a plant based Keto/Low Carb diet?
    It would be substantially higher in Antioxidants and one would consume no animal fat/protein?

  32. Is it possible that some cancers are more responsive to ketosis? Could genetic testing of the cancer see if it is glucose burning or ketone burning? I think that would be a better strategy than just recommending keto for all like everyone is doing.

  33. Their is something wrong with ketone théorie and fasting if it would be true the most fat people would be able to fast the more long, actually it isn't true. Just look the Indians yogi and Arnold ehret proved it

  34. Really wished this guy and Dr.Fung had an interview about nutrition, fasting, cancer and the major chronic diseases.

  35. Can you talk about non alcoholic beer? I have been drinking NA beer for health and weight control reasons and wondering if I am still harming my body. Thanks!

  36. fasting 2-4 days before chemo has been reported to increase effects of chemo. some studies suggest keto might also help chemo work better too.

  37. I am in nursing school and I have been having trouble figuring out why my professors think that we “need” to eat protein before our exams. One of my professors always states, “It’s been proven.” Then the go and teach us that our brain runs on glucose…why do they think that we need protein to get good grades???

  38. I wonder if we should not compare keto and carbohydrates based diets, instead of keto vs plantbased because who says that keto means inevitably animals… To be more clear if needed : your argumentation against keto seems to be based of the unhealthy effects of meat, but not on keto itself… doesn't it? Looking forward for a comparison of what is comparable, without any preference a priori. Greetings from France

  39. This was misguided. Less propaganda, cherry-picking, hyperboles… avoid the argumentum ad passiones… more science and rationality please. When you try to produce a review of existing literature on the effects of the ketogenic diet on health, try to eliminate confounding factors and concentrate on the ketogenic part, not the animal part (or the part where you draw conclusions from studies on saturated fat in diets other than the ketogenic). One can follow a ketogenic diet that is also a vegan diet you know.

  40. I think its unfair when people make the absolute worst assumptions
    concerning a diet they don't prefer while assuming the best scenario
    of a diet that they do choose.
    the anti-keto people assume that this is all about meat, cheese
    fried foods, etc etc etc.
    I eat keto and my daily diet is FULL of veggies. Its devoid of sugar
    processed anything, wheat flour and potatoes but massively full of
    zucchini, eggplant, onions, peppers, garlic, broccoli, brussel sprouts
    cauliflower, among others, and all sorts of green leafys, tree nuts.
    I don't drink milk or eat milk products
    I make my own sauerkraut and fermented onions and garlic
    I also make my own natto
    I get my protein from pea protein, from eggs and fish
    lots of avocado and olives and olive oil based dressings.
    The results from switching from my vegan diet of 3 years to keto as
    described above….i reversed my pre-diabetes, and my HDL increased by
    about 6 points, my LDL dropped by 43 points.
    so the cholesterol and pre-diabetes improved when switching from
    a vegan diet (with admittedly too much sugar in retrospect) to a
    "clean keto" diet
    I'm also eating in a time restricted manner (eat during a 6 hour window)
    The point is….if you define keto as meat meat meat meat meat then
    you're not being completely honest when discussing the topic

  41. Keto hit piece. Cancer cells require like 30 times as much sugar as functional cells, and apoptosis is restored while in ketosis. No one responsible would suggest fighting cancer with only ketosis, but it has been a successful supportive diet. The usual bullshit that you have to eat meat, and that meat is bad is vegan political-based propaganda. Your "science" is based on surveys and population studies, and is trash pseudoscience. AHA and ACS practices are based on empty politics.

  42. Man, people would like to believe what they want. I mean for example, i found out that my best friend's boyfriend was having sex with another woman, i provided the evidence and my bf still didnt want to believe it when it was in front of her eyes. In that case, you have people that are severely gluttonous, would literally prefer to die instead of cutting down meat consumption, they literally prefer a burger over oxygen. So even when you have a video like this full of evidence and 0% anecdotes people are still gonna do whatever they want because they dont give a fck about themselves, the rest of the world and basically anything or anyone, they just want to believe what they want. This is the reason the we are deadenders.

  43. Chemo is suicide. Modern medicine a growing cancer, I choose to die without treatment, I give no money to the corrupt pharmaceutical industry.

  44. I love the comments from half-wit "keto" trolls who don't understand that atherosclerosis takes years to build up – so a calcium score a few months after they start eating grease isn't a sign that grease is healthy.

  45. Why go "keto" when you can go the full hog and live off paint stripper? Many people have lived off paint stripper for hours and feel just fine.

  46. Keto is a deathwhish, before going wfpb i tried it… I did it for 7 days and never felt so sick before. And trust me i did it 'right', fasted 3 days before starting the diet, drinking coffee with mct oil, eating lots of fat and low glycemic foods… at day 7 i was a walking zombie. And obstipated like a brick in my gut.

  47. I'm 71 y.o. and on keto for two years. My last three HsCRP have been 0.07, 0.06, 0.09. Very low levels of systemic inflamation. All blood markers excellent. I feel 20 years younger. Google Dr. Marry Newport to see the power of ketones to reverse some alzhiemers. Google Dr. Jason Fung to see the power of keto to reverse T2D. and obesity. It works for me and I am spreading the word. If veganism works for you, God bless. You do a diservice to patients by your vegan biased video. How about all those young women vegan YouTubers who have lost their periods and dropped veganism?

  48. you know if people on social media start talking about a "diet" 99% of the time its a fad

    thats why you cant beat beans rice greens and healthy plant based carbohydrates and fat.

  49. Litterally just finished talking with a keto maniac. Said carbs are not necessary. Also said the UN IPCC report 2019 wasn't correct either. This is what we are up against.

  50. Thank you for the video. Animal foods have a remarkable glamour and positive health associations. Keto is like a craze, so this article is timely. You must have seen this about choline:-
    Vegan footsoldier has put out a video debunking it
    I'm sure you would be aware of these. Perhaps you could consider making a video on the subject? If you think that's a good idea.


  51. Michael Gregor, you are a liar and a charlatan. You cherrypick these shit studies like Kaiser Sosa in an interrogation room.

    1. You posit (falsely) that a ketogenic diet is expensive and requires supplementation. Bullshit. I eat a traditional seasonal agrarian diet that relies on zero cereal grains, beans or tubers of any kind. My diet consists mostly of meats (some raised, some hunted by me) poultry, eggs, and whole raw dairy with some fragrant herbs thrown in for good measure. I eat a little bit of Alaskan game and halibut that I trade with a cousin by weight for dressed chickens. I consume an average of 30 lbs of meat and 3 to 5 pounds of fresh raw butter and cream a month, butcher my own livestock annually (every week or so in the case of chickens). I use zero supplements, and I spend less than $100 in any given months on “food.” In point of fact, most of my actual spending is on sea salts, peppercorns, cloves, heirloom plants and tree shoots for my orchard. Almost everything consumed in this house is grown and raised within ten miles of my front door. But even in the city, I could source the same easily and cheaply, and have done so in the past. So do others.

    2. You claim that ketones and a ketogenic diet and the consumption of saturated fats exacerbate and proliferate metastatic cancers…and leave out that nice little nugget about phytoestrogens in the proliferation of breast and ovarian cancer diagnoses…you and I both know that this is absolute horseshit. In 1900 when the U.S. had more than twice as many dairy cattle as we do today, the average American consumed 18 to 20 lbs of butter every year, almost as much meat as we do today, commodity cereal grains did not exist, yet, nor did seed oils for cheap “food” (we have USDA Secretary Rusty Butz, circa 1972, to thank for that ever-profitable sham), and still, somehow, cancers and CVDs combined accounted for only a whopping 10% of all cause mortality. That’s not my statistic. Oh, no. That belongs to the US Census, the US Department of Commerce, and the USDA, along with a bored researcher at Chapel Hill…. You lie.

    3. “Why do keto when you can just do chemo?” Are you for real??? Jesus Fing Christ, man, just how stupid do you take people for??? Why eat a diet that results in a smaller carbon footprint, less waste and far less expense ((in actual fact, the average adult eating a carnivore-based ketogenic diet consumes less than 1,000 lbs of nutrient dense food every year, whilst the average vegan consumes well over a full ton – more than 2,000 pounds – of food in the same period [I shudder at the waste])) when you can just destroy yourself eating the same damned inflammatory commodity diet that CAFOs use to fatten up livestock and get them to slaughter weight within two years instead of four to six on pasture??? Why eat a diet that, by your own admission, has been used at least the since the days of Hippocrates to prevent and cure disease when you can instead spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to cut, poison and burn an inflammatory disease that results from shitty food and lifestyle choices, and spent what might remain of your life – if you survive the chemo – limping towards an early death, exhausted, maimed, immune-impaired??? Oh, yeah, that sounds like a brilliant plan, you sadistic, inhumane hack. But, kudos! Morons will take your advise, no matter what it costs them, even their health.

    You’re a liar. You keep skewing reality to fit your sick agenda, and it’s made you very popular amongst a certain subset of the SMI populace, but your misinformation is a crime, and you should be ashamed. Just look in the mirror, Michael, your own health is suffering greatly for the bullshit lunacy you’ve adopted as a life plan. You’re younger than I am, for crying out loud, and you actually manage to look and act more aged than my 73 year old active mountain man father.

    Catch a clue, people! This man is a con artist. An “MD” who has never treated a patient in his life because he’s so contrarian to logic and truth that he was expulsed from his residency programme before he even began a career. He preys on your fears and ignorance. You follow him to an early grave.

  52. This video is filled with biased misinformation.Why go with keto when you can go with chemo,well because chemo is extremely expensive and can leave the patient with serous side effect.Keto has no side effects and is a natural thing for humans and it wouldn’t even cost a fraction of chemo

  53. But what about the other claims of keto proponents that it has actually benefits for anti aging and general health? These claims were not addressed here.

  54. I'd like to ask Dr. Greger about autophagy and the nobel prize it got…. if he can share with us his opinion. I'm really curious about that…

  55. I would love to see this guy talking to dr. Berg and many others that are on Keto for more than 3 years.
    Maybe a LIVE conversation would be better…

  56. Confusing . .
    Unfortunately, in our lexicon, KETO (using ketones for fuel) has become synonymous with eating animals, and this video again outlines the negative impact eating animals has on health.
    However, I am a little confused by this video. is the take away "Cancer can feed on KETONES" or was it cancer fees on saturated fat, but KETO from fasting etc is still potentially beneficial? Obviously our body produces and lives (thrives) on Ketones for a reason – does it seem reasonable the our body would produce cancer causing chemicals?

  57. Сделайте русский перевод, пожалуйста) потому что отчасти здесь может быть и русская аудитория, которая интересуется вот такими вот исследованиями

  58. This was a disappointing video.
    1. Most of the arguments for ketogenic diets considered here were strawman arguments.
    2. Much of the evidence about ketones (e.g., whether ketones can fuel cancer cells) did not compare ketones to glucose and therefore do not address the evidence suggesting that ketones are often (even if not always) superior fuels compared to glucose.

    I hope a better video on this topic will be made. I’d especially like to see some consideration of vegan ketogenic diets.

  59. Nobody proved yet that ketones can feed cancer cells. There's still small amount of glucose even if you're in ketosis state. That's explain why cancer cells not fully die or not die at all in some cases.

  60. I though Dr.Khan (a vegan doctor), said on Joe Rogans podcast that he ate a vegan ketogenic diet. Wouldn't that solve the problem with animal intake?
    Also, Dr.Valter Longo (One of the leading fasting scientist) has studies ( one of them: of patiens lowering breast cancer effectively with the combination of fasting (ketogenic state) and chemo. We should not be so fast writing off a powerful tool. I expected more from you..

  61. Unfortunately, it would have been better if you all had done a better research, this video palpably lacks information on many fronts.

  62. KETO info P.S. I did Keto counted every gram of carb -All food was whole food as I call it my diet only contained "GOD made" not man made. Never lost weight!!! I did for many months casual Keto and several wks extreme Keto. Did not feel healthier and did not lose weight. KETO is not the diet for my body type / my metabolism.

  63. Ive been on keto diet for 13 years and I look 15-20 years younger. Im 44 years and i look like im 20 years. Its evidence enough its the healthiest diet. People come to me asking for advice every day on their diet, i dont have to do anything 🙂

  64. I'm a big fan of your work Dr. and I'm not a keto fanatic at all, but I would happily try it (just not for cancer and with significantly less or zero meat, if that's possible?)…anyway I don't understand some of your reasoning in this video, it doesn't make sense to suggest people might want to try surgery as much as alter their diet, or equate the diet to just another medical procedure… that just seems like a bizarre notion, particularly from someone who advocates diet first. It's very different to saying – 'there's little evidence the diet does anything for cancer (or _ _ _ _ illness)', that's what you are good at, and that's what I'm expecting when I click… suggesting people try much more invasive options before/instead of a diet though, it just feels like you've been having the same sensationalist inducing breakfast the advertisers and the frauds have had today, all be it, well intentioned in your case, it's just utterly nonsensical / weird.. to this viewer at least.. It wouldn't be the first time I've misinterpreted and it won't be the last, so hopefully that is the case here! you've not lost a fan, but you're better than this Dr. Greger!

  65. The tone of your voice is really off putting.. there's a snark to it that seems completely unnecessary.. if you want to share information that's great.. but what is up with your voice dripping in attitude?

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