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Is Krill Oil Good for Dry Eye?

Is krill oil good for dry eye krill
oil is pretty much very similar to omega-3 or it is omega-3 but it’s very
similar to fish oil it’s just a different form of getting fish oil and
so the same reason omega-3 fish oil is good for dry is the same reason krill
oil which is omega-3 is good for dry eye and some people will prefer to take
krill oil just because sometimes the pills can be smaller but actually our
new omega-3 the pills are relatively small size so a lot of complaints
from our first omega-3 was two-fold we had that the pills were the size of most
omega-3 pills and that’s very hard to eat can you grab one of the other omegas
in the the evening primrose and so we’ll show you kind of the difference between
the typical omega-3 and ours so this is a typical omega-3 fish oil and so a
lot of people have trouble swallowing that because it is hard and then that is
ours and so you can tell a pretty significant difference let’s say like a third
of the size and so this is hydrate and then this is your typical omega-3 this is the size of our old pill and so we cut it down quite a bit and
some other good ways to take pills I always tell patients this I’ll show you
a real quick why here we’ll play it out choke get some water so most people so we’ll title this part how to swallow pills I’ve already done one video on this but
I’ll do it again so how to take any supplements so
most people when they take a supplement they throw it into the back of their
throat and they stay back and try to swallow the problem with that is that
you constrict your throat when you’re back so what you want to do is throw it
to the back of your throat and then lean forward and then swallow so I’ll show
you and then when you swallow like that it
opens up your throat takes them right down so I actually do that and I can
swallow about 12 pills at once because you open up your throat to do that hey
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