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Is Pizza Healthier Than Smoked Salmon?

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, ya. I’m Amber Lee. And this is “Animalist News.” Do you think eating
fish is good for you? You might want to think again,
at least about some fish. According to an investigation
by the “Sunday Times,” some smoked salmon contains
more fat than a pizza– a pizza. According to an analysis,
a classic margherita pizza has about six grams of fat,
while a Scottish farmed fish has 14. To put that into perspective,
a wild salmon usually only has about
three grams of fat. That’s almost five times
less than the farmed salmon. This isn’t just bad
news for fish eaters. Think about the salmon. These poor little guys
spend their entire lives in confined spaces where
they can barely swim about. It kind of reminds
me of those pens that farmers keep pigs
in that restrict them from turning around. Basically, we’ve created
couch potato fish who are unable to
move or exercise. You know the gray stuff
that’s in between the skin and flesh of a salmon? Yeah, the stuff you sometimes
peel off before eating. Well, according
to Jon Swatsburg, that’s the insulating
fat on a fish. So if you eat this gray fatty
layer on a farmed salmon, it might contain more fat and
pollutants than a wild salmon. Farmers, invest in
some fish treadmills. What’s your favorite
way to exercise? Personally, I’m a
big fan of surfing, and by that, I mean surfing
the web for cute animal photos. Also check out our new show
on the Animalist Network, “Breaking Trail,” where
we leave the map behind and follow adventure and animal
enthusiast Coyote Peterson and his crew through the wildest
and most exotic environments through North America. This big protective shell, that
bite force, and these claws pretty much say, I’m the
king of this wetland. Good looking– good looking boy. Be sure to subscribe. And I’ll see you later. Bye.

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