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IS SLEEP APNEA LETHAL? : Did it kill Carrie Fisher?

IS SLEEP APNEA LETHAL? : Did it kill Carrie Fisher?

Can sleep apnea actually kill you?
Now, the sleep apnea organization covered this issue and talked about Carrie
Fisher’s death. Their perspective was – sleep apnea can kill you; and I think
they’ve got a valid point. You might think about that and say well you know,
there were drugs involved and that’s what killed her and people were trying to
hide that fact. Well, there were a lot of facts. There were also a lot of sub
positions around Carrie Fisher’s death and my point here is not really so much
what Carrie Fisher died from. My point is – Can and does sleep apnea kill people? and can it kill you if you have it? The – I think, the answer is yes if you – but we’ll
get to some of the the rationale behind that a little bit later. A couple of
things about Carrie Fisher’s death – she was on a flight, she did sleep, she had
some sleep disordered breathing sessions – what is sleep disordered breathing? and
why do you hear that term sometimes instead of obstructive – obstructive sleep
apnea? Another question related to all this is – Can skinny people get sleep
apnea? I had a viewer mention my comment about – I have mild – mild to moderate sleep apnea and I’m obviously thin. The answer is yes, of course you can. Is it worse and
does obesity increase the risk? Absolutely it does. But there’s no
question – Yes, then – then skinny people can get sleep apnea. Back to the question of
obstructive sleep apnea versus sleep disordered breathing. There are other
things besides airway obstruction that can cause sleep disordered breathing.
For example – drugs, alcohol is a very common cause of sleep disordered
breathing. Another one is congestive heart failure.
There was actually a good New England Journal article on
sleep disordered breathing and congestive heart failure. I’m not going
to cover that today and we’ll cover that in a later video. So, what’s the
justification that you could say “Maybe it is possible to die from sleep apnea.” I
think, again, if you go to the, it’s a – it’s a very good justification under the – this section: Is it possible to die from sleep apnea?
Their point is – Well, do you die from AIDS itself or do you die from the
infections which happen in your body? AIDs has knocked out your body’s ability
to fight those infections and more relative to viewers of this channel,
how about diabetes and insulin resistance? The reality is insulin resistance probably kills more of us than anything
else because it creates that inflammatory
process which creates cardiovascular disease and that’s what kills people.
Well, again, back to the same question – is it the – is it the insulin resistance, or the inflammation, or the cardiac event itself? and it’s a good point – they
make a good point that obstructive sleep apnea is clearly associated with
increased risk for cardiovascular disease; and, again, I think I will cover that
a little bit later in terms of several other videos that talk about the cycle
of sleep disorder, breathing, and the impact on inflammatory processes. Sleep
disorder breathing, obstructive sleep apnea are both very much related to
increased cardiac death, diabetes, insulin resistance, again, drug use and in – with
drug use, it’s in both ways. Drug use can increase it. Like I
mentioned, the most common one associated where the drug causes this is alcohol,
coccaine and other drugs, mental health drugs can can impact this as well. Now, it goes
the other direction where having sleep apnea often causes problems with mental
health. Mental health problems such as depression and then – so, again, you go in
the other way where this is called – where obstructive sleep apnea or sleep
disordered breathing is causing need to take drugs. So, again, there’s a lot of
comorbidities (“Co-” meaning together, and “morbidity” meaning illnesses) a lot of
these illnesses are very much related to each other. Now, in that New England
Journal article that I’m going to cover a little bit later, you’ll see that
there’s a lot of evidence that CPAP may not be as helpful as we think. Yhat just
came out a couple of years ago. Now, there’s also a lot of people that would
say “It really does help” – again, this is a deep issue. If you’ve made it this far,
thank you again for your interest,

11 comments on “IS SLEEP APNEA LETHAL? : Did it kill Carrie Fisher?

  1. Thanks! Always wake up 3-4 hours into nightly sleep. Sometimes its 3-4 hours to sleep back. That is with using a medication help. Melatonin made no difference and I fear taking it since I don't know my levels.

  2. I can't use those darn machines. They give me bad earaches. I wish they would come up with something new.

  3. Mental health drugs like what? Are you speaking of the more common anti-anxiety type drugs like Xanax or Klonopin, anti depressants or more heavy hitter psychiatric drugs?

  4. I think that you will find that a lot of Doc's tend to sluff this off, however, it's obvious that OSA can be a significant problem & a fatal one at that! Thanks again for your videos Dr. Brewer.

  5. Sleep apnea caused me to be tired all time, resulting in me falling asleep while driving. I woke in a nick of time but it could have killed me or others. I immediately seen my doctor and referred to a specialist. My life changed for the positive now that I am not tired anymore.

  6. So many ways to die 😨 I'd better go and make my cremation arrangements (I'm not bothering with a funeral etc. I'm just getting cremated and scattered in the forest) 💀 Thanks for another very interesting and educational video 👍

  7. What do you think about Buteyko method? He actually thinks the body is actually getting too much oxygen and therefore blocks to stop this. Prolonged stress can change your breathing pattern. so actually your brain changes. Buteyko method tries to retrain your brain for normal breathing pattern.

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