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Is the Purple Doctor Fish A Medical Maniac?! 💉 Bikini Bottom Mysteries Ep. 2 | SpongeBob

Is the Purple Doctor Fish A Medical Maniac?! 💉 Bikini Bottom Mysteries Ep. 2 | SpongeBob

Friendly resident doctor,
or medical maniac. Are you ready for your treatment? This is Bikini Bottom Mysteries. [dramatic music playing] Whether it’s the case of the suds,
or a broken butt. Your butt’s all better. If you live in Bikini Bottom, chances are you’ve been treated
by this doctor, who we’ll call the Purple Doctor Fish. Seriously, we don’t even know
his real name. I’ve never seen anything like it. But what we do know, he’s a little off. Exhibit A, his patients. Medical expert, huh? Tell that to these three patients
who were treated by the fishy physician. I’m afraid you’ll never puff again. [gasping] Wrong. We actually ran out of staples
and had to use a glue stick. Wronger. So I’m gonna be OK, Doc? Well, if you don’t want to take
my word for it, let’s just check your chart. Oh no, this is terrible! So wrong. Looks like these patients
need a second opinion. The doctor’s office
is a horrible, horrible place! And what kind of practicing doctor
doesn’t wear gloves or even shoes? – That’s disgusting!
– But that’s just the beginning. – It gets much worse.
– Don’t touch me! Exhibit B, hospital horrors. We have a special treatment for you. Here he’s seen administering
cruel and unusual treatments. Misusing medical supplies. Yes, everyone needs to relax. And worst of all,
refusing treatment to weenies. I think you guys want that hospital. Weenie Hut General! Good thing he’s a doctor,
because this is one sick fish. Come check out the carnage.
It’s actually quite entertaining. So how has he never been caught
or stripped of his medical license? Maybe this nameless doctor
doesn’t exist at all. Batten down the hatches,
because we have a theory that might just blow your mind. For a doctor so terrible
at treating his own patients, how is he so good at treating pets,
specifically snails? All the doctor is saying is that your
snail is still in the intensive care unit. This is definitely a snail. Uh, we’re with the pet hospital
down the street– Wait, did you catch that? Uh, we’re with the pet hospital– He actually admits
he’s from the pet hospital, which leads us to exhibit C,
the snail doctor. Enter Dr. Gill Gilliam, S.D.E and S.E. Snail disease expert and snail expert. A trusted vet who diffused the great
mad snail disease scare of Bikini Bottom. Did someone say ‘mad snail disease’? Notice anything familiar about him?
Take a closer look. Closer, closer. He bears a striking resemblance to
the Purple Doctor Fish. Coincidence? Perhaps.
But what about his voice? – Mad snail disease?
– That’s not what I’m saying at all. – Mad snail disease?
– That’s not what I’m saying at all. The same face, the same voice,
and the same glasses? Are they the same fish? No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Is this nameless purple doctor’s
true identity Dr. Gill Gilliam? Are the purple scales
just a clever disguise? There’s only one problem. The Purple Doctor Fish has fins,
and Gilliam has hands. Hold it right there, Doc. If SpongeBob can wear fake arms
to make him look buff, couldn’t Gilliam wear fake purple fins
to complete his disguise? There’s no way to know for sure. Unless, he forgets to wear his fins. How in the name of Neptune
does the Purple Doctor Fish suddenly have orange hands? That’s right, you’ve been caught
orange-handed, Gill. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. So what’s the disguise for? Burglary? Arson?
Or maybe… Get ’em, boys! Piracy. Pretty gruesome, huh? One doctor impersonating another doctor,
impersonating a pirate? What’s it all for, Doc? We may never know the true motives
behind your secret life, but rest assured, we’re on to you. And now, a Bikini Bottom Bonus Mystery. Think these are ordinary glass helmets? Well, think again! How is SpongeBob able to blow a bubble
through solid glass? Stranger yet, how can Sandy
reach this whistle to her mouth without removing her helmet? And Patrick even eats an apple
right through his helmet. Much better. File this one under U for ‘Uhhh’. Have you seen something strange
under the sea? Leave us a comment and tune in
next time for more investigations that will blow your pores,
strip your scales and flip your fins. Like, subscribe and remember
if the pineapple fits, live in it.

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  1. One Wiki page says Dr. Gill Gilliam and Purple Doctor Fish are the same guy but the quote "We're with the pet hospital down the street" in the transcript from Band Geeks addresses the latter as Dr. Forrest

  2. Theory, he’s a vet trying to be a doctor, and is an intern who is always available for emergency room visits

  3. Bikini bottom mysteries: exists
    Spongebob film theories: Da goo frm goo lagoon is ded Jellyfish and SpongeBob s genetics are plausible to 2 different parents

  4. He probably covers his arms with the purple covers instead of wearing gloves I and uses purple as his face mask I just had to say that!

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