Claire Corlett

Fish Food, Fish Tanks, and More


BevVeg is a vegan law firm that helps beverage companies and restaurant to ditch animal filtration to become certified vegan. Carissa Kranz: “The problem is, is a lot of wines are filtered through animal parts. A lot of beverages in general and beverages are not regulated by the FDA or the USDA…” Many wine and alcohol brands us fish bladder, called isinglass, as a fining agent. Legally, manufacturers do not need to disclose if animal products were used during processing, making it hard to distinguish which brands are truly cruelty-free. BevVeg CEO and Founder Carissa Kranz is raising consumer standards. Carissa Kranz: “Filtering through animals, and animal parts like cows’ elbows and knees and horse hooves or intestines of animals or sugar which may have bone char. You have a more pure product. The firm recently worked with Christie Brinkley to certify Bellissima prosecco. And renowned sushi restaurant Nobu to certify its raw vegan gin. “They can filter through bentonite, they can filter through paper, they do not need to filter through animals and it’s up to the winemaker, and nobody knows what the winemaker is doing because there’s no labelling laws in the beverage industry. Revolutionizing the food and beverage industry, one glass at a time.

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