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Is there really mercury in tuna?

Is there really mercury in tuna?

Hello, dr. Scott Cunningham here. I don’t know about you, but I have eaten a lot of tuna fish over the last few years and of course there are good things and bad things about that the good thing is that there’s lots of omega-3 fish oil which is good for your brain, your heart and other tissues, the negative part about that is you’re probably aware that tuna is very well known to be laced with mercury and so how does that happen? Well, the problem is that the oceans have become increasingly polluted with industrial wastes including mercury residues so that what happens is that the smaller fish get gobbled up by the larger fish and on up the food chain, by the time you get to the really large fish like the the tuna and the swordfish, the mercury is concentrated in their tissues. So what is the solution? You have two options, either you can find a professional grade of fish oil and take take six to eight capsules per day or you can Use the smaller take take three to five servings of a smaller fish like Like your sardines mackerel or herring either way It’s it’s a lot better for your tissues. So anyway, this is Dr. Scott Cunningham Thank you for following and please check out my youtube channel and please check out my blog on My on my website, which is great Health will look forward to being in touch

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