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Is Tuna Good For You?

Is Tuna Good For You?

What’s going on everyone, this is Carlo The Solution as in the Solution to fitness What’s going on everyone, this is Carlo The Solution as in the Solution to fitness and today I’m gonna find out if Tuna is really good for you. Now, I’m gonna answer the question right away. Tuna sucks Now, I have two of the most popular brnads that I see I have Bumblebee Tuna here and Chicken of the Sea. They both have around the same nutrition facts They cost around the same I believe I haven’t bought these in awhile so I’m not too sure. But, if you’re trying to lose weight this may not be the best option for you. Now, first let’s talk about the good things about Tuna. For example, the nutrition facts are about the same, like I said Now, who wouldn’t love these facts? It’s got 0 grams of fat and Carbs low cholesterol and 13 grams of protein and if you were to eat the whole can this would be doubled to 26 grams of protein which is not bad at all. Now, Tuna is a popular option for bodybuilders or people that just wanna eat healthy Every time I have a client and I ask them about their diet routine They tell me, blah blah salad blah blah chicken blah blah tuna and this snaps in my head, Tuna, why do you have that? What is it about Tuna that I do not like? I used to have this all the time, I used to have like two cans a day. just because I only looked at the fat and the protein But, if you really look at it, you have to look at the Sodium. Like I said, the serving size is two so, in both of these cans the Sodium is at 140mg times that by two, and you have 280mg Now, it’s not too bad it’s decent, BUT Do you eat Tuna just out of the can like this? Well, most people don’t Most people like to put Mayonnaise in their Tuna. so let’s get the Mayonnaise Nutrition Facts on screen Now, bear in mind, these Nutrition Facts come from 1TB In 1TB you’re adding in 10 grams of fat and 90mg of Sodium So you just added some fat to the Tuna and further increased the Sodium intake. Ladies and gentlemen this is a TB Do you put this much into your Tuna? Most people, no. Alot of people put like 3 of these in there “Na breh, I need more Mayo” But let’s say for argument’s sake Just 3 TB Now, do you eat Tuna without bread? Some people don’t Now there’s all kinds of bread with different facts, but I’m just gonna put the normal wheat bread that I see, Nutrition Facts on the screen Now, I chose the wheat bread Nutrition Facts because I’ve noticed more and more people have switched from white bread to wheat thinking all their health troubles are over after doing that Well as you can see here these facts are for one slice so you have to double this if you’re making a sandwich out of it Now, not only did you add in fat with the Mayonnaise you’ve also added Carbs with the Bread AND you’ve also added more Sodium Congrats! Now, check out these new Nutrition Facts It pretty much speaks for itself, but look at that whopping Sodium change Wow Remember, this is just an estimate and if you eat the whole can yourself Look, the protein doesn’t even change that much and this is the reason why I dropped Tuna and replaced it. Now, with all these added facts that I just told you about do you still think Tuna is a really good option? Well I don’t and it’s been about a year since the last time I had Tuna so, I know it’s pretty cheap high protein, low fat and all that stuff, but you gotta look at the bigger picture you can do without the Tuna especially if you wanna lose weight, if you wanna lean out you want your muscles to show you need to drop the Tuna Now, if you need help dropping more water weight which you will be retaining from Tuna check out the other video that I posted 5 different ways you can lose water weight check that out and it’ll probably help you out, big time. Once again, this is Carlo The Solution saying if you got a problem I’ll help you solve it. Your worst days are done and your best is yet to come.

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  1. You are literally a moron. Ofcourse if you take anything healthy and throw in a bunch of shit it's gonna turn it into shit. If i took a shit. It's a mixture of all the shit I've ate mixed into one pile of shit. I can't just say ' hey i ate chicken and broccoli and just took a shit that was chicken only. If i ate a piece of lettuce and throw a bunch of ranch dressing on it you don't have the right to say 'salads aren't healthy……..' gtfoh

  2. Kinda of a no brainer ! Obviously if you add mayo , that’s a problem. Just eat it straight up. Just eat tuna without soy .

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