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Isekai Izakaya Nobu Episode 16 Eng Sub

Isekai Izakaya Nobu Episode 16 Eng Sub

This is Izakaya Nobu. It’s an ordinary izakaya, but
there is one extraordinary thing. Nobuyuki Yazawa (32)
Owner of the izakaya “Nobu” Our front door opens into
a parallel universe! Shinobu Senke (23)
Waitress at the izakaya “Nobu” Isekai Izakaya Japanese Food From Another World The Company Commander’s
Triumphant Return Congratulations! We wish you all the best! Hermina (16)
Berthold’s wife Please stop for a moment. Whoa. Congratulations, sir! Congratulations! Congratulations on your wedding. Congratulations. Congratulations, Berthold-san. Well, thank you. Berthold (32)
Company Commander of
Aitheria Palace Guards aka “the Devil” Thank you to all of you. Nikolaus (24)
Palace Guard
Ancient City Aitheria Hans (23)
Palace Guard
Ancient City Aitheria Wow, that is a huge dowry! Right? It seems my father went all out on this. He’s that squid fisherman, right? And your wife is beautiful, too! Can’t say I’m not envious, sir! I’m the happiest man on Earth! I’m the most miserable man on Earth. Here you go, Hermina-san. Thank you so much. What happened? You looked so happy this morning. The previous tenant is still living
in the Hermina’s and my new home, so we can’t move in yet. Apparently a traveling clergyman
forcefully borrowed the the carriage that the tenant
was going to use for the move. I can’t just leave that dowry outside, so I stuffed it into the officer
barracks that I used to live in. But now we don’t have a place to live. All this when Hermina is already anxious after coming to a place where
she doesn’t know anybody or anything. I can’t even provide her with a
place she feels comfortable in! Could I be any more useless
of a man than this? Which brings me to… Yes? I was wondering if Hermina
could work here for a while. Huh? We have an inn reserved for the
nights, so nights are not a problem. But I’d like to provide her a
place to stay while I’m at work. Actually, we are incredibly busy right now, but we’d hate to impose
on a newlywed bride. Meaning, we’d love to have
any help we can get! Eva (14)
Dishwasher at Nobu.
Resident of Ancient City Aitheria We’d be so grateful. We were actually getting
really desperate for help. I can only help with simple
tasks, but thank you very much! Thank you so much! What was that? Th-That was… Wait! Hermina-san, that was incredible! You’re not scared of eel? I am a fisherman’s daughter after all. Are you all right, Berthold-san? Phew! This reminds me. Nikolaus
and Hans were telling me that eel had become popular in
Aitheria while I was away. That eel is actually why we’re so busy. Huh? Well, having him try it is probably
faster than explaining it. Sizzle Eel Kabayaki What most people think of when
they hear the word “unagi.”
Enjoy this dish with its special sauce. This is eel kabayaki. This is indeed unlike any
eel dish I’ve seen before. But I mean, this is eel we’re talking about. Wow, this eel is delicious! Fluffy Melt It is? Melt Soft This is completely different
from the eel we’re used to. The difference is in the preparation. Try this too. It’s called umaki. Umaki This eel wrapped in layers of egg
is so good it’ll force you to smile Umaki? It’s the same eel wrapped in layers of egg. Let’s try this, Berthold-san. Let’s do that. Melt Soft The rich flavor of unagi
delicately wrapped up in egg! The strong kabayaki flavor and
soft egg are a perfect match. You can have the last piece, Hermina. Then let’s do this and
each have half a piece. Thank you so much! That was wonderful. Thank you. Taishou’s eel is the best. I can see how this would
make your store more busy. You don’t look too happy about this. That’s not true. The problem is that everyone’s
only ordering eel right now. It takes a long time to prepare the eel,
so when the customers only want that, we have to keep them waiting Izakaya Nobu At this rate, we’re no longer “Izakaya
Nobu” but more like “Unagiya Nobu.” Unagiya Nobu Worst of all is that customers who come
to enjoy a drink can’t even get in. Hmm, what’s this scent? Smells like eel. Lorenz-san. Sake What brings you here? I came here to ask you for a favor, but this scent has completely bewitched me! We were about to sit down
and have our employee meal. Care to join us? Unadon The sauce is what makes this eel rice bowl.
Even just rice with this sauce is amazing. Wow, eel for lunch? Lucky! Lorenz (50)
Glass Craft Guild Meister So this is rice with eel on top. This sheen is truly drawing me in. This is— This eel is amazing! I’ve never had this before, but it
really goes well with the rice, too. I love the bold sauce! I could just eat the sauce-soaked rice. Having unadon for our employee
lunch is so amazing. The reminds me. What about the
favor you were talking about? Oh, yes. I’ve got a whole mountain
of these little boxes the wood-cutter guild’s
apprentices made for practice. I was wondering if you’d
have any use for them? I could use one or two maybe,
but not more than that. How lucky is it that we get to
have this delicacy at lunch? We won’t be having unadon every day, but our meals are always dishes
that Taishou is proud of, so you can expect something good. Thank you. But… What’s wrong, Hermina? It’s not right that only I am
having such a wonderful lunch. If only I could bring this
lunch to you somehow… Oh you. Don’t be ridiculous. Taishou! I just realized, too. Nobu’s Special
Eel Bento Three eel bentos please! Then I’ll take another, too. Here you go, two. And you had three. Two for me. Thank you very much! Here you go, your change. Three eel bentos please! Coming right up. One moment please. Next please! We’ve got more here. These are selling so fast! These so-called bento lunch
boxes are so clever. Nobu’s Special Eel Bento A tiny bit of a luxury for lunch… Oh ,here it is! There’s a few other stores now
trying to sell something similar, but the texture of this unagi… That’s not something anyone can replicate. No, the same goes for this sauce, too! Once you’ve tasted Nobu,
you can’t go anywhere else. Damn that Nobu. How dare they sell eel bentos when
they won’t sell Napolitan bentos? An outrage! Gernot (37)
Tax Collector
Ancient City Aitheria A complete outrage! I was able to take care of the wooden
boxes, and I got tasty lunches. I’m grateful. I didn’t know eel could
be prepared this way! That’s right! I’m convinced this is going to become Aitheria’s new big business. So lucky that you got those rights for free. This really is addictive though. These eels were fished
from our waters, right, Reinhold-san? Huh? Well… That was two eel bentos, right? Is Hermina able to help out at all? She is! She calculates quickly and
the customers love her. They love her? This is your portion, Berthold-san. Oh. Hermina-san made it herself. Really? But she forgot the all-important eel! Why don’t you start eating it to check? Oh! This is… We call this mamushi. Mamushi? Yes. For this, the eel
is steamed inside rice. That’s delicious! No matter how many times I try it,
your eel really is the best, Taishou. That’s not a nice thing
to say to Hermina-san. You mean Hermina grilled this? Here’s your change. Thank you so much. She tried her best, but
the flesh fell apart. So that’s why it’s a mamushi. Shijimi no Akadashi Delicious basket clams in miso soup.
It’s best when made with red miso. Here’s some shijimi soup. Hermina-san made this too. This one, right? I’d like three, too! This is such a luxury. Yes, sir. Could I get five? So warm. On the battlefield, those who
let their guard down die first, but I have a sweet wife, good underlings, good food and good drink. Right now, I’d like to enjoy this happiness
to the full extent as long as possible. Next up, we’ve got Nobu Plus. Nobu Nobu Nobu’s eel sure looked good. Morishita It sure did! Anyway, the place we’ve come
to here is called Morishita. Over here we’ve got the Takabashi
shopping district and Kenichi Nagira the Noraku Michi, otherwise
known as Noraku Road. This is Shitamachi. And if you
say Shitamachi, it means eel. And if you say eel, it means Nagira. Huh? I’ve never heard of that before. I really hope that place is still open. Let’s go already. It’s this way. Narrator
Teiyu Ichiryusai Kenichi Nagira is going to go around the bars here to find the amazing
dishes featured in “Nobu.” Kenichi Nagira’s search for the “Nobu” bar Here it is, here it is. We’re finally here. It’s called “Torichou.” They’re a yakitori place. Yakitori? Kenichi Nagira
Born in Tokyo’s Ginza. Made his debut in 1970 as a folk singer.
Since then, he’s been active as an actor, celebrity, essayist.
Has been in multiple shows that take place in bars or Shitamachi You’re wondering why we’re not
going to an eel restaurant. Sure, if we go to a place that
specializes in eel, we can order eel. Yakitori Morishita
Eel But specifically going
somewhere else is the trick. Let’s go in. That’s our Nagira-san. Hello. Welcome! So lively! What a voice! It really carries, doesn’t it. It’s been a while. Torichou is a cozy restaurant
where you can enjoy Sumibi Yakitori Unagi Izakaya Torichou some real home cooking. Torichou
Master, Ishida Masaki-san I came to have some eel. Sounds good. We’re starting with live fish, so
it’ll take twenty, thirty minutes. Morishita
Eel Is that okay? Waiting for the eel to
cook is also key. While I wait, Tosazukuri-style bonito? Sounds good.
So I should bring that? Yes. Sure. While the head chef
is grilling the eel… Torichou Miku-san Thank you for waiting. Thank you. One Tosazukuri-style
bonito and a draft beer. If you walk slowly, you’ll
be on camera longer. Got it. So cute. Why don’t we wait a little bit? They’re getting done!
They’re getting done! The grill marks, the shine,
the scent is all amazing. This is a classic izakaya
fit for Shitamachi. It sure is! Who am I talking to? Hey, to me, to me! I was talking to myself. You’re obnoxious. Look, they’re already done! What do you insist on, head chef? Well, it’s that they’re domestic fish. They can come from abroad, huh? That’s right. Even eel. Even eel, heh. That’s right. Stop messing with the chef. “Edomae” was the designation
to be used for eel that was fished out of the waterway in front of
Edo, meaning in front of the Edo Castle. After that, whatever they caught they
started to call Edomae, even if was from Tokyo Bay, but anyway, eel
was the origin for that moniker. That’s right. Enough with the trivia. Try it!
I really want to know what it’s like. That was a good bite. It’s so tender. It’s fluffy. The eel falls apart by itself. I know what you mean! And nothing goes with eel like sake! I need everyone from Izakaya
Nobu to come over here. I’m here. That should be enough. Even Nagira-san approves of “Sumibi
Yakitori Unagi, Izakaya Torichou”. Assistance: Gurunabi To be continued It’s a five minute walk from
the Morishita station. If you want delicious chicken
and eel, come here, come here! Next Time…
A Tempura Early Summer Mix Next time on “Isekai Izakaya”
aka “Izakaya Nobu in Aitheria.” Please sample the tasty tales.

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  1. I love how this anime showing whole crafting process and finding solutions for every problems. I wanna watch about someone specialized western foods or wine or bartender too

  2. As much as I love this anime and it’s wonderfully simple story, I really wish Heramina was in her early 20’s. Its kinda gross to know she’s 16 and married to a 32 year old man.

    Though, yeah, it is during the medieval times where men would be paired with teenagers. And Bert is a good man, so I guess until she’s an adult their marriage is brighter for the future.

  3. I have to say i hate it when i watch these food anime since i already ate then watching this made me hungry again XD

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