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Isla Fisher & Hannibal Buress on the ‘TAG’ Cast Being the Comedic Avengers | MTV News

– Let’s talk about the
Oscar bait that is Tag. You guys are just going for it again. – Synchronize your watches. – I don’t know how to do that. – I don’t wear a watch. – Time is a construct. ♪ my, my, my, my, can’t touch this ♪ – [Josh] This is the
comedic Avengers you’ve assembled here today. What are… – Thor, Hawkeye. – That’s right, you have a Hawkeye. – You see the comments on it? They’re like “Where’s Hawkeye?” Everybody was asking,
“This is where Hawkeye..” I was like, these
Avenger fans are serious. – You don’t cross those guys. – Yeah, they were– – Are Tag fans the same way? Do they get really up in your… – Tag fans? The movie isn’t out yet, so
I don’t know who it is yet, we’re gonna see. – [Josh] So when you guys
got involved in this, is the whole package there? Is it like a domino
effect, one name comes in, and you see the next one come in, and you get excited, or what? – I’m not sure, what stage was it? – Hannibal was attached
when I got attached, and then other people kinda came on. I was quite late, I feel
like, on the game on this one. Because I was attached to something else for this summer period, which fell apart. So then I only kinda put
my feelers out to try to get a gig during that squaliday break, and then got Tag. – I have to say, this seems
like one of the more unusual films that says based on a true story, like in the trailer, it’s like now I wasn’t
quite expecting that part, that aspect of the film, right? How loosely based on the
true story are we saying? Is this– – So loose, it’s just the
highjinks we get up to that resemble what these guys did in real life. – Are you as naturally
competitive in your own lives? What do you get competitive about? – I can be super competitive at sports, like I have to, I love to win at sports, but then I’m not a bad sportsman either. I love when other people win
too, but I do like to win. – What about you Hannibal? – NBA Jam. Yeah, I go to arcade bars
a lot when I’m on tour. – Are you a good loser like Isla is? Can you handle a rough patch? – No, we gotta run it right
back, we gotta go again. If I lose, we go again. – More quarters for Hannibal! – Already prepped, already bought in. – Got it all in? – Already bought in for ten dollars. – You loaded it up? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, I loaded it up, just so it’s not ‘oh
I don’t have anymore’, I’ll pay for you to play
again, let’s run it back. – Good to see you guys, can’t wait for Baywatch 2. – Hey man, good seeing.. I died in Baywatch, you know that? It’s a soft spot for me. – I don’t know why I wasn’t in Baywatch. Mother of three,
red-head, good in the sun. I would have been great in it. – That might have been the mistake. Next time get Isla on it. – What do you mean by mistake? – Rewind, cut. (upbeat music)

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