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Coming Up… Hello! Hi! Are you happy Laska? Are you happy? Hello, Tangerineys! Welcome back. If you are confused about where we have been lately, so are we. So we’re here to catch you up. After Mexico City, we came back to Puerto Morelos. We were so excited to see Laska again and be reunited! Alright, we’re going to pick up Laska. Hopefully, she’ll be really excited to see us. I have this slight bad feeling that she’s gonna refuse to come with us because We’ve left her too many times. No way! (Jordan whispering) We’re here. We have to be quiet though. Hola! Hola!! (Laska jumping in excitement) Hi! Hi! Oh hi Laska, Hi! OW! You bit me you jerk! (Trish from My Trish Advisor) I think she’s happy to see you! Hi! (Maddie saying hi to Laska) Oh, you love me? So much licks! So much licks! Trish: She can’t hold her liquor. (joke) Good girl! You’re a good girl! Come here! Why are you biting me? She’s bit me like 5 times! They’re mouth hugs. (Laughter) Mouth hugs. (Laughter) Yay! Are you happy Laska? Are you happy? [Laughter] Come here. Trish: Hey, welcome back, guys! Thanks! Okay, we captured the dog and we’re ready to go home. Laska (Thumbs up for more Laska) Back in Puerto Morelos, I think we had 12 days before our next trip. We had a whole bunch of footage to get caught up on from Mexico City. Probably the most footage we’ve ever gotten in a city in that short amount of time. Yeah, yeah, there was a lot and then, we had our tiles buckling at home. So basically our entire living room had to be pounded out and destroyed. There were dust and debris everywhere. Our place is pretty much unliveable for a week. Yeah, that sort of threw things up a little bit but, I don’t know, but, but! [Laughter] But life goes on and stuff like that happens all the time, tiles being thrown around everywhere. But despite all the catching up we had to do and a minor apartment disaster, we could not leave Puerto Morelos without going on one more big, fun, grand adventure. We got with My Trish Advisor and she hooked us up with this big bucket list item. You ready to go see some whale sharks? Yeah! So I believe our boat leaves from the Cancun area, but we’re going to meet our driver right now to take us there and in preparation we’re free of lotion, free of deodorant, all that stuff. (Whale sharks feed on the ocean’s surface. Wearing makeup, sunscreen, lotion, perfume, etc is a threat to their health). And we are free of sunscreen, hence the long-sleeve shirt that I am really not enjoying And I have Maddie’s sarong or something… I don’t know what they’re called. Sarong, good job. Oh, nice. [Laughter] He doesn’t know that word. Coffee! After a very short boat ride, we are pulling up to Isla Mujeres. The water was so pretty on the way over here Oh my gosh!! So pretty. Gorgeous shades of blue and green. Turquoise. Yeah, turquoise. That’s what it’s called. I don’t know exactly what’s going on but I think we’re just stopping at Isla Mujeres briefly, to go over some rules of what to do and what not to do with the whale sharks. Like touch them. Can’t touch that… (Humming and dancing along to “Can’t Touch This”) He was just saying it’s gonna be about an hour boat ride from here to go to where all the plankton and krill are and we’re not guaranteed to see any whales sharks. We could see None, or the most they’ve ever seen was over 400. So we’ll see how it goes. If there’s less than five we don’t get to swim with them, because there’s going to be about 40 boats around with tons of people, and everyone looking to see the whale sharks and there’s the possibility of seeing manta rays because they feed on the same thing and also, There might be dolphins or sailfish as well. So hopefully, I have my fingers crossed that we’re going to see lots of them today but we never know. Said if we have to go to the bathroom to do that on Isla Mujeres and there’s a good reason for that. There is one on the boat, they said it’s only for emergencies and you will not believe this thing. This is emergency only (Giggles) Better be an emergency. [Everyone Laughing] Woah, we’re not even moving yet and I’m almost falling. It totally varies how long it can take to get to the whale sharks, depending on where all their food is that day. In our case it took an hour and 20 minutes. I get seasick very easily, so I took a Dramamine before we went out. The moment we got out to open water, I knew it would have been game over if I hadn’t taken Dramamine. And I have been out on the ocean in a boat plenty of times and I’ve never gotten seasick. For about 90 minutes of the boat ride finding the whale sharks I was perfectly fine, but once we got there and the boat stopped and we were rocking back and forth and back and forth with these huge waves out there, I got so so so sick! So, for the love of God, take Dramamine. I’m serious, just do it. Trust me. Thank me later. Due to conservation efforts, rules that are put in place to protect the whale sharks, there could only be two people per boat diving with the whale sharks at any time. Once we got there, it was very frantic Once two people came back in the boat another two people were in the water. If you go on this tour, you won’t be swimming with the whale sharks for long, but once you get in the water… To the right, to the right. This way, this way! Swim, swim, swim! These whale sharks are awesome! They’re huge and graceful. It’s a super cool experience! Majestic is a word that comes to mind and gentle giant, it’s fantastic being near an animal this huge but also one that’s allowing you to coexist with it while it’s eating (Laughter) No less. I didn’t know whether these were whales or sharks but I can tell from their gills that they are definitely not whales. (Laughter) Once we jumped into the water though, it was pretty disorienting to know which way to go and also with the krill and plankton I don’t know which, it makes the water pretty cloudy. So, before you jump, I would recommend pinpointing exactly where the whale shark is, so you can kind of go after it, swim quickly in its direction. Be sure not to touch them though, the example they gave is that, when you’re sitting and you’re eating a meal and you’ve got mosquitoes flying around all over you, you’re kind of wanting to slap them away and it’s really annoying That’s probably how the whale sharks feel when there’s a whole bunch of humans swimming around them when they’re trying to eat. So, be respectful and don’t touch them. Admire them and be careful because with one flick of the fin they will be gone and whether you’re in the way or not. They don’t look fast, but even when they’re just slowly going, you have to swim as fast as you can to keep up with them…wearing flippers. (Laughter) Maddie and Jordan just saw the whale shark. Look it, Maddie’s still swimming after it; she’s going after it. We interrupt your regularly scheduled whale shark programming to give a quick Thank you to all of our Tangerineys on Patreon. You guys are the reason we were able to have awesome experiences like this; swimming with the whale sharks and showing you guys all about it on our channel. So, thank you, Thank you to our Patrons! We offer extra Tangerine Travels perks on Patreon. So, if you’re interested in things like exclusive updates about where we’re travelling next, you can join us on Patreon as well. We will put the link to that, down in the description. Isla Mujeres. After swimming with the whale sharks, we stopped here at Isla Mujeres, which is absolutely breathtaking! We need to come back here soon. Absolutely! And they made ceviche on the boat and it’s pretty good with like a peppery taste, unlike stuff I’ve had before. Come on Maddie, let’s shake that sickness off! Bombs away! [Laughter] All right, so we made it out alive. Maddie, 50% alive. (Laughter). She is 50% way better. She got a little sicky poo. A little. A little sicky poo. [Laughter] A little hurling over the side of the boat. Yeah, like 9 times. I know! My first three times swimming with the whale sharks, I got sick and I always strongly suggest to definitely bring Dramamine or take Dramamine for sure. I’m here with Maddie, the turtle. Turtle, turtle, turtle. (Maddie acting like a turtle) You gotta be careful because it’s mating season. (Laughter) It’s mating season. Jordan, where are you? [Laughter] We did see turtles mating on the way that’s why we’re saying this joke. [Laughter] And now, back to Cancun! The wind completely ruined this audio, so I’m just gonna dub Maddie. So this tour was SUPER awesome. Yes, I did get very, very seasick. Trisha: poor girl. So I 100% recommend you take Dramamine. Even if you feel tough enough, you’re NOT. (Laughter) That was freaking awful but the rest of it was cool, the whale sharks – amazing. The season’s from May 15th to September 15th, but I always suggest you wait a little bit later, because like today we probably saw over 40 or 50 whale sharks. Yeah, there were a lot! So, when you come earlier in the season there’s just not as many and they’re getting more like conservation efforts to like protect the animals. So uh-huh… it’s actually better to come later. Okay. Honestly. And thank you for getting us all set up with this. If you guys want to take this tour… High Five! What’s your website? It’s And we’ll put that in the description as well, so if I want to take this tour or a ton of other really cool ones, Trish is your go-to girl. Basically, it’s a list of tours that I recommend because I know you guys have a lot of options, I mean, there are so many options in the area. So what I’ve done is, just go on all the tours and I choose to support more local, no caged animals at all, like the dolphins and stuff like that and then we donate back to the community. So thank you for joining us. And next time we see you in Mexico, very soon I hope. Oh, yeah! That was a cool experience, I am glad we did that. Me too. And I really like going to Isla Mujeres afterwards too and getting that ceviche. That’s some place we’re going to have to go back to soon because that is beautiful. Yeah, so many people have recommended Isla Mujeres, we just have never made it there before. Please excuse Laska in the background. She is going to town on what rawhide treat of some kind or another. As soon as we turned the camera on she’s like… I’m going to interrupt this. (Giggles) But anyway, that wraps up our time in Puerto Morelos and we will be off to… as it turns out, three countries in one day. After this (unintentionally) I didn’t even realize that until it all happened, very tiring. So be sure to subscribe to our channel if you want to see future travel vlogs that we put out and share this with a friend that you think might want to see whale sharks. How cool was that? But one more thing… [Bells Ringing] Gong that bell! So you get notified the next time we put out a new video and we’ll see you soon.

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    I am pleased that you donned your life jacket. As a former US Coast Guardsman, I can tell you that "stowing" it "in case of an emergency" is akin to fastening your seat belt AS that car turns left in front of you. Because the boat appears to travel slowly, accidents are as rapid, make no mistake here. Good on you guys!!!

    A tip: if you get sick, close your eyes, and lay back and relax for a bit till your equilibrium in your inner ear returns. The sickness is caused by an argument between what you SEE and where your centre of gravity is. Also, look out at the horizon, and if you are able to stand, let your legs take up the rocking.

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  26. My wife and I have vacationed in Mexico, primarily on the Baja Peninsula. Our first two trips were relatively uneventful. BUT from that point on we have encountered several scams from being pulled over by the Policia for a traffic violation that never happened-we were told we had to pay 1500 pesos or we would have go to jail-we stopped to get gas at a pemex-after fueling a young man came out (wearing a shirt with a pemex logo on it)we paid him and started to leave when an older guy comes out and accuses us of trying to steal gas–we explained that we had already paid-he told us that no one like the person we described worked there. We just thought we needed to be more aware. The following year we went to Puerto Viallarta (sp) We went to one of the finest restaurants in the city had a truly awesome meal. Got back to our hotel were informed we had a message our bank called someone had tried to use our credit card number. There are several more incidents I won't bother to bore you with. Mexico is beautiful and most of the people are wonderful BUT things are getting worse for tourists

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    Check out how to use a lighter to hear the cork for 🍷!


  41. We were just in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum with our US families. Wow, we went to Isla Mujeres around the same time as you guys! There is a beautiful Island near Isla Mujeres named Contoy it is amazingly beautiful! Very, very private and a lot nicer than Isla Mujeres.

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