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Israel In Prophecy #3: Gary Fisher and David Reagan

Israel In Prophecy #3: Gary Fisher and David Reagan

This know also that in the last
days perilous times shall come. Evil men and seducers
shall wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived. But continue
in the Holy Scriptures which are able to make thee
wise unto salvation through
faith in Christ Jesus. Shalom and welcome
to our program. I’m Myles Weiss And I’m Katharine Weiss Today we are going to be
focusing on Israel in prophecy. The restoration of Israel
is a sign for us
of Jesus’ soon return. You know Myles
it says in Ezekiel 36 that He’s going to re-gather
the people back to their land that He promised them
and that He gave through
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Yes we’re in that land to stay according to Amos 9
and many other scriptures the gifts and callings
are without repentance and so the Jewish people
are in the land to stay, And yet nations are gathering
and looking towards Jerusalem and are looking for a battle
with the God of Israel. You know Joel 4:14 says… (Speaking Hebrew) “…the day of the LORD is near
in the valley of decision.” In today’s program we are going
to hear from two speakers from a
recent prophecy conference. And our staff theologian
Todd Baker interviewed them about Israel in prophecy and
the coming day of the LORD. So let’s go to those interviews. Well all of history’s destiny is wrapped up
in the future of Israel. And of course the Bible
makes it very plain that all things are headed
toward the redemption of Israel. Israel has lived
outside of her country in exile for 1900 years or so but the Bible makes it plain
that in the end days all the folks of the world is
going to go back to Israel and all the blessing
that God has available to Him will be wrapped up
in the glorification and the
re-unification of Israel. They are re-established
back in the land; God is now in the plan
to restore them and they are going to assume
all the blessings of God and become the head of the
nations like God intended for
them as a nation to begin with. So them being in that land
as we recognize today is just a sign that God is up;
God is moving and He is about to do
all the promises that He claimed that He was going to do
for the Jewish people and funnel the blessing of God
through them to the world. Romans
(chapters) 9, 10 and 11… I like to think of it
this way… Romans 9…Israel’s past Romans 10…Israel’s present Romans 11…Israel’s future Romans 11:25 a partial hardening
has happened to Israel. I’m glad the word “partial” is
used because if it were a full we wouldn’t have Peter, James,
John, Thaddeus, Bartholomew and the other writers
of the New Testament. They were all Jewish. Absolutely A partial hardening
has happened to Israel. And so we see
that partial hardening in play
throughout the history. But something
is about to break loose. And the Bible says
in Romans 11:25 that a partial hardening
has happened until… I love that word “until” because I have heard so many
sermons in my life there’s no future
for the land of Israel; there’s no future for the Jew. But the Bible
says “until” something. Until the fullness
of the Gentiles comes in and then “all”
Israel will be saved. WOW what other group of people
have been promised that and what other circumstances
could be better than the ones
that God describes after that? So we are looking at a situation
right now in the world today where God is starting to move
that partial hardening away. We have the birth
of the Messianic movement
at the turn of the 1900s. Yes Today there is over 100
Messianic congregations alone
in Israel and something like 500
in the world. The Jewish people
are starting to understand Yeshua was and is the Messiah. And I love the way
John the apostle put it… He was, He is,
and He is to come! And I cannot wait… I cannot wait. Well you’re so right. As you know I carry out
Gospel outreaches in Israel
three times a year and I would say 8 out of 10
Israelis that we witness to are very open
to the Gospel of Jesus and receiving the New Testament
with the Old Testament in Hebrew Well the greatest sign… if you’ll allow me some liberty
for a moment… the greatest sign in the world that God
is about to send the Messiah is the restoration of Israel. That’s right Ezekiel 36…I will take you
from the countries where you’ve
been scattered… I will bring you in to,
not somebody else’s land,
but into your own land… then I will sprinkle clean water
on you and you’ll be clean. God invented, if you will,
the Jewish nation to teach the world what it was
like to know a personal God. That was what they were
originally called to do… the priests, if you will. Right And God has gathered
the Jewish people back in
the land of Israel telling us as a sign that He is
going to start putting that plan
back into place. The Jewish people are going to
call on Him. They’re going to say
“Baruch “Haba B’ShemAdonai”… “Blessed is He who comes
in the name of the LORD” which brings
His physical return. And He is going to come with
all the power in the universe
and blessing. We’ve been operating under a
curse since the Garden of Eden. But Zechariah 14 says in that
day the curse will be lifted and all the power
in the universe will be
turned into blessing. The Jewish people are front
and center of all of that plan. And them being in the land today is a sign that God
is about to install that plan
and I cannot wait. It’s an indisputable sign. That’s why you’ve got
some of these denominations
in the church who want to divest themselves
from Israel and deny that modern day Israel
is a fulfillment of prophecy when it so clearly is. Amen And to deny that to me is just
the height of blindness really. I think another thing
that’s worthy of mentioning is that what this world needs
is a king. We’ve got Democrats…
Republicans…Socialites… We’ve got Communists… We’ve got every kind of… Political party Political variety
you can dream of We have never tried a theocracy. We are getting ready
to endure… enjoy is a better word… a theocracy. Jesus is coming and He is coming
according to Zechariah 14:9 to become King
over the whole earth. And guess what? He is a Jewish Rabbi. We are going to have
a Jewish Rabbi who is King
over the whole earth. The Bible
will be the constitution. The whole world will
start the day with Bible study
with this Yeshua teaching. And I cannot wait brother. I just can’t wait. I’m excited. You can see that I think. Absolutely You know Isaiah 2, the law will
go forth from Jerusalem and it will be a universal law,
a global law and there will be
no supreme court to say you can’t bring the scriptures
in the public arena. Right? Amen When that
“Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai”
statement is made all the cursing that’s in the
universe right now will break
out on the earth in blessing. All the power of earthquakes,
tornados, whatever you can dream
of in cursing; all of that power will be turned
into blessing on the world. The curse will be lifted. It’ll be like a
renewed Garden of Eden all over
when Messiah reigns on earth. Amen Today would be good with me. Yeah…absolutely! I’ll tell the theological
brothers I’ll skip the rapture
and the tribulation. Just get me the King in here. What the world needs is a King. Amen Well for the last 2,000 years
the re-establishment of Israel has to be the greatest
fulfillment of prophecy since the time
of Jesus’ first coming. Wouldn’t you agree? Absolutely Ezekiel 33 talks about the
dispersion of the Jewish people
from the land of Israel. Seemingly all hope was gone
for the Jewish nation. God said in Ezekiel 34, I’m going to bring you back
to the land… I’m not going to
leave you dispersed… I’m going to bring you back. Ezekiel 35 it talks about Arabs are mad about Jewish
people being back in the land. But Ezekiel 36 says,
I’m going to bless the land… I’m going to bring the
tourists there…the passers-by and they are going to come and
say this land has become like
the Garden of Eden. Mark Twain went to Israel
in 1867. Reflecting back on Ezekiel 33, God said I will take you from
the land…desolate the land. In 1867 Mark Twain went there
and gave testimony in his diary
“Innocence Abroad.” He said the place is totally
desolate…totally desolate. That’s right…no life anywhere. He wrote perhaps there are
more rocks on the road in the
approach to Jerusalem than there are in the
surrounding country side. Today Israel is one of few
net food exporting countries
in the world in just over 100 years since
Mark Twain wrote that. (Todd Speaking)
I think they’re like
3rd in the world aren’t they? (Gary speaking)
I’ve read in the top 5. I don’t know about that
but I’ve read in the top 5. And I do know that every single
year they are breaking export
records and that is a total… So Ezekiel 36 is literally
coming to pass through that. 36 and then we have 37
the valley of dry bones where the average Jewish person
is not in belief in God. But that’s
getting ready to change. Then we have 38 where
the great war of Gog and Magog. Then we have 39 with
the further description of that. And in chapter 40
breaks forth in glory brother,
the return of Messiah. And the millennial Kingdom And then the millennial Kingdom
in which He is King of Kings
and LORD of Lords. You know as a Jewish person it’s
so exciting to hear a preacher
say “Baruch Haba b’Shem Adonai”; that my Jewish people will
cry out for the LORD to come, “Blessed is He who comes
in the name of the LORD.” And we’re getting close
to that day we know that. And Yeshua Himself
He said in Luke 21:28, “when you see these things
come to pass, look up, because
your redemption draws nigh.” And that’s the season
that we’re in. Right, we’re in a time
of shaking and we’re in the
birth pangs but there’s a great joy that
awaits all of us and it’s the
joy of His return. And so as you continue to view
with us just rejoice and know
that God is soon coming. Don’t look at all
the headlines and the woes
that are coming on the earth but know that there’s a great
promise that God’s ordained for you to be part with Him
in these last days. We’ll be back after this. Hello, I’m Wayne Fornier and I’ve been a supporter
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life-changing experience. You know we’re continuing our
story of Israel in prophecy. And Dr. David Reagan was
interviewed by Todd Baker
recently. And he has been the
minister of Lion and Lamb
ministry for years. He’s been on radio and TV
for many, many years. He gives us some interesting
insight about where we are
in time. So let’s go to that right now. Jesus Himself said I will not
return until the Jewish people
are willing to say, “Baruch Haba b’Shem Adonai”… “Blessed is He who comes
in the name of the LORD”. So His return to this earth
is waiting for that moment
and I can hardly wait. It’s going to be
an exciting moment. I’m with you on that. You know Tim LaHaye has said
that Israel is the super sign
of the end times. So if anyone has any doubts
about the veracity of the Bible
as you’ve long taught one only has to look
at the miraculous re-gathering
of Israel…Right? Well yes Israel is very
important in the end time. The Bible focuses on
Israel in the end times and talks about many prophecies
that will be fulfilled among the
Jewish people in the end times. One would be the re-gathering
of the Jewish people in unbelief from the four corners of the
earth which started in the 1890s
and is continuing to this day. I mean there were only 40,000
Jews in all of Israel in 1900 and today
there is over 6 million, as many as were killed
in the holocaust. And then the Bible prophesizes
that the State of Israel will be
re-established and it was on May 14,1948. It prophesizes
that Jews will get back into
the City of Jerusalem. On June 7, 1967 that happened. It prophesizes in 2 places
that I know of that the speech, the pure speech
of the Hebrew people will be
revived in the end times. And most people
are not aware of the fact that when they were scattered
all over the world they stopped
speaking Hebrew. The Jews in Europe took Hebrew
and mixed it with German and
came up with Yiddish. And Jews in the
Mediterranean basin took Hebrew and they
mixed it with Spanish and they
came up with Latino. And by the time
of the 20th century they began
going to a synagogue. And hearing the Rabbi
read from the scriptures would be like going to a
Catholic mass and listening to a
priest read in Latin. Good analogy. But there was a man who God
raised up from Lithuania who had this vision
of reviving Biblical Hebrew. No language like that
had ever been revived
from the dead again. And that was Eliezer Ben-Yehuda. Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and he
came down with tuberculosis
in his early twenties and was given
only a few months to live and he said; well I’m going to
die in my homeland. So he went to Jerusalem
of all places which was an incubator
of disease at that time
but he lived. He lived till 1922 and
he revived the Hebrew language
from the dead. And this has
never been done before. A Greek person today can’t read
the writings of Homer unless
they’re an academic expert. But I was recently at the Dead
Sea Scrolls museum in Israel and I was telling the group
about it. We turned around
to walk away and heard somebody
speaking in Hebrew and I turned around and there
was a boy about 12 years old and he had a pointer and he was
pointing at the Isaiah scroll
and reading it. (Todd speaking)
Fantastic (Dr. Reagan speaking)
Yes…probably preparing for his
bar mitzvah. And I thought what a miracle
that God said He would do it
and He did it. But there are many other
prophesies about Israel
in the end times such as the military
will have a resurgence. The military was very great
under David and Solomon. But there would be a resurgence
of the military. In fact in Zechariah 12 it says
that in the end times that Israel’s military will be
like David and his Goliath. It will consume
all those round about it. They’ll be supernatural
in its power. And we’ve seen that happen as
Israel is one of the smallest
nations in the world… the size of New Jersey and yet
it’s ranked in the top 15 and often in the top 10 military
powers of the world and they usually rank it
number 1 in the effective use
of its power. That has to be a miracle of God. And the other prophecy
I would mention is that it says in the end times
that the whole world would come
against Israel and primarily
over the issue of Jerusalem. And that’s
where we are right now. Certainly is The whole world is focused
on Jerusalem. Jerusalem has more
international correspondence than any other city
in the world. And it’s because the world
is focused on Jerusalem. So end time prophecy
is very much focused on the
Jewish people. And when we see
all these things happening we can know
that we are living in the season
of the LORD’s return. Nobody knows the date when Jesus
is going to come back or when the rapture of the
church is going to occur but I’ll tell you this you can know
that you’re in the season when you see
all of these things happening. Our offer on this program… The DVD series
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for your partnership. Let’s go back to our interview
with Dr. David Reagan. With Iran now this… they’re becoming
more and more of a menace and then here we have this
recent deal that the Whitehouse
struck with Iran The deal with the devil Yes And a sellout of Israel. It’s the ultimate sellout. It all began with
the first Bush administration when we forced Israel
into the Madrid conference and said you must
start trading land for peace or you will not get
our guarantee for a loan
from the World Bank that they desperately needed
to deal with all of the influx
of refugees from Russia. And so we forced them to start
giving away land for peace and as anybody knows
who knows history a policy of appeasement
is a self-defeating policy. When you try to appease an
aggressor all you do is
wet their appetite and make them to want more
and more and more. And that’s what’s been going on and we’ve had Israel’s arm
on the back up to their neck forcing them every
step of the way in this
land for peace nonsense and what has it resulted in? They give up the Gaza strip the
Gaza strip becomes a launching
place for missiles… it doesn’t work. And the only thing the Arabs
will recognize is power… they recognize power. Let me give you an example
of what I’m talking about. And that is that in 1967
when the Jews won the 1967 war the Arabs expected the Jews
to do to the Arab sector
of old Jerusalem exactly what they had done to
the Jewish sector. When they conquered the Jewish
sector in 1949 they blew it up, burned it to the ground, destroyed the entire thing; destroyed all the synagogues. They expected the Jews to do the
same thing in the Arab order and they expected them
to blow up the mosque,
the mosque of Omar, which is really not a mosque
but the Dome of the Rock. Well the Jews didn’t do that. They said we want to show you
that we want to live in peace
with you. And we want to show you that by we’re not going to touch
the Arab quarter, we’re not going
to do anything to it and we’re going to let you have
administrative control over the
Dome of the Rock. Now, from the Arab mentality
that is a sign of weakness… these are weak people… they didn’t do what we did… they don’t have the will to
deal with their enemy like we do and sooner or later
we will conquer them. Yeah and the only peace
the Arabs want is Israel piece by piece. Well that’s true. You know I think
the best summary of the whole
Middle East situation is if the Arabs were to disarm
there would be peace in the
Middle East. If Israel were to disarm
Israel would cease to exist. Right, Golda Meir even said that Israel is not the aggressor… they’re not the aggressor
in the Middle East… they want to live in peace and
they’ve done everything they can They have humanistic leaders who
believe with all their heart if they will be kind to
their enemy the enemy will be
kind to them because they believe in
the basic goodness of man. And the Bible says
it doesn’t exist… man is basically evil
and you’ve got to deal with
that evil nature. And as long as… The leaders of Israel
have been very deceived and self-deception is the
greatest deception of all. And they truly believe if they
will just do what the western
world wants them to do and they will also at the same
time be very kind and gentle and
loving toward the Arab people then everything will be okay. And it doesn’t work… it won’t work. No and they can never
satisfy the west. Whatever they give them
the west will want more and more until finally
Israel does not exist. They’ve got to dig in. Take for example
the situation with Iran. The whole world is saying to
Israel we’ve got to be patient,
you’ve got to be patient, you… Well hey you’re sitting here
with a guy who is saying the moment that we get the
nuclear weapon we’re going to
drop it on Israel. (Todd speaking)
They said that after
the supposed deal with
the Whitehouse. I know…I know…and you’ve got
a tiny nation. All you got to do is hit Tel Avi
and you destroy the nation… I mean the winds are going to
take it to Jerusalem. And people
don’t understand that. So what nation in the world… what nation in the world
would sit there and say well we’re just going
wait and see what happens. Any other nation would
attack a pre-emptive attack
and destroy them. Long ago…absolutely But if Israel does Israel will be condemned by
every nation in the world just as they were
when they destroyed the reactor
in Iraq in 1981. They destroyed it and the whole
world condemned them and the
United Nations condemned them. Ten years later the whole world
said whew, we sure are glad they
destroyed that nuclear weapon. They will be saying the same
when they strike against Iran. And you know
the interesting thing about that
as you well know is most of the Arab world
is Sunni Muslim and they’re just as frightened
of Iran as Israel is. Yeah, Saudi Arabia… Yeah and working behind the
scenes they’re encouraging
Israel to do something. That’s right America obviously is morally
drifting further and further
away from God. They’re beginning
to turn from Israel. Where do you see
this country going within the context of end time
Bible prophecy Dr. Reagan? This nation is literally begging
for the judgment of God. And the Bible teaches that when
a nation has been blessed like
our nation has been blessed that God expects us
to respond with gratitude,
with faith, with love. Instead we have responded
in pride and we have shaken our
fist at God. We have a president
of the United States ever since he has been in office
every June has issued a proclamation celebrating
lesbianism, homo-sexuality,
bi-sexual, transgendered…. Which is condemned
in Romans 1 among other passages
in God’s Word. I see the message every year
when he issues that proclamation but this last time
I decided to get sarcastic. I sent him an email message
and I said Mr. President you say you believe
in equality, you believe
in non-discrimination. Why are you discriminating
in your proclamation? Why did you not include
prostitutes and fornicators Good point I mean if we’re going to
celebrate immorality we might as well
celebrate all of it. But we are literally begging
for the judgment of God and the Bible teaches that when
a nation does that God will raise up
prophetic voices in the nation to call the nation
to repentance and He’s been doing that
for some time now through people
like Dave Wilkerson and now through people
like Jonathan Kahn and others who are calling
this nation to repentance. And then it says that if the
prophetic voices are ignored He will then put remedial
judgments upon the nation. And He has been putting
remedial judgments upon us
ever since the Viet Nam war one after another after another. And it says that if we ignore
those then we cross a line where He delivers us
from judgment to destruction. Yeah And that’s where we are. And what’s going to happen
I don’t know. It could be a terrorist attack. We’re very open to that; are borders are so vulnerable
and people coming in and you know somebody get on a
big building in New York and
dump a box of anthrax. I mean…and so many things
that could happen… float in a cargo ship with an
atomic bomb on it… there’s so many things
that could happen. Terrorist attack… it could be just the moral
rottenness of our nation
that we just collapse from that. It could be
an attack from abroad. It could be
a combination of those. I’m hoping and I’m praying
that it’ll be the rapture
of the church because if the rapture occurs
this nation will just simply… We have more born again
Christians than any other nation
in the world and this nation
in a matter of hours would have
to be under martial law. And probably
get into the European Union
in order to survive. I don’t know what it’ll be
but this nation is begging for
the judgment of God. I agree with you totally. I tell you one thing… I said years ago in 2003… I said I think it will be
an economic collapse because
our god is money. And our God is a jealous God and
when we make god our money I
think He’ll destroy the dollar. As you can hear
from that interview we are
living in perilous times but we’re not without hope. You know the Bible
is full of hope. It’s a story that begins with a
wedding and ends with a wedding. It’s always about intimacy. It’s always about God wanting
to draw you into a relationship
with Himself. And He’s done that with Israel. He’ll continue to do that
with Israel. He wants to do it personally
with us as well. Yeah, absolutely, you know we’re
living in perilous times but we’re not
living in times that we can be
just absolutely afraid. We have a hope where there’s a
hope of our salvation. There’s a hope that’s greater. It’s an anchor. It takes us beyond
what the natural sees
into the eternal realm. And it’s a fresh surrender
to Jesus. And I know that I myself and
Myles and I are making a fresh
surrender each and every day to make sure there’s nothing
that’s holding us back from that high calling
that’s in Christ Jesus. There’s a call that takes us
beyond this realm into a
heavenly realm. And when we make that surrender;
when we surrender to Him and His
call in our life and we let go of this world and
the desires of this world our life affects others for
the benefit and for a blessing. And I know
that’s your heart desire so I just encourage you
to make that fresh surrender
today to the LORD and I know He’ll take whatever
care that you have and whatever
concern that you have and He’ll give you a hope. It’s all true folks. And we always like to close our
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  1. So much for believing in God. Jews don't believe in Him or Jesus and Christians don't seem to understand the problem. Christians make me sick because they have absolutely no clue who Jesus really is.

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