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Italian Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 757

Italian Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 757

Hi guys! I’m Laura Vitale, and on this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen I want to share with you one of my favorite, favorite, favorite
childhood dishes that we make here so much during the hot months and it’s my Tuna Pasta
Salad. There is no mayo involved, it has got a lot of flavor going on, and it’s just really,
really easy. I want to share it with you, and I’m really excited. I’m going to take
you over the ingredients so we can get started! You will need some finely chopped red onion,
I’ve got some grape tomatoes that I halved and some that I’ve quartered. I’ve got some
chopped, pitted Kalamata olives, fresh parsley, some arugula. You’ll need some short cut pasta
of your choice, I’m using bow-tie because that’s what I like. Then I’ve got a tuna steak
here that I’ll talk about in a minute. I also have some lemon here, some garlic, peppercorns,
additional parsley. You’ll need an additional lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper. Extra virgin
olive oil, salt and pepper. That’s it. Now, truth be told, when I was growing up my mom,
and even I very, very often make this dish using really good quality Italian tuna that’s
canned in olive oil. That’s the only tuna I really use, but for special occasions, and
when I can get my hands on a really nice tuna steak, I like to get the tuna steak, poach
it and then flake it in there. It just kind of elevates the dish a little tiny bit, and
it makes it a little touch, I guess, like a touch more special, if you would. But, you
can use absolutely canned tuna and it would be fabulous, but I wanted to poach a tuna
steak today just to show you how you can take it and make it a tad more special, perfect
for having, maybe, a lunch or something and you’re inviting people over, you want to make
this but you want to make it seem a little bit fancier, then you would use a tuna steak.
Now, what I have here is some water coming up to a simmer, and in that water I’m going
to add my lemon. I’m just going to slightly squeeze that. Then I’m going to add parsley,
and this is the poaching liquid for the tuna, peppercorns. We’re going to need to add some
salt, and then we’re going to need to add just a small, small drizzle of olive oil.
I’m going to let that come to a simmer, it will take just a few more minutes. In the
meantime make sure that you get a big pot, fill it with water, generous sprinkling of
salt, and bring that to a boil. While that’s coming to a boil and this is coming to a simmer,
we are just going to toss together our ingredients, which I already have chopped just to make
life a little bit easier, but I am going to take my arugula and give this a fine chop
as well so that it can run through the salad a bit easier, almost like an herb, almost
like a parsley, but just a bit more peppery and it’s got a bit more attitude, I guess
you could say. I’m just going to add that in there, and now we’re going to dress it
really simply with olive oil, salt and pepper. These are the flavors I grew up eating, so
by all means you can add any vegetables you want in here, this is just what I’m adding
because that’s what I’m used to eating. So, let’s just season this a bit with some salt
and pepper. Then we’ll add in just a squeeze, I’m actually going to use a whole lemon. Start
with half, and go from there. If you like things as lemony as I do, then add the whole
thing. But, if you don’t then just start with half, taste it, and then go from there. I’m
just going to give this a toss in one minute, I’m going to set this aside. My poaching liquid
is up to a good simmer, and I’m going to take my tuna steak-which is so beautiful-I’m going
to plop that in there, and I’m going to let this poach for about ten minutes to fifteen
minutes or until it flakes beautifully. In about five minutes, so when this has a good
ten minutes left – eight or nine minutes, maybe – I’m going to add my pasta to the boiling
water. I don’t want to add it now because then otherwise it’ll be done, which doesn’t
really matter because we’re going to rinse it under cold water to stop it from cooking
anyway, but just being a little bit pre cautious. You know, I want things to get done at the
same time. I’m just going to toss this together, and I did decide to go for a rough chop on
my arugula. I meant to say my parsley is a bit more finely chopped, but I’m going to
leave my arugula a bit more coarse. Okay, that looks magnificent and smells even better.
I’m going to keep my eye on this baby and let that poach beautifully, add my pasta to
the boiling water, and then I’m going to drain it and then I’ll meet you back here when this
is done and the pasta is cooked! My pasta cooked for about nine minutes, and then I
drained it and rinsed it really well under cold water to stop it from cooking further.
I took my tuna steak out of the poaching liquid, which had the lemon, peppercorns, and I did
have some garlic in there as well. I’m not so sure that I mentioned it. All I’m doing
right now is just kind of flaking it apart with my forks, which it’s just really easy
to do. I like to leave some larger chunks in there. I don’t like to, kind of, mush it
all up into a paste. I like to leave it pretty nice and chunky. I tasted the tuna steak,
it’s beautifully seasoned. I tasted the pasta, it’s lovely and just perfectly salted. We
have the dressing here that’s salted, so we are in business! You want to make sure every
layer of your dish is individually seasoned so that when you bring it all together and
you’re taking a bite, it’s not like you have the pasta that’s really salted and everything
else bland because you will tell a difference, I can guarantee you that. All I’m doing now,
is just carefully, mixing this all up and giving it a stir. You can see the tuna is
really lovely and it’s in large chunks, some are smaller, some are bigger but you’ll be
able to see the tuna. By all means, guess what, if you don’t want to use tuna at all,
great veggie pasta salad as-is. You don’t have to add the tuna, add extra veggies. This
is very, very standard for me, something I grew up eating, so this is how I kind of always
make it. Sometimes, sometimes, I’ll use green onions instead of red onions, but I prefer
the red onions. I’m just going to give this a taste, because my mouth is salivating now.
Let me get the tuna, the pasta, tomato. That is perfect. Absolutely perfect. You could
serve it as-is right now and it would be delicious, but do what I’m going to do. I’m just going
to cover this and pop it into the fridge for twenty minutes and it will be perfect. But
you could absolutely eat it now, but I think that once it’s in the fridge and everything
cools down together, all the flavors blend. That is about it! I hope you have enjoyed
spending time with me recreating this old childhood classic. Let me know some of your
childhood classics that you would like to see me recreate. As always, this recipe will
be on and I will see you next time. Bye, bye!

71 comments on “Italian Tuna Pasta Salad Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 757

  1. Hi Laura! Everything you make resembles recipes from my mom and Nonna. You are an amazing cook! Something I would love to see on Laura in the Kitchen would be a baked gnocchi dish. I only ever eat gnocchi in a tomato sauce, so it would be nice to learn how to make a baked version of gnocchi OR even a pan seared crispy version of the dish!

  2. This would be lovely with salmon instead of tuna, in England we call the salad leaf you use Rocket ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. lovely!
    when i was little i remember my mum making pizza toasts or pizza pockets all the time! i want to see your version laura!

  4. Seems like it's too good that she mumbles most of her words pretty much!! haha!
    Great recipe, Laura. Thanks for sharing xx

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  7. The flavors don't "blend" by sitting in the fridge. It just tastes better when it's chilled. You can say it.

  8. Can't wait to try this, perfect cold lunch for work in the summer! Thank you so much for all you do, you help and inspire people more than you know ๐Ÿ™‚ Catherine in Ireland

  9. I prefer mine sour, more lemony the better lol, btw Laura how much for the tuna steak for this recipe?

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  11. Laura; I love your video's but if I like a recipe I like to print off a copy. The only problem is that when I print it I can hardly read it as the print is so light. It's not my printer as it prints everything else just fine. Thank you for your attention to this problem. Bruce

  12. I made it and it was soooooo delcious although in ten yrs old doesnt mean that i cant make Laura Vitales Tuna salad! I used some mayo and with no pasta its like HEAVEN!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

  13. Hi Laura, just wanted to let you know that I made this for lunch today and my boys (3 and 2 year old) finished their plates. Tonight, I'll be making your beef Wellington ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for your recipes, I find them really easy to follow. It makes my busy life so much easier

  14. I made this when I was in Melbourne though I left out the tuna and made it a complete veggie pasta and it was amazing!!! I added sliced capsicums and used a ton more veggies and it was spectacular. Thanks for all your recipes! <3

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