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100 comments on “Italians Try Pasta From Olive Garden

  1. Try New York style pizza many Italians went to little Italy when they immigrated from Italy, pizza is very good

  2. Every Italian I know moans about Italian food abroad. Trust me I've had some rubbish food in Italy not all is good.

  3. ive had italian food in Italy and ,,seriously italian americans do it better. .(than people who live in italy) im sorry but i cant deal with crunchy pasta

  4. Did she say I'm from balogna the capital of pasta?

    U know Italy is a heavy food culture if they can say stuff like this

    To quote Shaq

    Dats tuff

  5. I'm half italian olive garden isn't that bad its better then some places and some places are better than olive garden

  6. Any grown folks recognize Roberta's shirt from a certain 80s US music video? With her short hair I wonder if that was some sort of homage.

  7. "I don't really know how I'm gonna swallow even a fork of it without a quarter of – liter of red wine."
    The most Italian thing I've ever heard in my life.

  8. Fettuccine alfredo was made by your great-great-great grandparents who immigrated to the states and didnt have italian ingredients on-hand, so they used what was available to them, naturally making the dish Italian-American. Respect what your peoples did and how they learned to survive. And learn your GOT DAMN, MO'FUCKIN HISTORY, twats. they're just pretentious azz Italians.

  9. I had the worst food in Italy made by older women. Just because it is made by Italians doesn't mean the good is good

  10. I love how the Olive Garden Commercials say, "Our Chefs study in Italy to make Authentic food to make for your families, blah, blah, blah". Then someone from Italy tries it and says "WTF this is not Italian"! I think the quality of the bread sticks have really gone down. mine always taste freezer burned. Glad to see that there are some Italians that don't want to burn the place down.

  11. Oof. Can GrubHub delivery the Italian on the left? My late Nanna warned me about Italian men ..god I hope it’s all true.

  12. God I love these real Italians! I love the Nona story, and I love how chefs in Italy care that much about the food they serve. Love it. I can’t wait to one day visit Italy and finish every last bite of every delicious plate.
    Though I’m pretty surprised at how little they hated the food from Olive Garden. I couldn’t stand it since I was a child.

  13. I'm sorry but this Italian Youtube channel called Italia Squisita and a well known Italian chef Max Mariola have made videos on fettuccine alfredo. Like you said, Italian cuisine varies from region to region. Don't think I want to trust two edgy millenials from the same region over respected people in the culinary industry.

  14. I'm watching 2 guys really 1 wants to be a woman…but like olive garden look at eyes and lip and eyebrow movement tells diff cause when taste of food they like but that American standard comes with hate

  15. I’ve always wondered with these kinda videos how fresh can the food rlly be?? Like is it cold when they get it?

  16. Fettuccine Alfredo esistono a Roma nel ristorante di Alfredo ma gli americani non sanno come preparare il piatto.

  17. Fettuccine Alfredo actually did originate in Rome. It was created by Alfredo Di Lelio in 1914. BUT his creation consisted simply of noodles, butter and Parmesan, with the butter and Parmesan creating a natural sauce…unlike here where we have distorted his creation by adding cream!

  18. I don’t care what anyone says Olive Garden is the Bomb and will always be it’s so dam good especially the bread sticks oooo

  19. Hahah when Fettuccine Alfredo is a real Italian dish obviously it might just be from the north. (It should be made of water, butter and Parmesan)

  20. These people arent italian, where is the constant ohs and ayes ?where is the exagerrated hand gestures ? why they dont say capiche ? Gtfoh buzzfeed with your fake ass italians

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