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It’s American Pie!!! w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & Darren Brand | Basic to Bougie (Season 2)

It’s American Pie!!! w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & Darren Brand | Basic to Bougie (Season 2)

– [Producer] Marker. – C’mon, let’s start it
off with a candid laugh. (laughter) What’s up y’all, welcome back to,
– What’s happenin’? – Hey! – What is this? – [Both] Basic to Bougie! – Yeah, yeah. (farting sound) – I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – I’m Darren “Big Baby” Brand. – You know what it is, we
try three different versions of a food and try to figure
out what is the cheapest and what is the most expensive. To establish that sometimes, the bougie-est food can be basic. – Or, that the most
basic food can be bougie. – Yep. – C’mon now, let’s do it.
– Let’s get it. Ooh! – Don! If y’all don’t know, Dequan, he’s gone. We went Dominican. Don! – Dominican. (singing along to Spanish music) Damn! I know what it is, I smelled, why are you touchin’,
– This is, it’s a Turkey leg. This is a honey baked ham. – There is no reason for you to touch me. – Oh, what is this? – [Darren] Tim, I know what this is. – Oh! – I know what this is. – Wait, let me. – The good old American pie. – Oh! – Made with, – Uh huh.
– Did you put your fingers in? – I did. Yeah. (sexy music) Yeah. – [Darren] That’s so inappropriate. – Yeah. – Yeah. – Yeah. – This is a family show. American Pie! – [Tim] I’m so excited. – I love when we get to jump into sweets, but I didn’t know that pie was basic. I think that pies is a form of delicacy. – Where you come from. (cowboy standoff music) Not Africa, North Carolina. – Okay, I was like. (laughs) You a’ight, my (mumbles). Listen, which you want to go first? – [Tim] Let’s start with
the lemon meringue pie. – [Darren] Yeah, this
looks, it looks okay. Mm. It’s good, but it’s just. – It’s a’ight. – Yeah, it’s, it’s like Jello. – Oh, it’s kinda extra lemony,
a little too lemony for me. – Mm, oh, wait a minute, mm, oh dog! – What? – You know how you, that bite? – It hits you in the,
and it, you start, yeah. – It hits you in the back jaw? – Feel that tingle? Mm, I’m good on that. – Yeah, no. – I don’t wanna keep tasting that. – This is gonna be hard, ’cause
none of them look the same. – [Tim] This one got
the, (explosion noise). – [Darren] Torch? Little burnt? (explosion noise) I’m jumpin’ in with the, (explosion noise) – Yeah yeah. That’s a sweet, – That is thick, boy. – sweet, thick, chocolatey. (laughs) – That’s me, that’s what it is.
– Yeah. That’s me. (explosion noise) – Let me take, let me get
some of this crust real quick. – Ooh, is that marshmallow-y? – Yeah, marshmallow dawg! Mm.
– Is that cookie crust? – [Tim] Tastes like a
brownie on the crust. – Mm. – Damn, oh you love that one! (talking with mouth full) – You say what? – I put the pie slice. – Uh, okay. – Let’s try this? – Let’s do it. – [Darren] Is this peach? I don’t like peach, hmm-mm. – Yeah it’s a, it’s like a,
– Hm-mm, no. – this one looks fancy,
but once you get into it it’s like,
– [Darren] No, ugh, that’s not it, that ain’t it. Stop eatin’ it! – I wanna just, get a flavor! – Once you can tell from
the first five seconds, huh! or ugh, you can tell. – Yeah, it wasn’t.
– I’m good! Let’s get to it. – I wasn’t a fan of that. – That wasn’t good at all. This is tough. We not gonna get in
trouble if we lose, right? We don’t lose our jobs? (playful orchestral music) All right, let’s do it. – So, we hated this one. – Hated it. – [Tim] It just tasted, – [Darren] Like the cheapest. – [Tim] Yeah, the cheapest. – I think this is the most expensive. – [Tim] Yeah, this in terms of quality. – And the torch, if it gets burnt, that’s a extra six dollars. – Then you gotta do a extra step. – Yeah, that’s a extra. – Definitely. – [Darren] Cheapest.
– [Tim] Uh-huh. – [Darren] Middle-est.
– [Tim] Yes. – [Darren] Expensivelest-est.
– [Tim] Damn. – Don! – Don Quixote! (laughter) (drumroll) Damn, we (bleep) up. – Shut up. – I swear. – Off the first one? – [Tim] Off the very first one. – There’s no way, bro. – [Tim] Lemon meringue pie,
five dollars, cheapest. Second one, farmers
market, peach blueberry. S’mores pie, forty dollars. – [Darren] Forty? – [Tim] Forty dollars. – Two twenties! – Damn. – You’re supposed to know sweets, bro. If you’re over 200 pounds,
you’re supposed to know sweets. – You are failing your people right now. Not the black ones, but the big ones. – Yeah, like cute and pleasant. Festively plump.
– Festively plump. – I’m sorry y’all, to the 200-plus guys. I’m lettin’ us down, bro. – [Tim] So now it’s time for
the bougie part of the show, and somethin’ ain’t right. Everybody behind the camera,
– Because, everyone behind the camera
is (bleep) laughing, like, dyin’ like.
– Just really, really giddy. – Like what the?
– Hmm. – What kind, what are
we about to walk into? – Only one thing to do. – Every warning I got as a
black person in a scary movie is like yeah, they ’bout to take us out. (laughter) – [Tim] Come to us, Don. – Donathan! Don Don! – Don DeMarco! Wait, I smell it. – [Darren] What is it? – [Tim] Smells meaty. – [Darren] Meaty? – [Tim] I feel it, what is this? What is this? (gasps) – Shut the fuck up, is this a fish? Oh no, it’s a (bleep) fish! – [Tim] Oh, I was touchin’
it’s mouth and (bleep) – It’s a live dead fish! I’m not too upset about
this, ’cause I’ve been known to eat a little fish every now and then. – You nasty. Me too. – We know you do. (laughs) – Let’s do it, what you
want to, well off the rip, that’s got to be the most
expensive, ’cause it’s live dead. – Feel like it depends on
what kind of fish it is though too.
– But then again, this might of came out
of the Hudson River. (laughs) Spot it came right out where the plane was when Sully landed it. – Well we got the, like
the salmon here, right? – Sal-mon? – Sa-mon. You say sal-mon? – Sal-mon. – Sa-mon – Sa-mon, there it is! (bleep) Salmon, Salmon. – [Tim] Let’s go with that one. (playful jazz music) That one’s good. – It is. – Yeah, like smoked salmon. – Yeah. – Word, yeah, that’s bomb.
– Wow. This is gon’ be tough. – Mm, oh, mm.
– That’s good! That’s fresh out the ocean. – Mmhmm. Oh wow, salty. – Wow, it’s good right? – Mmhmm, that’s really good. – All right, I’m goin’. – It almost tastes like ham,
that’s what’s crazy about it. Ham-on. – Ham-on.
– Ham-on. – Hish. – What? – Fish, ham, hish!
– Yeah, I got it. – [Darren] Bones in it, be careful. – [Tim] Yeah, oh yeah. – Mm.
– Mmhmm. (coughing) – This is good. – Mm, that’s really good. (coughs) – You know what that noise sound like? – Hmm, I don’t! (laughs) Oh, now I do. (laughs) – This is good! – [Tim] Wow, that’s really tasty. Mm, wow. – [Darren] What you think of them? – [Tim] Damn. – Expensive? – Yeah.
– Off the reel. – I thought they were
tryin’ to throw us off just givin’ us a whole fish,
but it’s actually really good. – It’s actually cooked,
you can see the seasoning. – I say the regular-ass
lox and bagels salmon is the cheapest one. – Okay, cheapest. Middle-est. – Yeah, I like that.
– [Darren] Let’s do it. Don! (singing along to Spanish music) – [Tim] He’s like, I don’t
even like that music. (laughs) Oh yeah. Ready for this? Norwegian smoked salmon. Eight dollars a pound.
– [Darren] My boy! – Ugh, whole smoked brook
trout, fifteen dollars a pound. Middle-tier, damn. And sablefish, 52 dollars a pound! They threw us off, man. – I’ll take that though, I’ll take that. Because we was on the same page. – Yeah. – And we don’t really
know, it’s nobody’s fault. – We did okay. – We did good. – And, (talking with mouth full) mm. – Give me the bones.
– It’s really good! (coughs) – Basic to bougie, man. – Basic to bougie, hey. What’d you do? – Huh? – Cut. (laughing)

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