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It’s hard to complain about Salmon Camp

Twenty years ago a leader in environmental education was born… Salmon Camp. Salmon Camp is kind of a place to go out in nature and kinda learn about like…stuff in nature. It’s this camp where you learn about nature and salmon and the salmon life cycle. We get to do a lot of art and we get to do a lot of fun stuff We get to do a lot of games. Salmon Camp is a program for students from kindergarten through seventh and eighth grade and it’s an opportunity for students mostly in Kodiak to get to experience and learn more about their own backyards A normal day at salmon camp consists of a lesson about the natural world, keeping a nature journal, making art, playing games outside and going on field trips. Other activities: Salmon campers get to hike, tidepool and visit archaeological digs and learn about fisheries research. Things like salmon camp are important because they make learning about science and the environment fun for young people. Through games songs and art Salmon Campers become experts on things like the salmon life cycle and the carbon cycle. I didn’t know about carbon. It’s in everything and before the industrial revolution it was mostly in the ground and water and then it got stuck in the atmosphere because cars and trains and buildings came and they took fuel and put it in their car and then it went up into the air and it has no way of getting back down. I heard that there’s a song that we’ve been doing for 20 years it’s called the Salmon song. First it starts with an egg and then an egg with an eye and then a fry and then an alevin and an adult. This year the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge hosted a pop-up Salmon Camp for students that couldn’t make it in the regular one week camp. Attendees learn about refuge, whales, animal tracks, tides AND MORE! Salmon Camp is a lot of fun, in fact when campers were asked to reflect on their least favorite part of Salmon Camp, they couldn’t really come up with much. I don’t know. ummm.. Nothing. I love it all. That’s hard…..uh I like everything but I don’t have a least favorite. Ummm (birds chirping) I don’t really have one. hmmm That’s a hard thing to think about because I like a lot about things about Salmon Camp. Salmon Camp would like to thank the Kodiak community and Alaska Geographic for making the camp a success for the last 20 years. Happy birthday Salmon Camp I love Salmon Camp! (singing) A great big salmon is what I am swimming in the big ocean Back to the river I’ll smell my way. Maybe you’ll see my kids some day. I’m a salmon (clap clap) I’m a salmon (clap, clap). I’m a salmon, I’m a salmon, I’m a SALMON!

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