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Itzhak Fisher: Success | Insights

Itzhak Fisher: Success | Insights

I’m Dave Carvajal. This is Thunder, Wisdom & Insights with some
of my favorite leaders on the planet. Very excited to speak with you this morning
Itzhak, it’s great to have you, thanks for joining us. Thank you for having me. Help us understand, what have been some of
the noble accomplishments in your illustrious career? How have you helped move the needle? What are some of the ways you’ve created
enormous enterprise value? So, I came to the US in 1994 and I started
my first startup, it was RSL Communications. I formed a partnership with Ronald Lauder. It was the good old telecom days where telecom
was as hot as the internet now. And we started a company end of 94’ and
in 97’ we took the company public on a billion-dollar valuation. I started from being a one-man show, putting
a business plan together, hiring my first employees into building it into a company
that had 4,000 employees, in 22 markets around the world with over $1.2 billion dollar revenues
and at one time even profitable and that was my first big play and I tell everybody that
meets me today I actually had a unicorn. So, then we didn’t call it a Unicorn but
that was my first achievement. While I was at RSL I did two deals that were
notable. One is I acquired a company called Deltathree
for $10 million dollars which was a voiceover IP company. Early mover there were like two companies
in the space, IDT & Deltathree. We took that company public also at $360 million-dollar
evaluation all the way to a billion so I double Unicorn at that time. And another company we did in the telecom
days, im talking much much earlier in my career we bought international directory assistant
company in Germany. We bought 25% stake for like $25 million-dollars,
we sold it like 3 or 4 years later for $400 million dollars. Those are early investments that were highly
profitable for me. In 2000 I sold all my shares and became an
angel investor. So throughout my angel investing days I’ve
invested in over 100 companies. My lifetime IR is over 67%. The most notable deal, not money wise, but
the most notable deal that had the most effect on my career is a company called Buzz metrics. I invested in Buzz metrics when they didn’t
have a product yet. I became one of the founders. The company became the leading company in
social media analytics. We sold the company for $124 million dollars
to Nielsen in 2007 and as part of the sale I joined Nielsen 75% of my time and I became
one of the top 5 and I became, I learned a lot about data, analytics, media consumer
which is the main areas that I am doing now, I find those areas fascinating. And they give you insight about how to manage
your business in a more effective way and be at the tip of innovation when it comes
to different type of businesses.

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