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J rig fishing at Bartlett Lake with Gary Senft

J rig fishing at Bartlett Lake with Gary Senft

[Music] Hey welcome to Bartlett lake we’re out here just messing around and trying to show you a new rig I got I have a J rig I advertised it last week when and the week before it. Apache lake and was working real well so we had a couple hours to spare now we’re out here in extreme conditions you know it’s cloudy, it’s cold this morning right now it’s dead calm and the lakes following about six inches a day so we’re out here and we’re going to try to catch some fish on this J rig and we’ve been dragging in and I just started you know just started fishing this thing and got bit and I’m looking for schools of fish is what I’m doing out here in 20, 25, 30 feet of water you know and so we’re just going to drag around here and the cameras pointing in the right direction so if you can see all i’m doing is fishing these little dirt humps all the way down the shoreline so you can see what this looks like Oh my god! I got a fish [Laughter] I just threw that down there just to talk he’s coming up is coming up slow I got him deep 24, 25 feet so, here we go these are these are nice bass I mean they’re nice pound half a pound of summer part three quarter and some are little but I’ll just get this back in the water here and show you what this J rig is I know a lot of you know the guys that this professionally and know what it is and stuff but it’s been working real good for me soon as it started cooling down and getting you know I’m gonna just let him go down started getting cold you know we’ve been having these 37-degree mornings 40-degree mornings and stuff so i’m going to show you that what I use and some people might have a better solution but hum…so I’ve got just one number one hook or a one ought I’ve got a purple robo worm. I’ve got just a hook tied to a little ring alright.. and then i have my 3/16 oz drop-shot wait so it’s it’s very simple now you can buy these already made up but they’re like 2 for $5 65 or something like that $5.69 and the drop shot is a little bit better a little different wait but this works just as good if you just make your own so I’ve been just using these little robo worms this is morning dawn and right now i got like on a purple M & M so I’ve got a couple on this so that probably was a lookout you know but i’ve been.. i’ve been just going around in circles looking for school of fish and fish on the bottom and and that’s how I’m started catching them so. But i can’t catch him on.. unless it’s a point. so a good way for you guys to the catch fish is just fish the points you know if you’re not catching fish you know on the flats or you know on straightaways or on the rock or something you can always have better luck on the points so that’s what we’re going to do. so let’s just kind of tool around here a minute and sometimes these fish are in 15, 16 feet of water but I’ve been finding a lot fish. I have gone deeper down to the thermocline area down a little bit deeper so that’s what I’m doing. So we’re going to get back out to the depth that you know right off of this little sandy point here Rocky Point and just drag this it’s kind of like a Carolina rig, kinda like a Texas rig but i’ll show you I can it I kind of got like a little jiggle that I use with this thing. then i’m gonna show you this new rod that I’m using from the Bass Pro Shop christmas is coming up so we get out a little bit deeper were the fish are and i’m just going to bump the bottom okay mid 20 feet so i’m starting to see a few little beeps on the bottom so we’re just gonna turn this way for me there we go now I’m seeing some so I’m just going to drag this around when I see fish I just slow down and let that… now I don’t know if David you could just see that, how I shake this thing just I just giving it a little bit of shaking because I saw in the pool how this thing you know, worked like this and then I stop ok and then I just kind of bump a long let it bump there’s a bite right there whoo boy he’s bending this thing over. 21 feet I hate to reel them in real fast because they get the bends so I like to just let them come up and if they do come up come on guy Let him take his time. we’re just gonna release these anyway. pretty the waters like 3-4 feet clear… clarity see them fighting down there there are pretty sluggish so you don’t get a lot of jumps out of these babies so once you get them coming in just lift them right up like this whoops there’s my worm so nice little fat fish you know usually catch him right in the top of the the mouth on these fish so you know not too bad so I’ve got some little ones real little ones so I’m sure that I’ll get some more so I’m just going to let this guy go whoops and i’m just going to hook up this I mean this is just like a Texas rig you just and this weight kind of slides up and down i was using a bobber stopper last week an Apache you know all you got to do is just bite off that tip of that worm and instead just keep using them and just thread that on get it nice and straight always have that worm on your Texas rig drop-shot whatever just nice and straight so I suppose I drifted in a little bit no I’m still on 21 feet so I’m just gonna pitch it out there just a little ways i’m going to talk about this rod just a minute this one of the Bass Pro Shops new rods they got in you know it’s a Johnny Morris naturally a titanium carbon light so its carbon light coil inside this coil and it’s they call the titanium eight now now i put a Johnny Morris real on there one of my other ones and it’s only 5.8 5.9 of an ounce so they’re very light this thing is real light but you can just feel that thing just bumping the bottom over the over the rocks you know these things selfer $129 or $119 and these are reels are $129 but they put them on sale all the time so you.. you know through Christmas and the spring classic will be coming up in january-february and stuff down there so it’ll be. so once I get out to the desired depth okay i gotta let that go down so I usually let out a little bit more line because I’m gonna using that 3/16 oz weight and last week I had a guy with me and he was using the 3/8 and it was heavy and we were only fishing in 18 to 32 feet of water and mind you i was using 3/16 he wasn’t catching any fish and he was using the same technique the same worm and he says he goes what in the world what you know and I was on the back of the boat. he was his boat. So I was on the back of the boat and he kept saying you know.. Why in the world am I not catching fish and you’re catching all the fish you know. I said well you know what size weight do you have do you have the same setup i have. So he pulls in and he’s got this big old drop-shot weight you know and I said well I’m only using 3/16 maybe you’re getting bit and they’re spitting it out they feel that weight right away in the wintertime you know. they’re not, these fish are not aggressive it’s wintertime they’re very sluggish you know and they just move real slow they don’t jump a lot so you’ll see as we catch a few more and so what I’m doing is just bumping that, just twitching that a little bit on the bottom and then the swimming pool that that looked really really good with the worm you know I won’t end up i’ll try a crawdad 2 i’ve got a crawdad that I used in Apache and it was working for me you know and it’s a funny story because I put that on youtube last week when i was there or we can half ago when i was there and the high school team was there and one of the boys saw it on youtube and he used it and you did real well with it he you know the other boy says hey where’d you learn that he was always on facebook you know on youtube some guy named Gary was using that you know and another little boys hey I know him one of the high school today I know him, he posts stuff all the time you know fishing with Gary’s got a lot of videos out and he said I like watching the videos and so the little guy the high school student he, I didn’t catch his name but he he was real happy he caught.. I think he got third place or something like that second or third. So that was pretty neat that you know I could teach somebody some of that stuff so I’m just gonna go around off this point and just drag it so a lot.. of lot of times what I’ll do once I get out to the desired depth now i’m in 26 feet right now and I’m not seeing nothing I’ve been seeing a lot of fish in 24.. 25 so I’m going to just pick it up to 23 and I’m just gonna work it back you know now I haven’t tried Yamamoto jig on this setup yet.I have only used crawdads little Yamamoto craws and here’s one sitting right here just like this and that’s what I was catching the small is on and some of the fish at apache last weekend so i’m going to put that on here in a minute but i just wanted to use a worm because the worm looks so good in the swimming pool and when you sit there you just barely jiggle it like this you know it’s kind of like a drop shot you know working up and down like this so that first fish I caught it was the same way it was this jiggling in front of his face so I seem to have lost you know some of the fish that I was seeing so I’m just gonna cast up shallow um I could tell you that in the wintertime I mean it can be lousy weather out there you know it’s like eleven o’clock in the morning now and it’s nice it’s nice out here there’s no.. no breeze it’s cloudy and the fish are going to be very shallow or deep you know I’m just catching I did catch a few this morning shallow but they were smaller fish you know like eight inches 10 inches you know and I did get some a little bit earlier a deep also they were small so you don’t know what size are going to be they can’t all be big. so what I’m going to do is I gotta stay facing the Sun with the camera so I’m just going to kind of back up a little bit but if i can’t find the fish then what I do is I just start the motor up and I go to that one if I don’t catch any there. I go to that one. If I don’t catch any there i’m going to go to the next one. so you’ll be seeing the same territory as we move down you’ll be seeing me.. you know just fishing this area now they do like that rock up there i could tell you that that steep stuff and I like fishing this deep stuff when you get to the points but I thought I just try it on the flats just to try it out. just to see how you know things were going alright so we’re backed rolling right now because i went all the way and it dropped off there wasn’t anything there so I’m going to just go back over there is too little points here so I’m just going to back up a little bit and just keep letting line out kind of like a Carolina rig to I mean this thing is kind of weird to fish you can fish it all different ways so let me get a little deeper right where i can find some fish and have a chance to catch one I’m just like long lining the J rig and I don’t know who invented this thing but it dose work. so we’re just gonna.. alright we are back up 22, 23, 24 feet so we’re just gonna. I’m just gonna kind of go along and kind of let the boat drift until I see something i’m going to stop ok let me slow us down. alright let’s get the shake going There he is! There he is! i just started shaking it I was bumping the bottom no I could feel all them tiny Little Rock’s These are coming out of 25 feet of water so So this doesn’t feel like it’s a big one He’s starting to come up yeah he’s he’s coming right in just reel them in real slow and then they’ll go back down as soon as you release them oh he’s a baby told you I told you would catch the little ones too but hey when you come out on a winter day and you could catch a fish you know there’s a lot of guys that just don’t just don’t catch any at all you know. it is a little guy he was born this year he’s been caught before right there to look it his jaw bused it so that wasn’t from me so just let this little guy go back down and lot of times i watch my fish you know if I real them up and we’re filming or something I keep him out too long if I do get one that floats i’ll go back pick it up and then I’ll Fizz it down the mouth so if that happens I’ll show you guys how how I do that. so I’m just gonna I’ve ventured back out in 30 feet of water so i’m gonna throw it way up there there’s a few fish out here in 30 feet so you know what I will just kinda I’ll just hit the reverse on this and go backwards that way. see if I can catch one. yeah there’s a few on the bottom you guys that use structure scan. Boy I will tell you in the wintertime that’s really valuable to have the structure down scan on and your graph you know. right now I just have my graph on that I’ve gotten so used to just seeing that fish laying right on the bottom because they lay it right right on the bottom with the structure scan you actually can see the fish above the bottom so it’s pretty neat okay we’ve got a couple fish on the one thing i’m just going to go forward a little bit and drag it right over the top of them this is gonna like spoon when you see the fish on the graph you know throw it out there but.. there’s a little tap There he is! there we go see this one feels a little bit heavier yeah i think you could tell when they’re real little. This one feels a little heavier just reeling real Slow. like I said I just really been real slow these rods are so nice and so light that i can just handle them with one hand you know I don’t have some real big oh here it comes you can see in there Oh he eat my worm it looks so pretty when you bring them up and you can see them right into the surface [Splash] so I’m just going to keep him coming Whoo! that’s a nice one look at that one guys.That’s a pretty nice one right now this is.. this is pretty heavy that’s about a one and three quarter pounder but beautiful fish man! nice! so let’s we let this..He eat my worm. good thing I got a couple more over there… couple hundred so we’re just going to let this guy go. swim away guy he’s going down see if you let them go pretty quick they’ll go back down let me grab another purple worm they will bite on other colors too iIjust happen to be using purple there had some purple ones out i wanted to try normally they bite on Salt River craw Aw..they bite on red crawler so we’ll just kind of hook this on there like this I bend my hook just a little bit make sure that thing is nice and straight alright there’s three fish on the graph right there so. that happens I just slowed way down make sure that bait on the bottom because you know it’s bumping along sometimes you have to that a little bit more out as it goes back because you can’t just vertically it’s so light the weight so light it’s not like using a half ounce jig. Oh gosh I got one right there! once you find the fish they’ll bite on this thing they like it coming up way behind there Hum..come on Here he comes like they say in the ocean Oh he’s a nice one. another nice one. man! Where were these fish couple weeks ago. When I was fishing when they aw… [Splash] I’m just gonna get him coming in and just right! there you go… there’s the worm come on guy. you can see, look at all of them are hooked right in the very top, right in the very top. but just a nice pretty fish so fun to come out here with nobody’s here and you got the whole lake to yourself. you know and you can just just catch fish it’s nice because the camera guys operating the camera Dave Jones and I’m catching the fish. so yeah he gave you [Laughter] He gave you the single Remember just bite off the worm and just thread on it back on again and you know every day’s different I mean if you catch him on red crawler 1 week try different colors I keep, I keep a handful of all different colors you know so I’m just going to let that go down take a while find the fish again go back out to 23, 24 25, 26 feet. There’s one! oh my gosh look at this he’s bending the rod but that doesn’t mean it’s a huge Fish. [Splash] it’s a nice fish though man look at that whoa! [Splashing] oh my Gosh look at this. oh that’s a nice fish. look at that one Whoo! right in the very top of the lip again every one of them and still looking down to see if they have any credit or anything but just beautiful fish just let him go we just started getting the school on the graph whoo there’s is another nice one I just found the fish and.. and we were just talking about let’s get some footage of what it looks like on the graph and now that’s another fatty oh boy he is a fatty look at that he hooked right at the top the lip again in the mouth alright swim back down there guy. oop! they’re just going off the graph now that was 11 feet right there my gosh they’re moving up because it’s warmer alright with we’re just fishing off the end of this island right here man we have hit a school so I’m letting mine go way way down there it goes. there it goes, ok hit bottom down to the couple times, there he is! oh he’s coming right up he’s following the line up, I don’t know how big he is this one. If he’s coming up too fast he’s going to get the bends. here he comes he’s not too bad Boy he thinks he wants to jump but he’s so cold yeah I had better get him back in but.. Oh my gosh, he is a nice bass look at that! look hooked right there in the top this J rig gets them right in the very top all the time so just let that guy go Go back down tell all your friends Oh there’s a bite! oh my gosh when you first hit him. they pull 27 feet here he comes [Splash] do not throw my warm out there we go Nice! he’s kind of skinny right in the top of the mouth oh not a real big one ok back to fishing good god! [Laughter] [Splash] oh my gosh! there goes my worm he about gerked the rod out of my hand [laughter] Holly Mackerel! [Splash] he is trying to get off Boy when you are in the tournament they always get off that’s a nice fish. look at that one nice and healthy fish well tell you what we’re going to say Goodbye because it’s getting to be about 3 30 315-330 and we do appreciate you guys watching our videos and stuff i hope you learned something about the J rig. I want to bring you some other things in the upcoming videos and shows that we have and try to teach you some of these things about our Lakes wintertime fishing can be really really tough but Bartlett I mean today we probably caught 15-18 fish so, I got to get you know some on camera and stuff so anyway thanks again and we appreciate your watching our videos {music]

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