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Jakarta Street Food 657  Osaka Ramen Tuna Salmon Ramen  BR TiVi 5185

Jakarta Street Food 657 Osaka Ramen Tuna Salmon Ramen BR TiVi 5185

wow cool this is Osaka Ramen Delivery Ramen only Rp.12.000 (91 Cents USD) very fit for our money near Gas Pump East Canal Plz come in madam, do you wanna buy plz Mr.Nuzrul want to buy too do you want to buy Miss, plz:) but i come here first , so pardon me i want to go to their kitchen:) looks likeJapan model order one Ramen Rp.12.000 (91 Cents USD)Plz,Big Brother, Rp.12.000 (91 Cents USD)is Toddler Ramen hahaha Mr.Nuzrul is still toddler now Menu plz this is Toddler Ramen Rp.12.000 (91 Cents USD) with lavish seasoning and fish meatball but this Toddler Ramen not available today Tuna and Crab Ramen for Rp.15.000 (1 USD and 14 Cents) is available:) ok i order one because Mr.Nuzrul is bigger than toddler now What is Ramen,Big Brother? Ramen is a kind of noodle from Japan oh you write the order first for evidence so the customer not gone after order plz one Big Brother is this order note send to Japan first or not? what is your name Big Brother? Febri Sir wow Febri is cool curious how to cook Ramen,plz show us:) This is Ramen almost similar with noodles but come from Japan only this kitchen equipment for cooking Ramen is the same to cook local noodles………so cool wow so good you have personal computer too …….great What is this Big Brother? this is seasoning this is Japanese Flavoring ohh so white this is Broth seasoning do you want spicy? off course Mr.Nuzrul loves to eat spicy Ramen what is that? looks like syrup? this is sugar what is that? this is salty soy sauce and ginger already in broth and then sesame oil all of this will become Ramen Tuna wow great Ramen Tuna plz ask that madam,maybe she wants to order more? yes she already order what is this? this is Tuna Fish this tuna looks like Ice Cream one portion get one piece tuna and one piece crab it’s really like green banana food From Makassar (Ice Green Banana) stir all of seasoning cool great plz make it spicy Big Brother this Ramen use chili powder and if want more spicy we can add extra chilly sauce what is that,Big Brother? which …… oohh that is ginger ginger ussually use in Sekoteng (Indonesian Traditional sweet drink) great why this japanese Ramen very long time in boiled water as i know japanese always fast paced maybe the stove not yet reached maximum heat before because we just start business in this hour wow great so Matkiding is the first customer today, so we must pay before we eat Osaka Ramen start from 12:00 noon till midnight wow cool till midnight and when to sleep? after close the store do you stay here Big Brother?n Yeaahh yes great Japan cool plz do not give me Extra Big Brother, what are you looking for? i am searching Tuna Fish (Green Colour) and Salmon Fish Japanese Stirred may be you will find kepok banana at there hahaha this is Salmon Fish not Zalmon Padang singer Stirred again and then Noodles in boiled water wow cool noodles attraction where do you study that attraction, and do you need to shower the noodles? this Japanese Ramen do not shower with hot water anymore this Japanese Ramon use fish , but always use chicken as broth so You give so many broth like this, it looks like flooding broth for me first use glove wow cool great Big Brother this is the money Rp.20.000 ( 1 USD and 52 Cents) plz keep the change first time buy, hope Your Business running well what is that Big Brother? Bean Sprouts wow it looks like Ketoprak (Jakarta traditional food) and then have egg too wow only Rp.15.000 (1 USD and 14 Cents) very cheap what is that ? This is green onion and add white sesame and next Narutomaki made from Fish Flour ussually have Seaweed and Shredded Fish but not available now okay no problem thanks a lot Big Brother wow Chopstick wow have spoon too ..Japan Style great pls give it to Mr.Nuzrul can not wait what is your name Big Brother? He is too shy plz eat Sir plz be carefull because it has sesame and if you wanna more spicy plz add extra chilli sauce plz taste the broth first it is call Ramen Tuna Fish Salmon great pardon me plz go to that corner Sir? push push but it is still hot Mr.Nuzrul wants to add extra chilli sauce so crazy Stirred first Mr.Nuzrul has never eaten this Ramen this is the first time the broth so good fish flavor salmon fish hahaha this white sand is sesame sir? yes that is white sesame cool Japanese Food Indonesian use Sesame to Biscuit or Onde-onde what is this green? ooh that is Tuna Fish plz try that Tuna Fish! wow crazy only one bite how does it taste? i ussually eat Tuna but not in green i think Green Tuna looks like Indonesian traditional dessert in Ramadhan call China sweetheart wow great and refreshing too no sour taste .. only good and fish savory can you finish it all include the broth? off course hahahaha looks like Ramadhan Kolak so great wow great Mister Nuzrul cool Mr.Nuzrul is looking for Bean Sprouts that is made from fish flour like fish cracker taste like cracker before fry broth is very yummy and fish flavor Mister Nuzrul really love to eat it very yummy great Mr.Nuzrul feel so good i want to eat this half egg sir! okay this Ramen do not have meatball but have Tuna fish very yummy this is the first time Mr.Nuzrul eat Ramen after eat this Ramen Mr.Nuzrul can speak japanese and over confidence to mingle with Japanese Girl Eat Ramen means you are a rich person Mister Nuzrul weeiiiss Crazy Mister Nuzrul Nothing Compare to this Ramen Matkiding mouth is watering to see Mister Nuzrul eats Ramen Can you finish the broth? off course i will finish it Mr.Nuzrul says it is Tuna Fish but acctually it is Salmon Fish Tuna fish jumps may be still alive hahaha that fish in water now hahaha if you leave just broth, you do not affraid it is to spicy later? no i can handle it very yummy so refreshing Matkiding wants to say look for pretty girls in shorts suddenly his head hit something hard this area not support for Matkiding habit Matkiding head hits this wood DUNG right to Matkiding forehead hahaha Mr.Nuzrul eats with spoon so can eat noodles with broth is this Ramen similar with approdisiak? this food that we are looking for okay Mr.Nuzrul no need drink just sip the broth This is Ramen not Mister Men broth comes to Mr.Nuzrul eyes maybe Mr.Nuzrul eyes want to eat broth Ramen too Mr.Nuzrul eyes feel spicy from the broth plz red envelope how does it taste Mr.Nuzrul? wow really yummy spicy Osaka ramen this Osaka Ramen sells Airline,Train ticket etc three red envelopes plz pardon me Big Brother this is a gift for you as a word thanks you from Matkiding Youtube Big Brother listen to all the words from the customers do you have debts Big Brother? Thanks GOD i have debts too Matkiding pray for you hope your Debts will be settled asap what is the name of Your Friend? he is busy now His name is Riyan this red envelope for Big Brother Riyan and thanks for all hope Your Business running well and if GOD willing we will meet again and if Big Brother Riyan has debts hope the debt settled asap plz right here Mr.Nuzrul, how does it taste? very yummy my eyes cry for Ramen too ok ok Mr.Nuzrul knows the address Osaka Ramen drive thru this place is so cool so we can have dinner with our lover at here

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  1. KalaU buat saya sih itu cirikhas matkinding
    Kan itu seperti wawancara bagaimana buatnya dan apa bahanya biar ada pengetahuan

  2. Pak situ laki laki apa perempuan kalo laki laki jangan banyak nanya.. Kalo perempuan sekalian pake rok mini aja

  3. Saran aja klw sama yg lebih tua sopan sedikit klw berbicara, jngn katain bapak itu balita, walau bpk itu senyum aja tpi gak enak juga dikatain balita

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