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Jamie Cooks Italy | Prawn & Tuna Pasta, Stuffed Artichokes & Sweet Sicilian Cannoli

Jamie Cooks Italy | Prawn & Tuna Pasta, Stuffed Artichokes & Sweet Sicilian Cannoli

Hey guys, so I’ve got three beautiful
recipes to give you a taste of Italy. A sweet cannoli sa chilliana, I’ve got a fantastic, beautiful, stuffed artichoke dish which is very special and then a gorgeous tuna pasta dish. You’re going to love it. Woooooow! No way! Beautiful delicious Sicilian
cannoli are a wicked combo of spice, ricotta, crispy sweet pasta and velvety
chocolate. Bonissima! So, we’re gonna go in with
one egg, sweet wine, extra virgin olive oil and I’ll start adding some flour. Silky dough, beautiful. It’ll need an hour, so crack on with the super luxurious ricotta filling. Just break it up. Hit it up with honey. Vanilla. Go in with a splash of fresh and fiery Italian spirit. Two or three little teaspoons of good quality coca and then we just give it a nice good beating. That is the filling done. I’ve made the pasta mate. Fantastico! You roll these out into
little disks, wrap them around these moulds, put a little egg, just on the end. Deep fry those little beauties at 180 degrees Celsius, 350 Fahrenheit. Within a minute they’ll be puffed up, all golden,
delicious, crispy and crunchy. Lets have a look. Yeah! There we have two beautiful little cannolis. Squeeze, see and then as soon as it comes out the end… beautiful! Hazelnuts. Chocolate. It’s gonna be really, really good. Some fruit. I want one! Can I take this one? I just love it! This tempting tuna and prawn pasta with it’s gutsy, sweet and sour sauce kisses you on the lips with the true flavour of Sicily. For me and Gennaro this is literally like the best thing in the world. You’ll need shell on prawns for this, olive oil, cinnamon, anchovy. Look at that. Gennaro is finely slicing the onion and we’re washing it in the water. What I want to do is make a little infusion, and we’re gonna use saffron, some of this boiling
water, lovely white wine vinegar, amazing. Go on big boy. Come on! Remove the prawn heads and the cinnamon stick. There, our lovely little saffron
and vinegar water, now the whole thing changes. Yeah! I’m gonna go in with parsley, prawns, tuna. I’ll drag in the pasta. Oh my goodness me! You can taste it already! Cheese, the salt, the seasoning, very subtle. Then a good sprinkle of pistachios, a truly delicious pasta dish that I will never forget. Nice one mate. A great trip. Salute. Delicate Italian artichokes, stuffed
with flavor packed beef and wrapped in a spanking tomato sauce. What we’re gonna do is just cut off the stalk, then click back these outer leaves right, like that. Cut the flowery part at an angle, absolutely beautiful. Once the artichokes are cleaned up and quartered, you can start on the stuffing. We’ve got very lean mince meat, parsley, basil, 1 egg, little pinch of dried chilli, little salt mix all together. Hallelujah. Plop the meat in. We’re gonna literally reformat it, we then go into some flour, we go into the egg, now we’re gonna fry
this. So we want it to take about 12-15 minutes. At the same time I’m gonna make this tomato sauce. Just dice celery and onion, chop up a handful of parsley and a
clove of garlic and whack them in the pan with a pinch of dried chilli flakes. Go on mate. You get those artichokes out. They look beautiful. Nice. Just simmer the artichokes in the sauce for about 10 minutes. Yes! Look at that. Right let’s break into it. Go on you go first. The tomato really tastes nice. That’s delicious. I love it. Thats a lovely meal. What you reckon? We did alright? This is the way. That is definitely dish worth celebrating.

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  1. Love you jamie. Can't wait to go for the first time to jamies italian in guildforf on the 26th october for me and my partners 1 year anniversary

  2. Prawn & Tuna Pasta, what amazing meals you are making Jaimie, keep it up my friend, we love your food here in Texas and all around the world.

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  4. I don't really know why Gennaro is there honestly, I feel like maybe he'd have something to say about italian cookie… looks like another prop.

  5. OMG! It looks like an art, not just a food 😊 and you are my favourite chefs who make magic and great fun in the kitchen 👏👍❤ must do this canolli!!!

  6. This is all beautiful but you gotta know that nobody in Italy puts parsley in any kind of tomato sauce, except when you're cooking seafood with it.

  7. 2:00 кипяток и пластик не очень хорошие друзья. Вредные для организма вещества выделяются даже из самого хорошего платика когда ты нагреваешь его достаточно сильно.

  8. That artichoke thang is pure perfection. I gotta make that this week! So good! Thank you u food genius!💒🐰😄💝🐺🎆

  9. Wait what? Why would you was onion in the water after slicing them? Never seen anything like this before. I understand it'd probably make it milder but in that case isn't it better just to use less onion?

  10. I cooked the stuffed artichokes for supper tonight. We have never had it before and I had never cooked artichokes before either. The meal was something special. I will most definitely be cooking this again. We have tried almost all your recipes from this series and our tastebuds had a travelling sensation. Your cooking has changed the way we eat and its all good

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