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Jamie & Gennaro’s Tuna Carpaccio

Jamie & Gennaro’s Tuna Carpaccio

Hi lovely people of Food Tube. Look who is with me today! It’s Jamie! Let’s show you guys how to make the most incredible Tuna Carpaccio. Yes. Beautiful! Gennaro grew up making Carpaccio Carpaccio originally came from Venice. It’s so fresh, so good. Why not? So look we’ve got a glass of wine, yes! One for Gennaro, er, one for me. It’s a lovely hot day in England today. Er, and also we’re going to use Capers in this story, and just come over here. Have a look down there. Lovely small capers, and that little rose, put that on your capers. Now why would you do that? Just to pull out that excess salt. Okay, to make the floral and fragrant again. Just leave them for ten minutes. They’ll be beautiful. Just so you now guys. I’ve got some chill’s here, and you know I love chill’s. Erm, I’m just blackening them on the gas stove. You can do this on a bbq. So I’m just gonna slice you a bit of tuna. I’m gonna try and do it as thin as I can, but also keep it, you know whole. I’d rather you not stress about doing it too thick. No. And what we can do, is if you want it really thin put it between cling film and you can just pat it out. Even finer. If you go to Peru you’ve got Ceviche Okay, which is the method of cooking fish without heat. You know you just use acid. Lime juice. Lemon juice. Citrus juice. Salt. So really you know, from Sicily to Peru, even hundreds of thousands of years ago people still knew that if you cover the flavour of the fish or the meat up too much you lose the point. So what I’m doing now, I just just slice on half of a lemon. Look at what I’m actually doing. I’m just cook little bit of the tuna with lemons. But not for long. Only has to be a couple of mins. One minute. Well, one minute. Yes. At the same time, I have here, some nice fennel. Always keep an eyes on that particular Carpaccio. We don’t want it to change colour too much because it starting to change a bit of colour. Oh look. See guys I’ve just pulled this skin off. Okay. So blacken it pull it off, and now I’m just going to remove the stalk, and the seeds. What I love about this, is me and Gennaro didn’t even plan this. And we haven’t even talked about what we’re going to do but we’re basically on the same journey together. Ha ha! So how much do you want? Just say when. Enough. Enough. Just a little bit, little bit of garlic. You can see now if you look inside it is starting to to change a little bit of colour The lemons went right through. That will give it a lovely flavour but do not disturb the flavour of the tuna. Look, if you come here now. This way. You got a lot left. You got the fennel, you got the chilli, you got the basil, you got the garlic, and lets not forget capers inside. The flavours of the sea. Little bit of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Make sure that the garlic, the chili, all the herbs mixed together. So, they go in there. Just one lovely slice. One on top of the other. Remove the excess. Drizzle over the olive oil. Because, why did I drizzle olive oil? There’s enough olive oil there, but also I want all this lovely paste. Oh yeah! To stay on top. I call it a paste or an aroma. Look at that! An aroma. Chili, the capers, the fennels, and to please your mouth while you’re cooking and while you eat it you need a little bit of wild rocket. Remember we got these little bits of chili here. And then what I want to do, is get nice little slithers. See that little bit of oil here? I’m just going to nick that just to dress it, cos I don’t wanna put anymore oil on. It’s got enough oil on. With a little hit of chili. Gives you a lovely pop of colour. And of course you get green and yellow chilis, so. You changed that dish in such a beautiful way Yes! So there you go. A beautiful Sicilian carpaccio of tuna. Absolutely amazing. Absolutely gorgeous. I think we should eat it. Yes, shall we? The garlic, the fennel, and remember you could use different herbs. But I gotta say, the chili does make the capers work better. Oh my, my. Oh my. If you want to see what I do with this which is an Asian inspired erm, tuna dish click on the link below. Er, if you haven’t see any of Gennaro’s videos which is impossible, cos everyone has please go and see his channel. Subscribe. It’s brilliant. You’ve got so many videos haven’t you? Plenty! If you like this, like it. If you wanna share this, share it. Put the comments on the comments box below. If you’ve done a beautiful Carpaccio and you wanna share it with us, please do. But until next time from me and Gennaro. Salute! And lets celebrate whenever we cooking! Love ya! Subscribe. It is free. From me and Gennaro, until next time Ciao. arrivederci!

74 comments on “Jamie & Gennaro’s Tuna Carpaccio

  1. Yes !!!! That's what's it's all about I have to find me some tuna like that and make this, also love the tip of soaking the capers in the wine.
    Hugs Alli.

  2. Im a vegetarian who was never had meat or fish, but i still watch these videos simply because you guys are awesome and so fun to watch!

  3. I just love these two personalities, can we get a video with Jamie, Gennaro, DJ, Simone at the same time please? That must be interesting.

  4. Not tried uncooked fish before, but I trust the pair of you so i'll give it a go, looks damn good.Got to tell you the meal we had in Jamie's Italian in Bath was excellent, fantastic surroundings, and the Ladies and Gentlemen preparing our meal and drinks and serving us really felt like they enjoyed what they were doing. Amusing toilets too ( repro crappers).

  5. No sorry……I hate raw food….dipping it in acid etc is not cooking it….it's like sushi….vile!…..I shall continue eating my food cooked…..

  6. Good stuff. My one is with a fillet, cooked lunch in two pans on a bead of garlic prawns. Mediterranean style..  In red sauce but no wine only good stock involved and some olive oil.
    I like, how the crispy fish skin. Preserves the original flavor and oil of the fish, just a few milimeters under the skin .
    [email protected]

  7. Thnak you Jamie anfg Gennaro for all those beautiful and simple recipes! All I know about cooking is because of both of you. Watching this recipe remember me of Jamie´s salmon carpaccio (would love to watch that recipe again!). Thank you again and continue sharing all those wonderful dishes!

  8. You boys are like the dynamic duo of the kitchen. I think you need a super hero costume when you cook together! 

  9. This makes me even happier that my otherwise mediocre local supermarket has started selling sashimi grade tuna! I can't wait to try it!

  10. Just had the tuna carpaccio for lunch and it was excellent, would not have tried fish this way if it had not been for your recipe, thank you both for the new experience, looking forward to trying Bart's grey mullet carpaccio now.

  11. Wow this looks delicious! But could you use some other kind of fish? Fresh tuna is reaaally expensive where i live… 

  12. it's really nice to see two fantastic chef cooking a great dish and having fun at the same time…. congratulations!!

  13. Jamie, can I use different types of fish with this recipe? Would the taste be just as suitable with salmon, for example?

  14. For me its too thick. Carpaccio in my mind should be as thin as possible. No matter fish or meat. This mostly like sashimi. If you freeze it, you can cut the thinnest slices you wish.

  15. Viewer notice: you can buy red or white wine with NO alcohol, and you can drink it, do not buy cooking wine, it is a great alternative to those who have dietary/religious restrictions

  16. I really like this dish, it is not for everyone. In venice, this dish is also made with the meat of a horse. Do not panic, horses are bred for eating in some cases in venice, just like cattle,sheep,lamg,goat,etc…it is very good, and is becoming more popular in canada, not so much in the u.s. it will probably never become popular here in my home state of kentucky, i think that would be fairly obvious to everyone because if you mention ky., right away most think ky. Derby,horse breeding, and bourbon.i have never seen it on a menu in ky., even in high end restaurants or hotels, especially louisville, where there many high end establishments.

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