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Japan Street Food (Fish Market) – Eric Meal Time #133

Japan Street Food (Fish Market) – Eric Meal Time #133

marek mealtime here we go we are at Tsukiji market at mealtime we’re going to have street food today dried mangoes is your tomato persimmons it’s gooey Sampada sweet potato sweet potato look at this thing massive I got a lot more street food I want to eat today look at that steam coming off of there really hot really hot oh oh and it’s so sweet it’s not taste like a potato tastes like something else gooey it’s almost like caramel or something oh very very nice you know doesn’t need any sort of butter or anything on it Oh perfect Wow I’m just gonna eat this pot Oh soft rock Ron let’s walk so over here on this side is the actual fish market it’s open in the morning where they do the auction and over on this side are the food stalls where you can eat the good stuff all right so this is the rolled sushi right here four pieces and the cost is $10 and this the amazing sashimi three different types the regular tuna this is the medium grade and the real fatty tuna this is $20 expensive it’s not a speck this also has this like several different kinds in the soy sauce that’s right just picking up with the fingers I need to see this is heavy very happy so much to Nendoroid okay this is the old but all fatty tuna this stuff Wow awesome awesome a little more chewy than a normal gnarliest but it’s just the taste is fantastic it’s like a nice steak becoming Ivanoff look at the color of this stuff huh perfect that fish I think I’ve ever had good so see this crazy long line of people right behind me here they’re waiting for scrambled eggs is $1 scrambled egg I don’t get it it’s a definitely a cultural thing I think it’s just the shop itself is very famous so people come for it it’s a scrambled egg shop that costs one dollar one dollar and there’s nothing on it no seasoning no nothing it’s just a scrambled egg very basic pure Japan mil salt no pepper no cheese salsa no nothing it’s just a piece of scrambled egg cost one dollar dried squid look at this dried squid and that look good let’s see if I get a sample and I Drive Elizabeth Wow that’s really good soft and chewy yum-yum I like the way he packs it all right don’t I get almonds in the show okay all cost for this is 100 yen under Dan now you see it not yet hunter down thoughts of you decide so there’s the regular scrambled egg and stick the sweet scrambled eggs take this sweet wouldn’t really call it a tree people line up cat likes to scratch standard it’s not like standard scrambled eggs what hon – sweet next time I think I’ll get the regular still hungry what’s next Oh smell barbecue my good old steak five bucks a stick it’s like tuna shish kebab oh oh but be funky – I hide that one or that one one of these these are almost ready blow torch tuna looking good looking good looking good hi though mole nothing like a fish barbeque listen bitch barbecue yeah yes good English good salt and pepper Hitler just want Heidi slots into the ethanol sir can you see that right up above the crab is battling it with tuna yeah it’s fun and the tuna lost so tunas right here got the meat here we go hoho wow I don’t know how to describe it never had barbecue tuned on a state level imagine I like the stance with the salt pepper ha honey dad is really nice got to be pretty daring me this one I’m not much for scallops sea urchin taxi like them so you know how to eat it I guess you could do one bite but let’s just go for them a little bit of this here in just a sample look at that GUI just a bit like peanut butter GUI dirt mealtime here we go Oh they go pretty good together cook just right very meaty chewy color Wow it’s a sea urchin shop are oh that’s prickly please come from the cold season kind of important sea urchin and it’s raw you guys think he’s better folder yeah all there for sure yeah much better mouths chilled this is the way it should be not much no the cost for one of these is $10 pretty steep they have grilled eel over here young girl deal on a stick Borneo photographs video sauce man is no all right inside the fish cake is octopus shrimp ginger and is something else cabbage know you can see what’s inside like a fish salad very rubbery I think is also salary for the big one pods are just rubber any really nice grapes to grapes are in season in Japan right now now no seeds very refreshing well I think I’m done I am stuffed I don’t even know how much I and I’m also out of money sit I have nothing left so I guess it’s time to raid this meal I’m going to give it oh I have no idea I’m gonna give it a 4 4 stars out of 6 there was a lot of interesting things here today but I thought it was a bit price bid price definitely differ in Tokyo check out the skeezy fish market it’s a lot of fun thanks guys for watching we’ll see you in the next episode err Meal Time next week so inside the fried fish cake is octopus shrimp cabbage ginger and that’s it just me I’ll I’ll say inside the fish cake is octopus inside the fish cake is octopus shrimp ginger and something else cabbage

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  1. Of course the sushi is going to be chewy. The best sushi is not made with fresh fish. Quite the contrary. It's cured in a medical blast freezer for weeks where it molecularly breaks down. The end result is a sublime piece of sushi where the restaurant would proudly tell you their fish is frozen.

  2. Great video, thanks for taking me on your journey… BTW.. I bet you blow up the bathroom after a day like that 😂🤣😅

  3. $30 for that lil bit of sushi, people in line for a plain dollar egg, and BBQ tuna on a stick?!… Lol, it all looks fun and delicious.

  4. Eric did you not speak Japanese here? I noticed you always speak Japanese to others in your newer videos but not here

  5. You were courteous, I liked it when you pay for almost everything you tasted even those with free taste. Unlike other youtubers who are just in for the free meal

  6. I envy u. I want to go to Japan but my income won't aloud me to go.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Japanese sweet potatoes taste like vanilla cake to me. Morocco is very well known for olives with your call l u z and you find trucks on the streets with the ones that weren't exported being hot roasted and salted. They are the best things I've ever tasted I swear in my life well top 10! I am a scallop lover.

  8. It’s not just a scrambled egg. They had sugar and soy sauce and some places have this fishy tasting kinda sauce the mix in with it. Then yes they do just coo it like a scrambled egg. But it’s delicious that’s why the line is so long.

  9. Chineseばっかだな…

  10. I could eat my weight in seafood. I love scallops. I so want to try sea urchin. And Abolone, and other exotic sea creatures.

  11. I feel like Eric Meal Time videos should be categorized under comedy just as much as entertainment because Eric can be undeniably hilarious sometimes.

  12. とても美味しそうに食べますね!

  13. Eric your video #104
    "When you're in japan and you see a big long line. The rule is get in it cause there is something good when you get in front of the line. Always. Always worth it." You got in the egg line and it wasn't that good. I dont know if i should get into any long lines when i go to japan.

  14. I've never had Japanese sea urchin roe, but one of my favorite dishes ever was in Greece and it was simply fresh caught Greek sea urchin lightly mixed into a little olive oil with bread to dip into the sea urchin/olive oil.

  15. Seriously.. Have you been checked for parasites? I have never seen someone so skinny down so much food in my life. Do you ever put any post masterpieces up on 'Rate MY Poo' .com. Yours I am guessing would be epic.

  16.'s expensive. better to go fish market at country side.Hokkaido is the best. tsukiji is convenient to go,though.

  17. Would like to see you interact with the vendors more!! U mention all the good food but never show the people who prepare your meals

  18. Bet a lot of these Americans don’t even enjoy fish or sushi. They’re probably just picky eaters and only comment to feel accepted

  19. Imagine being the cameraman and just have to watch this creep stuff his face up close 😂😂😂

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