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Japanese Street Food – GIANT OYSTER and Seafood Tour of Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan!

Japanese Street Food – GIANT OYSTER and Seafood Tour of Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan!

– [Mark] For any food lover,
Tsukiji Market in Tokyo is an ultimate culinary paradise. In this video, I’m going
to take you on an extreme one-day Japanese street food tour and show you some of the best things to eat at Tsukiji Market,
including a huge oyster and some off the beaten path
local hole in the walls. So keep watching this video
and get ready to devour some of the most incredible
Japanese street food in Tokyo. (light electronic music) The first thing that I’m
gonna eat this morning, it’s not seafood at all, but
it’s one of the most popular, it’s like the Tsukiji power breakfast. It’s one of the most legendary things to eat at Tsukiji Market. (light electronic music) Oh, wow, this looks amazing. The first stop on the
Tsukiji food tour today is a legendary stall and she serves a miso-based stew with all
types of innards and organ meat. Unfortunately the Auntie
doesn’t allow any photos. You grab your bowl, you can
come out here and stand. They have a couple of standing tables on the side of the road. She has one of those
classic, what looks like eternal, bubbling pots of organ meat and you can smell that miso aroma. I’m just gonna lift this bowl to my face. There’s definitely some
giggly bits in here. There are some intestines.
There might be some tongue. I don’t even know what else is in here, but it smells like pure
comfort, like grandma’s comfort. Mmmmm. Oh! I got a definite mixture
of organ meat in that bite. It almost looks like it’s gonna
be like a spicy style curry, but you can really taste
the miso flavor in that. It’s like reduced down miso stock, so it has a slight bean paste flavor to it and they just wrap it up
with those incredibly soft, tender intestines and organ meat. If you like organ meat, wow! This is a hearty breakfast here. Oh yeah, this is exactly what I needed to finish this bowl off. (light electronic music) Oh, that’s a little gelatinous.
It’s really good though. If you didn’t know it was organs, you would just think it’s some very tender gelatinous cuts of meat. Goes great with hot rice. Oh my cap. And tea. That’s tasty. This place just
got really packed and busy. Miso organ stew. Excuse me. Arigato. All right, that was a very
hearty way to start the morning. But that’s the energy you need when you’re working at Tsukiji Market and you’re moving fish
and giant things around. You need that energy.
(light electronic music) Right now we’re walking around the outer, this is called the outer Tsukiji Market. This is a place where they
have lots of restaurants, you’ll find lots of
Japanese street food here. I love how it’s mixed in
with fresh produce vendors, as well as lots of fish sashimi vendors. Then if you go on the
inside of the market, which is called inner Tsukiji Market, that’s where the actual, where you’ll be able to buy the real seafood. (light electronic music) Hello.
– Hello. – [Mark] What is the difference? (speaking Japanese) – [Mark] It’s all the same? – All same.
– Oh, okay. Just one please. Thank you, arigato. (speaking Japanese) I saw the fresh sea urchin,
which in Japanese is called uni. And ohh. I could not resist
passing this stall by. It’s within this alley, and they just have some freshly cut spiny uni. Oh man and just that gold on the inside. You can just see, look at that texture! You can see how creamy and how, yeah, it’s just gonna be creamy. No doubt about it. Oh. Oh. All the freshness. You
don’t even need to chew it. It just slides down. Oh and
it’s so ice cream creamy. Mmm. It just goes down so easily. That pudding. That sea urchin pudding. (speaking Japanese) Arigato.
– Oh oi. Sorry, sorry!
– That’s okay. – [Mark] Thank you, sorry! Another one of the
famous street food stalls to eat at at Tsukiji
Market is the eel stall. Eel is a real delicacy in
Japan, it can be pretty pricey, so they have these little
sample skewers of grilled eel. I don’t know if you saw, but
when he handed me two skewers, one of them actually, we
had a little accident. One of them literally
slipped off the skewer! That’s how buttery soft it’s gonna be. That just increased my appetite, but it’s gonna be soft and buttery. You can just how oily that is just glistening in the morning sunshine. Oh yeah, oh. It’s butter.
It’s just so creamy. You’ve got like a little bit of a salty, slightly sweet sauce all over it. It’s a glaze and then that just has that roasted, slightly burnt flavor to it. That is absolutely melt-in-your-mouth. This is my kind of a Popsicle. (speaking Japanese) The butteryness of that eel
is just lingering in my mouth. But I am coming up on another stall here. And I wanna get one, they
have some corn fritters and I think some type of fish
cake fritters as well here. Arigato. Next up, this is a stall that does all sorts of fish cake and fish paste. A lot of them, some of them look fried, some of the look grilled, and they have a whole cabinet full of fish cakes. But one of their most well
known treats is this little, another popsicle looking delight, I think this is fish
cake, fish paste which is then covered in, it’s just
completely caked in corn. Then, I’m actually not
sure if it’s fried or what, but it looks like a little
yellow ice cream bar. Oh wow. It’s like, there’s
just corn mixed within. I thought the corn would
just be covering the outside, but it’s really mixed within
and then the fish cake inside, it’s kind of spongy and it’s
mot really fishy at all. It’s really sweet from the sweet corn. So really the fish cake just acts to hold together all that corn. It’s just packed in there with corn. This could almost be
considered a sweet snack because that sweet corn
is unbelievably sweet. (light electronic music) Hi!
– Hi! – [Mark] Hi. These little walkway alleys
around the outer Tsukiji Market are really a food lover’s
dream come true, a paradise. It really is a mixture of both
street food things to eat, ready made things to eat, and then lots of fresh ingredients as well
and you can buy just almost all Japanese food
products you can imagine. It’s quite a superb mix that will make any food lover excited. (speaking Japanese) Can I have one of the really big ones? – Big one?
– Yes. Please. – Thank you.
– Arigato. – This is, by far, the most giant oyster I’ve ever seen in my life,
and the most expensive oyster I’ve ever bought in my
life, but it is huge! This is definitely not a one biter. This is like, they actually
give you two toothpicks because this is like a two person oyster! Just check out, this is
just insanely gigantic. I wouldn’t even, if I saw
this from the outside, I wouldn’t even recognize
that it’s an oyster. It has like a, it’s not just one of those flat shell fish looking oysters, but look at that depth on
the bottom of that shell. This is like a, probably
a circular oyster. This thing is huge and
meaty and just gigantic. Oh! It’s so meaty! Look at
the size of this. Wow. I’m honestly kind of
contemplating the one bite, but no I don’t think, this
should not be attempted! This oyster should not
be attempted in one bite. That’s just like a mouthful of the sea. Oh. It’s like a cross
between butter and jelly and just so seafoody, that
is a mouthful of the ocean. Wow, that is absurd. That
oyster is literally spreadable. You could spread that
onto a piece of bread. It literally dissolves, similar to if you were to take a bite of ice cream and how that just sort of melts
on the tip of your tongue. That is seafood at its finest. Man! That’s insane. Ooo. Oh! With that one oyster I feel
like I just ate the entire sea. Wow, that was for sure the
best oyster experience, single oyster, that I’ve
ever experienced in my life. They have a selection of
different oysters there, all different sizes and
priced according to size, but that giant, giant oyster. That just deserved a moment of silence. Even though that’s one oyster, she put on a little bit of sauce,
which I didn’t even taste, but that really sums up Japanese food. The purest of the best
with little seasoning, but just focusing on the ingredients. That is Japanese food for me. (light electronic music) A lot of people come to
Tsukiji Market to eat with a priority on
their mind to eat one of the most popular, one of the
most famous Japanese foods and they have a lot of
places to choose from. I’m walking over to a
place now that hopefully… yeah, let’s check it out.
(light electronic music) I’ve been scouting out this restaurant. It’s in the backstreets,
some real local backstreets of Tsukiji Market and I
found this tiny little alley. Where’d that alley go? Oh here
it is! Here it is over here. And yeah, this is a tiny
little alley, but this is the coolest route to get
to this sushi restaurant. Come on Ying! I’m sure
this is the way. Hey Micah! And you get back into
this neighborhood here, and this is the house where
the sushi restaurant is in. Right here. They’re open.
(speaking Japanese) – Hello.
– Thank you. – Thank you. – [Mark] Oh I am so thrilled
that we found this place. If you had a Japanese grandpa, this is the type of sushi you would get. This is just a little house place. This is definitely the
most classic heritage, just awesome, loving, you can
feel the love in this place. This is a classic little house in the back of the outer Tsukiji Market and they make just perfect looking sushi. We got one large plate of sushi
and then one, the omakase, so the chefs back there
just decided what to make and then one sushi
sashimi bowl Chirashi don. Wow, it looks so colorful and so, it’s just oozing with freshness! I’m gonna pour some soy sauce. This is such a beautiful,
colorful plate of sushi that is absolutely stunningly gorgeous. This looks just like family style sushi. I’m gonna start with this one, which I think is medium fatty tuna. Just look at that, just
get a close up on that. That is pretty beyond belief. You can see how that fish
is so soft and tender that it’s almost, you could
easily pull this apart. It’s like little scales of fish. Oh. Oh that’s insane. Mmm. Oh that fish just
disintegrates. That is so pure. Oh and it’s room temperature, the rice just sort of blends with the fish. That is outrageously fresh. I’m sure they got that
fish right from the market, which is just a stone’s throw away. You actually put quite
a lot of wasabi within that piece of sushi underneath the fish. That is immaculate. All right. Mm hmm. That has a crunch to it. Kind of like, I think it’s
some kid of a shell fish. Mmmm. Mm. That is stunning. This really just tastes like an uncle or a grandpa is serving you sushi. Wow, that is absolutely incredible. Next up I’ll take a bite of the bowl. Ohh. (chomping) It just melts your heart. It’s the purest. The purest. The best. Ohh, it has a very light, kind
of fishy, miso broth flavor to it with those green
onions or leeks in there. Light and really good. Mmm. That’s delicious as well. With just a thin layer
off fish on that one. Followed with ginger. Oh,
it’s so complimentary. Whenever I eat sushi, I could down a whole pile of that pickled ginger. Bite after bite of just extreme freshness. Ohh. That’s another, a winner
of a melt-in-your-mouth bite. (baby shrieking) This is just absolutely amazing. I’m just in sushi awe right now. My final bite, my final piece
of sushi came way too fast. Oh, that is some of the
freshest, some of the best, love in the sushi tasting
that I’ve ever had in my life and I’m down
to that final bite. I just have this little tradition where I often save the fatty
tuna belly for my last bite just because that is
the flavor that you want to linger in your mouth
for as long as possible. I don’t even want to use
my chopsticks for this one. I actually have this
urge to just touch it. I’m going so the fish
touches my tongue first. (light electronic music) Moment of silence. That
is Japan in one bite. That is absolutely stunning.
Okay, coming out of here now. Wow. This. Arigato! That has just given me a new ultimate perspective on family sushi. That is literally like if you were to have a Japanese grandfather and
you went over to his house, he just bought fish from the fish market. He sliced it up, made sushi. That is the type of experience that that just was and that was mind blowing. I actually found that restaurant just by scanning through Google Maps. When I found that place,
I saw the photo of the dining room with
that one singular table, that old style looking table. Just from seeing the table,
I knew that’s the sushi restaurant we needed to
eat at when we came here. It just, it was beyond my expectations. (car motors) From here we’re gonna go walk around the inner market for a little bit. See some fish and some seafood. But we’re here in the middle of the morning now, almost noon. You gotta be careful though, so you don’t get run over by one of
these little trolleys. We really did get here too
late for the fish market. There’s just about nothing left. Almost everyone has packed
up, but that’s okay. We got, I got a little carried away eating in the outer market before
even making it here. That’s okay, I visited the fish market the last time I came here. If you want to visit the fish market you gotta come in the
morning, even like 7 or 8am is good to come, or
even earlier than that. You’ll see some gigantic
tuna and some seafood like you’ve never seen before, ever! (light electronic music) There’s this one section
of the outer market where you come and you see everybody who’s standing around has an
ice cream cone in hand. Let’s have an ice cream cone! (speaking Japanese) They have a bunch of different flavors, but one of the most common is the Matcha, the green tea powder. It looks really kind of
like a fluffy ice cream. Mmm. It’s definitely green tea. And then, something
about Japanese ice cream is you can really, really
taste the milky flavor of it. It’s really like, it’s really
strong milky. In a good way. It’s very rich, it’s very creamy, and has a strong green tea flavor to it, that’s good, it’s actually very good. It’s called Silk Ice? I
think it’s called Silk Ice. (speaking Japanese) Mmm yeah. Ice cream is good for sure. – (family speaking Japanese) – [Mark] Oh okay, nice to meet you! – Nice to meet you,
we’ll see you on YouTube. – Thank you! Next up,
right on this corner, right across from that ice
cream place is some of the, one of the, again it’s not a seafood dish. It has nothing to do with seafood, but it is one of the most
common, popular street food, Japanese street foods next
to eat at Tsukiji Market, this outer market and it is an egg omelet. Oh yeah, he just looks like he knows how to handle an omelet. You can see how popular this snack is, they’re just dishing them out enough. (speaking Japanese) Arigato.
– Arigato! – [Mark] There are probably
four or five places that serve Japanese omelets here and it’s a very, very common
street food snack that you see almost everyone
walking around eating. Especially on this row
here, it’s pretty cool. At this place you can see them making it. He has the square pans
and he folds up the egg. It’s really an art to
make this Japanese omelet and if you look at it
closely, it almost looks like a block of a type of cheese
with those air bubbles in it, but it’s dense at the same time. This little custom plastic thing
is pretty cool to eat with. It’s like a knife with a poker on it. You can cut off a piece, stab, and eat. Oh, look at the airiness of that. You know, I just can’t fully
get into the Japanese omelet. I love Japanese food, I love the seafood. But it’s kind of oddly sweet
for me, Japanese omelets. I knew this going into this
piece, I’ve had it before. It’s just not my personal favorite thing. That being said, it is kind of good. This one’s kind of
custardy, it’s very juicy. It’s almost like an egg
custard, but a omelet. Yeah, you know, I can
definitely appreciate it and I like how they make it,
but this is just not my thing. He is selling some squid jerky. I’m just gonna taste a
quick piece, take a piece. Oh take it all! Squid jerky. Mmmmm. Oh yeah. That’s good. That’s leathery squid.
Kind of sweet and salty. (chattering in background) (speaking Japanese) Hello.
– Hello. – How much is?
– One. – [Mark] I’ll have one please. Thank you. (blowtorch whirring) (speaking Japanese)
– Hot, hot, hot! – [Mark] Okay.
(speaking Japanese) Another Japanese street
food, seafood snack that I could not resist is, it’s a scallop which is diced up and
then put back in the shell and then he adds a variety of different seafood to it and then he blowtorchs it. That’s the key to this and I ate here a couple years ago when I was at Tsukiji Market and it was probably one of my favorite street food snacks that I had. Last time I had a little
surprise, it was during winter. Now it’s summer in Japan. It was during winter and I had
this little creamy surprise. I didn’t know what it
was when I was eating it, it turned out to be cod sperm,
which is a delicacy in Japan. I had no idea what I was eating then, but it was included on this shell. Since it’s summer, I don’t
think it’s season now. He’s included a few other things. He included some uni, which
I’m not gonna complain about and then he included a little crab claw. Oh that’s just scorched
uni! Oh the sea urchin! Oh the creaminess! Okay this is a piece of the, just look at the size of the shell. Look at that scallop below there. It is just so meaty and so… oh. It’s gonna be amazing.
Oh ho wow. Look at that. That’s like a cream topping. (chomping) Oh man. The combination of that
scallop, which is so sweet, and then that slightly
bitter seafoody sea urchin with that carmalized crust on top. I think he always serves a
scallop, but then it’s kind of a seasonal mixture of seafood
that he adds on top of it. So you might get lucky
with some cod sperm, or with a little crab claw,
I got a crab claw this time. (sucking) Oh wow. Just look
at the size of this scallop. Look at that, oh! What is that? I think that’s part of the scallop. Wow. That’s like scallop
and, what is that? I feel like I’m starting to
turn into a seafood right now. Really exceptionally good,
extremely fresh, good quality. You know, everything is really good, but if you could just
choose one seafood treat Japanese street food snack,
that might be the one because it’s a jumble,
it’s a seafood jumble. The way it’s sort of raw
but it’s sort of cooked at the same time and the
way he blow torches it. That’s a good one. That’s a must eat. We’re waking over to eat
at our final restaurant and this is gonna wrap up the
food tour of Tsukiji Market. Can I have one ten don?
– One ten don. – And one tempura–
– Pura A, B. Yeah?
– Yeah. Yes please. Arigato. For the final stop on this
Tsukiji Market food tour, this is a whole strip of kind of like little shop house restaurants. There’s some of the most popular and most well known sushi
restaurants in this area, but I’ve already had amazing
sushi and so I’m gonna end this food tour by
eating some fresh tempura. This is just a really small restaurant. It has a sliding door in the front and these little tiny stool chairs. Cool little place. As soon as you step in here
you can smell the aroma of the frying oil and you can
hear it cooking in the back. That bubbling oil sound. Oh. Green tea. Oh that’s soothing. Arigato. Wow. That is gorgeous.
It’s still crackling. It’s still sizzling. They do not make your
tempura until you order it, so it is hot and piping fresh. They take their time to make it perfectly and just fry it very very
fresh so it’s just, oh yeah. You do wait for it and
it’s gonna be worth it. Ying and I got two
different sets to share. One is the ten don, which is a rice bowl with an assortment of tempura on top. They also put the sauce
all over it already, so there’s no dipping sauce. That is beautiful. Also we
got just a set of tempura. Just the mix, there’s
shrimp. There’s fish. There’s some vegetables. It’s
beautiful. It’s beautiful. Look at that shrimp on
top there. Look at that! Okay, this has to be my
first bite right here. Oh, absolutely sensational. First of all, starting
with a very fresh shrimp and then it’s like muscular in texture. That batter is crispy and, I don’t know, it’s drenched in that sauce,
which is a little bit salty, and a little bit sour,
and a little bit sweet. Oh, that’s delicious.
Absolutely sensational. Oh the rice! Mmm. The rice is amazing because it’s soaked up a little bit of that
oil and that sauce. Oh. What a fried treat this is. What a crunchy treat this is. Next up, could this be
eggplant? I think it’s eggplant. Oh, it’s hot! Oh yeah. Oh that’s eggplant. It’s just like melt-in-your-mouth creamy. We also got a plate of tempura and there’s some shrimp on there, but I
really want to try the fish. Check that out, that’s just a butterfly cut piece of fish, then deep fried. What I love is that nothing
is over deep fried, you know? The ingredients underneath that batter layer just remain perfect. (crunching)
(chomping) That’s so light and fluffy. Oh delicious. It’s a little bit of a
flaky fish on the inside. Let me taste some of those pickles. (crunching)
Mm. Nice and crisp. Thank you. Arigato. Okay I’m down to the final
bite. I saved a shrimp. This is going to be my final bite on this Tsukiji Japanese food tour. And what a tour it’s been! I’m gonna let it relax, I want to let it relax in there for a little bit. All right. Here it goes. Final bite. (light electronic music) Mmm. And on that note, I
am tapping out. I am done. That was an amazing Tsukiji
Market Japanese food tour. We are the last ones in here,
they are closed for lunch. What a way to end this food tour! This place is legendary
for their tempura as well. That brings us to the end of this Tsukiji Market Japanese food tour extreme. There’s been so much good food. I’ll include everywhere that I ate, the whole list in the description box below and also you can check out the blog posts for all the details. The links will be in the
description box below, but really, you can
come to Tsukiji Market. There’s so much to see, there’s so many street food snacks to try. Especially if you love
to eat seafood of course. It’s where your dreams will come alive. It’s an amazing place to
visit when you’re in Tokyo. One of the greatest fish
markets in the world and the restaurants surrounding
are also impressive. I am stuffed. That was amazing. I want to say a big thank you to you for watching this video. Please remember to give it a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Also, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below. If you’re not already
subscribed, click subscribe now. I’m going to be sharing lots more food and travel videos with you. Thank you again for watching and good bye from Tsukiji Market in Tokyo, Japan. Good bye thanks, for watching!

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