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Japanese Street Food Tour of TSUKIJI Fish Market Tokyo Japan

Japanese Street Food Tour of TSUKIJI Fish Market Tokyo Japan

So excited. First official full day in Tokyo. I am going to the famous Tsukiji fish market I seen a lot of photos, videos on Social media as well as growing up and Always wanted to go there, and have some fresh fish. That’s what I’m gonna do today. 🎵 🎵 🎵 Hey, I think that’s the pissing shrimp or that. Yeah, that’s the pissing shrimp 🎵 🎵 🎵 This looks ridiculously fresh 🎵 🎵 🎵 My first impression of this fish market is that it is crowded. This is 11 a.m.. On a weekday I can’t imagine what it’s like on the weekend. Look at the size of these oysters! Holy cow! I think I found something. I want to eat Tuna steak I get a steak what oh man this looks awesome steamed oysters I’m gonna be trying out a lot of random foods. The first thing that caught my eye are these seared tuna steaks on a Skewer, and I just doused it in chili Pepper This is awesome man. Oh Wow See this, this things just like, flaking off the skewer ah I love that he finishes off with a blowtorch on the outside So on top of the nice tuna meat, you get that nice little char Fantastic way to start my day. second food item are the steamed oysters? And I think these are really simple these are freshly steamed oysters All I saw him do was add a little bit of soy sauce in here and these look Awesome. That’s so cool No fishiness at all to this. This is so incredibly fresh I’ll tell you I was gonna hesitate because I’m not the biggest fan of oysters I find them really slimy even when they’re cooked, a lot of times I find their fishiness a little too much for me, but the flavors here are really simple I think they’re really many lines on how fresh the oysters are And this is absolutely delicious. these are grilled scallops with sea urchins on top and the sea urchin is barbecue with a blowtorch This looks absolutely insane I’m giving sea urchin a shot, but I I don’t I don’t love it I feel like it tastes like a slimy ocean that’s basically what sea urchin is to me. Hopefully it tastes better under a blowtorch It smells good. I feel like the ocean threw up in my mouth To me its just briny. It’s really really slimy Yeah, they seasoned it way too much to be ideal. Like it’s like I took a physical bite of seawater [surely] events her fine But I’m here to try anything, so let’s try this brown stuff smells very crabby Wow, never judge a book by. It’s cover this isn’t not bad There’s chunks of crap eating here, and there’s definitely trying and urging her In this thing [bio] [Council] doesn’t [smell] the greatest But wow it’s like a [crabby] cream of spinach. [I] never thought I would ever enjoy eating a mysterious brown goop from my crap shop But this has changed my mind so in the future if I ever see something else browning Gooey a small edges in a crab [shell] I’m gonna eat it okay. That’s probably the worst advice ever don’t ever do [that]. Oh tea Matcha Sencha nice. I need this to kind of wash the ocean from my mouth look beautiful It’s fantastic. Thank you this place behind me sells tamago which is a Japanese egg roll egg wrap and I don’t I don’t know if this place is actually really that good [where] this is all – look at the line here Guess I’ll find out okay I’m looking around and everybody in line with me seem to be a tourist, so this is smelling more more like a trap But I’ll let you guys know. Thank you My first impression it looks like a popsicle except it weighs about three times as much. This is really dense, and is really heavy [oh] God, I’m supposed to see I’m missing a piece here because I swear to you I did not fight it. It just just kind of broke off in my mouth Ha ha this is doubly smooth and delicious was kind of [thrown] me off a little bit is that is kind of sweet [I] was expecting this to kind of be like a like an omelette on a stick but not at All it is almost like a dessert like like an egg custard [on] a stick look on the inside This is I feel like work the fluffiness is coming from although. It’s Dense as heavy There’s so many layers so many layers of [tasting] here that we would bite into it and [just] crumpled in your mouth It’s almost like an eggy building demolishing No, the problem [is] I have [no] idea what this thing is supposed to taste like so I mean, it’s good I just can’t tell you in the world of [tamago] whether this is like a 5 horas hen, it is yummy, though You know what this will be really [awesome] with [the] pancake [we’re] [baking] what the heck is this and why are there like 20 billion people here? I swear to you every sushi place in this market is behind Every one of them wanted to take a break from the seafood and that grabs some mochi this isn’t fresh mochi with strawberries inside And I got a Matcha mango Mango cream and custard let’s start off with a mango one And I see a couple different types of cream inside, so let’s take a bite Wow, I got outed on my now lie everywhere Snowing in tokyo. [oh], God that thing [right] huge mango Flavor What’s in here is what looks like whipped Cream and also There’s definitely mum being up hasting here bumping paste mum. Being cream one of those too. This is definitely, not light I see why they paired it off with a strawberry because the flavor of the strawberry cuts into the heaviness of the cream [and] the Filling actually this is really heavy. I feel like I feel like one bite, and it is enough for me I’ll even know how I can finish this this is oh my goodness It’s so substantial right let’s soldier on to the next mochi. This is a custer one I got and I was really excited about this. This is like a hand grenade [I] got to pull this across the street right now and destroy a building and I have never been so happy for the presence of Strawberry before in my life without the strawberry [I] feel like this is Gonna bombard your stomach and sit there for the next week There’s no good way to eat this without Destroying yourself making he’s making you look like a guy with [dole] headfirst into like a [flour] factory or something Excuse my barbaric this let me just shove the strawberry deeper into the Mochi, huh? it’s like a strawberry mochi Sandwich ammonia which Much better than a [mingo]. This is a lot lighter than a previous one especially pretty good I never ate Mochi like a taco before actually Wanna finish this Finally let’s [trade] the [Matcha] [one] I was going to take the strawberry off because I’m just going [to] try [this] in its purest form so without the strawberry this is the size of this mochi and We’re gonna it is pretty big and I think this one is going to be really dense as well I am covered covered in flour. This is I wish it was snow right now So I have an excuse, but most people gonna be like yeah this guy just needs to wash his hair But I feel like it’s gonna be really does because I think it’s going to be bean paste in here as well Yep I’m being paged even this one is better than the app then the mango one wow I’m done. Iii want to eat more food, so I’m gonna lay out the mochi You guys remember a valuable lesson if you want to eat a lot [of] food Lay off the mochi after the mochi break I feel pretty good. Let’s go get more secret Look at this Can I can I have a whole [rolls] fish? One of these look at this is like a tuna there And then they’re cutting up fresh for people right here this guy’s got a tuna sword it says that knife This is as fresh as you’re gonna get he’s walking by and the scallop was Absolutely insane the last scallop experience. I had today was now that good this has no sea urchin on there So I’m feeling really kind of good about this. I love it. Whatever people use molds porches on my food I feel like I should be recognized for barbecue How’s off very happy about that? Let’s go about how there well. I won’t [have] to but This is really a husband a nice tart flavor Mmm, the sauce they put on this little bit of soy sauce pot Do it [with] [lot] [fresher] [than] last woman another one lesson really [taste] like? Just like I took a couple of the ocean water, but this is really fresh [Mat-Su] fishy really not much ocean Flavor to this just a nice tender a beautifully barbecue [Scott] those cuts [because] I might This looks just insane this is like a smorgasbord of seafood on a on a clam shell, you got tuna There’s sea urchin which I’m not really excited about there’s crab and of course clam on the bottom This is the ultimate Fresh seafood sampler platter. Well if he’s a crab nice Little scum [fish] little crab claw [aww] clam [lore], that’s good Loving this so far. I had [piece] of the – I didn’t want this completely wrong. It looks like guys cook maybe [medium-rare] am oh That was probably swimming in the ocean an hour ago this is the opposite of a starkist we [would] try the sea urchin again never big venice, New York A Handful sold out a big finish your turn Sorry to be kind of graphic, but it tastes like a cyst not maybe just mean this everybody loves sea urchin precisely This is the scallop [that] belongs in the shelf This date was like [92] [ice] dollars, but I feel like it’s really worth it. I mean you cannot get seafood this fresh Don’t charge me. I’m [taking] the soup Alex [I’m] fine now my day is complete. I’m good. They become more dishes out of it [few] more three more for more Maybe one king crab. It’s one of my favorite things in the world I [think] I had it at a chinese buffet once and it blew my mind look at that beautiful [crabmeat] They put absolutely nothing in here and it tastes fantastic Listener which is naturally sweet little salty from the salt water, holy wow, this is what Fresh? King crab tastes like I would have dip this in butter even if you put it next to me this needs Absolutely nothing except is natural fresh, so this crab is a prime example of why you should just be yourself [I] mean look at this thing. [it] needs no butter, and he’s no salted There’s no oils, and he’s no makeup Scott’s got no hair extentions kind of thick nails is perfect and beautiful as it is Thank you. [I’m] a perfect way to end this mission market crew Sample Day Not this ice cream is fluffy as they come was so satisfying after all the seafood I had this has been such an awesome day here at the tSUkiji fish market like I said I’ve [been] wanting to come here Forever and finally I’m [here] I got to taste a lot of awesome food got to walk around and check out the stalls and as crowded as it was at A great time I think for me if you put me [in] any situation as long as I’m surrounded by food I’m gonna have fun another thing is nothing here is cheap a typical item costs about 500 yen at least and it really adds up because up 500 yen item might just be a run fighter And you don’t even realize it because you’re having great time you see all this delicious food you want to try everything and the next Thing you know you spend [a] [hundred] [dollars] and I get that this place is most likely considered a tourist trap or whatever I love To hear especially if you’re not like me if you enjoy sashimi, if you enjoy raw fish, you will love what they offer here I wish [I] ain’t sushi me today because the fresh tuna looks so amazing my one regret today was that on the Side of the Market was not open so I didn’t get to see that Also of course I did not get to see the fish auction but overall this has been such a fun experience and if you guys ever been here let me know how you like it in the Comments below thank you all so much for watching this video. Yeah, oh something else I really loved about that fish market was [that] most of the vendors they can atleast speak some English which was good because All the Japanese I know I learned from watching anime So I didn’t want to accidentally challenge somebody to a sword fight or confess my love to someone

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  10. The tamago is supposed to be sweet. It’s almost like a dessert when you get a sushi platter.

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