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Japanese Street Food Tour TSUKIJI FISH MARKET

Japanese Street Food Tour TSUKIJI FISH MARKET

today we’re going to be trying out some awesome Street food and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tokyo [Music] hey guys it’s Thursday which means it’s time to once again explore the streets of Tokyo for some delicious food today we’re at world-famous soukichi if you didn’t know already Tsukiji is one of the largest markets in the entire world when people here to qiji they usually think about the tuna auctions that happen early in the morning they happen in the inner market for the casual visitor who are more interested in trying out the street foods you want to go to the outer market and that’s exactly what we’re gonna be doing today if you’re new to this channel and you enjoy videos like this one don’t forget to subscribe and make sure to press that Bell icon to be notified every time we release a new video let’s get started first we bought at unagi fishing Tello they are selling a seafood on stick just 200 yen or 1 stick and I bought carob so it was great very beautiful Yaya’s the body is very soft and outside ear pod is critically toe crispy and soy sauce tastes really nice unagi is super expensive here in Japan but this is 200 yen for this Nagi I mean you can’t get it this cheap anywhere else really anyway I’m hoping it’s good thank you awesome hmm oh okay that’s actually not bad for some reason I was expecting it to be a bit dry because it is after all only 200 yen but it’s actually not bad for this price mmm that wanagi or eel is a little bit fatty which is actually nice it has to be fatty there’s nothing worse than like a dry munagi but the dragon Aki’s even exists I’m happy this is a great start to a food tour if it’s called the model cozy again deep-fried Kong and fish cake the inside is a fish cake with calm and it’s deep-fried this is a problem as you know Hamato it’s a shop ready said this is a number one popular stuff mmm it’s sweeter than I expected it’s a taste of a calm fish cake it’s like kamaboko really tasty this shop has been in operation for over 80 years so they’ve been around so they know what they’re doing okay I didn’t expect to taste this good this is deep-fried fish cake but it’s not that really I’ve actually never had corn fish cake before I’m a huge fan now I think good stuff the next that we came to die Sara it’s a very nice egg omelet shop both of these omelets are 120 yen hot and cold let me cut into this this is the Hot Tamale like you guys okay it’s super super fluffy super fluffy check that out hey don’t like you off hmm that was good this is a really pleasant sweetness the egg is super fluffy so here’s a cold one and immediately I can tell that it’s not as soft oh it’s absolutely different from the hot one it’s interesting how different they are in texture and taste this one is also a little bit sweet but it also has a dashi taste whereas the regular hot one doesn’t have any dashi flavor it’s just kind of like a sweet omelette which is actually delicious and I actually prefer that one we’ve got a lot more to eat let’s go to the next place next stop is Sookie Ben where they specialize in the analysis sheet but not just any old analysis sheet this is secret top in an easy shape this is the one I got I got the analysis sheet with crabmeat and salmon roe hakuna crabmeat and Samurai CUDA on top of Inari by the way that is a deep-fried tofu pouches just in case you guys didn’t know please go for 500 yen they do have other toppings such as uni sea urchin but I’m not really a fan of sea urchin so I’m gonna go to the crab in that you grab the crab meat is so fresh and juicy so much juice was dripping down my chin right now I actually don’t want to give Satoshi any of this it’s so good alright I’ll save you I’m gonna save you some mmm so juicy yep seafood Arriba the club me Trevor really nice let’s go to the next place the next McGraw no miako seafood agree justice 1000 yen tuna seocheon club and inside maybe scallop it it’s just grilled in front of us the char grilled on the surface sea urchin I love sea urchin no grave of all naturally greedy with the soy sauce that is true I’m very the tuna that has so much flavor the seafood super super fresh so you don’t really need to add too many seasonings they think like just the right amount of saltiness it’s not too soy sauce or anything oh oh and it’s tuna super super meaty okay here we go look at that check it out guys oh that is so good I love crab oh my god that’s so good if Lisa’s suka shorten they are famous for their shoe mine which are Chinese dumplings I know we’re here to eat seafood but we’re eating pork and chicken but I heard these are good so we had to try them out this is the pork this is the pork shumai and this is made with Kagoshima pork so it’s supposed to be very very special oh this ship might actually taste so much more flavorful than the shu mai that i buy at my neighborhood store it’s really really moist and soft on the inside there’s almost some like no vegetables in here I think it’s just pork and I don’t know what else they use but it’s really good this is the chicken streamer I’ve never had chicken Streamlight before chicken shumai it’s kind of unusual oh I actually like this chicken one I think this one is favored with a little bit of ginger so it has a little bit of kick a totally different flavor from the pork one and because this chicken is a lot lighter and less fatty the chicken one is 90 yen the Park one is 110 yen so they’re actually very reasonably priced and especially when they are this good definitely worth it this is from a shop cut he zoomy they were cooking these up on the on the street and there’s no way I can resist this Oh food me this is actually fish cake it’s fish cake but it does have the favor of crab they got some mustard here so I’m gonna like dip my imitation crab fish cake into a little bit mustard oh yeah that mustard that’s a nice little kick to do some fresh flavored fish paper oh no bad this gravich cake really fluffy and capable no we were walking down this small alleyway in between the streets or we found this really nice and quaint shop that sells fish burgers called fish burger masa they were right in front of us what I thought was a bowl of miso soup it was actually a pot of ginger ale he was actually making fresh ginger ale right in front of us so of course I had to get myself ginger ale I mean I’ve never seen ginger ale made right in front of me like that and then we got a ton of burger which translates to called burger and this is 500 yen and it’s so cool because he makes everything fresh I mean right in front of you he actually battered the fish in front of us he deep-fried it and then I mean everything was just fresh so I’m just impressed well that is a good fish burger the outside is so crispy the inside is so piping hot and flaky the fish is so fresh there’s no fish penis whatsoever there’s a slice of cheese that’s melted on top of the fish there’s shredded cabbage as well and the bun is a very specially made bun he’s a ginger ale oh oh that’s that is so refreshing it’s so refreshing Wow and so much ginger check it out I mean look at the ginger look at all that fresh ginger right inside that’s amazing basic chop is called Naruto’s CSUN press in the 500 en that larger size they have also smaller side is 160 M that the shop owner said it is very good as it is so if you don’t really like oyster so please add lemon juice OSE good in Japan we said we call this oyster sea milk it’s like a milk it’s so totally smooth I got all sweetness so good I get over there all right we got the menchi-katsu from a shop called yoshizawa shorten they are famous for their men cheek cutlets and it’s made with a hundred percent Matsuzaka beef which is one of the top three Wagyu beefs here in Japan and we had to wait for a while because they were sold out and they keep selling like hotcakes all day long that’s how popular these are hi oh wow this is incredibly juicy it’s so juicy has so much beef flavor it’s it’s like it’s not like the beef that I’m used to eating is so much flavor in here it’s so simple all it is is ground up Matsuzaka beef is rolling some panko breadcrumbs and then it’s deep-fried that’s all it is but it’s wonderful I told you it’s crazy isn’t it oh so juicy mmm so much you so much umami over beef hmm isn’t this like the juiciest menchi-katsu ever I need one more no we got more to eat let’s go to the next place okay let’s go to the next place the shop name is margarita Croghan you guys are probably saying finally you guys are eating tuna I know it took us a while but you know there’s just so much food that’s you know like trying to catch our attention anyway we’re finally having tuna this is the two total which is the medium fatty tuna and the reason why we chose a medium fatty tuna is because the fatty tuna which is all Toro we both don’t really care for all Toro it’s a bit too fatty for our taste but if you like fatty taste please go for it because I heard it’s really good I’m gonna eat it with a little wasabi I’m gonna have it with a little bit of rice like that and see what it tastes like mmm wow that is so fresh it is one of the freshest tuna I’ve had this is definitely worth the 1500 yen it’s a pretty small bowl but they actually give you quite a few pieces of tuna in this bowl I wish my mother was here right now she loves to know so much I wish you were here so I could give you a taste of this mom you would love this check this out check this on the key out guys look at this gigantic rice ball with a shrimp tempura inside this is from a place called mother toil and all these sell are rice balls Japanese rice balls called onigiri and because this is Tsukiji they have fillings such as this shrimp tempura they have clams they have oysters salmon and all type of fish for fillings had to get one of this to try it let’s give it a go thank you mas where do I start the tail or this part I’m afraid I might just have rice on this side mmm-hmm good rice with the tempura sauce I didn’t get any of the shrimp yet mmm there you go I just bit into the shrimp that is a pretty big sized shrimp I was kind of surprised because this was actually only 220 yen that’s pretty cheap for a rice ball with a big shrimp inside this is the yummy this would be perfect if you’re really really hungry yeah I think two of these would like to fill you up right away hmm pretty good last but not least is this thing right here this is from a shop cuts a Nokia and they serve these tuna pastries that’s right you’re not gonna find savory tuna in here but I think it’ll find something like red beans or something that’s what I think this is like a tuna version of the famous taiyaki that you find all over the city but as this is Tsukiji they got to do things a little bit differently oh wow oh my god okay that’s a lot of uncle in there uncle is sweetened red bean paste and this is the the bumpy type where there are some actual whole beans inside okay and then the outside is like kind of crispy and kind of like a pancake batter I guess by the way this is called the chew total yaki which means medium fatty tuna whatever this is like us hmm it tastes just like a taiyaki no difference guys no difference from a taiyaki the only difference is the shape the shape is in the shape of a tuna and that’s the only difference the beans are really good it’s not super sweet so it’s the perfect way to end a meal it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s not bad guys this is a perfect dessert but that’s only if you like Azuki beans goodness gracious great balls of fire I can’t believe we ate so much food today I am so sleepy now what was your favorite thing that you ate today Satoshi the fish ball game oh yeah the fish burger that was good you know I pretty much forgot what I ain’t because we had so much food today how many islands do we eat today 13 iTune 13 13 13 happy no wonder I’m ready to fall asleep you know I gotta say the one thing that stood out for me is definitely that fish burger that we had I really like that that was a discovery we weren’t planning to do that one I gotta say they’re my favorite of everything we had today with the exception of that fish burger was that annatee that Inari sushi with the crab meat on top that was the bomb I could go for another one right now I know III can’t know again anyway thank you so so much for joining us on this epic street food tour of Tsukiji please let us know your favorites in the comments down below and you’re gonna see more videos like this one please let us know that in the comments down as well the email marketer will close this October but the out up market will remain yes so no worries you can always come here for squid Street first but thank you for watching see you next adventure bye [Music] a day or two later he

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