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Japan’s Tsukiji Fishmarket – From Sea Slugs to $250,000 Tuna.

Japan’s Tsukiji Fishmarket – From Sea Slugs to $250,000 Tuna.

Hi, I’m Karin and welcome to Our Human Planet. If it comes out of the ocean and it’s edible chances are you’ll find it here. Japan’s Tsukiji Fishmarket. It opens at 4:30 a.m. It’s the largest seafood wholesaler in the world. It supplies Japan with 1/3 of its fish. There’s a certain amount of haste because unlike in Western markets Tsuikiji’s clientele prefer to eat their purchases raw. But I think the most intriguing part about the market is the tuna auction. They arrived from as far away as Boston and, fresh or frozen, are on the floor by 5:00 a.m. The buyers then have 15 minutes to
examine the merchandise. At $10,000 for good-sized fish,
they’re not afraid to dig in. Time’s up. Everyone hurries to take their place and they’re off. Their sales pitch strikes me as distinctly unJapanese. But then they’re playing to a very tough crowd. Would you believe it’s almost freezing out? When the bidding moves out onto the
floor I’m a lot more careful where I put my hands. Once a bidder wins, the fish
gets tagged and labeled and immediately hauled away. Speed is of the essence. This product is a very short shelf life. The result is a miracle of efficiency. 500 fish are ready to be sold in l ess than 15 minutes. The fattier the fish, the higher the price tag. Next time – behind the scenes at a Japanese sushi restaurant. If you enjoyed this video please subscribe to Our Human Planet.

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