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they are fine right here that is a
historic fine right there guys welcome back to the episode we are back at the
Mississippi River again if you guys don’t watch my videos lately we’ve been
finding so much stuff right here so stick around it’s gonna be a great
episode yeah they definitely call this river the mighty Mississippi for a
reason because it is muddy Oh what is that holy cow look at that guy’s like a
big old ring or a saw or something look at it’s got teeth and everything inside
it that’s freaking crazy oh I just had something or a rock I don’t know I might
just have a bunch of money there’s a lot of mud right here guys I’m sinking to
every second I stand here I think a little bit more oh oh I got a big piece
of mud or something what is that all the gear take a look at that guys all right
guys I got something heavy oh man something very heavy oh look at
that take a look at that thing guys I think
it was heavy man I’m not really feeling a whole lot here now a whole lot of
rocks or anything oh my I do got something
oh we’re not sure what that is well Biggles stick look at this guy’s
I’ll have a stick look at that well I can get that off some more junk metal
there’s tons of stuff that actually gives me the creeps walking out in this
right now actually really muddy it’s hard to tell if I even have anything
because of the mud whoa look at that guy’s chain and some other piece of
metal oh we got something on there look at
that guys a couple pipes Oh railroad stick oh look at that take a look at
that guys there’s just too much mud here I am just ki I just keep sinking oh we
got some scrap metal this is why I don’t want to walk out there very far because
the whole this crap I’m surprised I haven’t stepped on nothing yet do not
like standing in Mississippi there’s been bull shark sightings here before so
I doubt if I say it’s shark but you never know check out that guy’s way I
think it’s so unbelievable on how much junk is here in this business the
Mississippi River I’m gonna be here all summer guys magnet fishing
what look at that guy’s oh look at that anybody knows what something like this
is used for definitely let me know down in the comments I’m just hoping that big
old snapping turtle don’t come along and buy me my ankle oh we get all we got one little piece of
metal take a look at that guy’s oh man got my magnet stuck guys dang it Oh guys
I am I am sinking the mud I’m thinking I’m at least four foot and water I don’t
want to dive down there because I don’t have a case of my GoPro hey whoa hey I
got something guys it’s nothing big oh my god look at those guys oh man
big all fine right here look at that oh I don’t know what that is is freakin
heavy oh my god Oh oh oh yeah might be a hoe
oh boat motors are under there I don’t stepping on some rocks or some metal on
there I don’t know what it was man guys nothing that’s frickin heavy hi
guys when I was walking I heard getting that
big bang I stepped on something over here I’m gonna see what this is water oh
my God look at that I was walking on that well we had to go
in the water get that I thought I stepped on something big
how do you come out here and see what it is look at that that is like an old
barge window or a ship window to like a tugboat or something definitely that
that is a historic fine right there I bet this thing is old look a lot of guys
heck yeah take a look what we found real quick look at that guys I don’t know
what that is if anybody knows that this thing is
definitely let me know down – comets it’s round and it’s got a whole bunch of
teeth on it if you take a look at that look at that piece of junk angle iron
down a door hinge not really what this thing could be it’s got some plastic and
some metal on it found an old chain look at this guy’s it’s just some more junk
metal found a quiet dead pieces of junk today I mean look at this I was worried
I was gonna step on something like that look at that guy’s in the big old gear I
think that might be a piece to a gas pipe
railspike some other piece of junk metal honey this place was loaded full junk
but look at this thing guys this thing is freakin huge all right guys look at
this thing this is a big old camshaft I mean look at it goes most part goes
through like a big old diesel engine to a barge or maybe I’ll ship that crashed
or something I don’t know I know it’s definitely heavy yeah look at this oh
this thing is real heavy too like a big window to like a ship maybe
to old barge or maybe to a some other type of ship thank you for watching it
means a lot to me I hope you all enjoy today’s episode if you guys enjoyed
today’s episode please smash that like button if you guys are brand new to my
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watching I hope to see you guys again


  1. I feel that you are doing a great community service by what you are doing. It's refreshing to see people that still get up off their butts and get something positive done! More power to you! ☮👍

  2. Dude, that's one serious cam. Good find! I gotta get out and get my magnet wet! I just had a baby and I'm busy as hell with the new baby so time is limited. Good vid.

  3. Great video! Some big finds this time. Looking forward to all your river adventures. So did you get your magnet back from last time?

  4. Crankshaft. Camshafts are a lot smaller and straighter. Count the bearing surfaces that are offset from the centerline and you'll know how many cylinders.

  5. UK coins stick. There is this guy who magnet fishes in the canals his always getting money. Great video and very interesting finds xx

  6. I hope you make a video every time in Mississippi River !!! Wow walk out farther and always be packing !

  7. Another good video… That crank shaft is heavy for sure. Cool finds expecialy the window. Take care and we will see you on the next one

  8. That crankshaft is big. . You need to get closer to some bridges and see you can find some Mississippi stolen guns.

  9. Went magnet fishing for the first time and found a kershaw knife, a spyderco knife, and a fly box. Well over $300 dollars worth of stuff for a $50 magnet. I'm hooked

  10. Hello then you, you always go out unusual and incredible objects must say that you know or go 😀 well done to you ..

  11. Not 100% on the Mystery piece, but could be the mechanism for a car window? No doubt that your magnet pulls 3,500lbs.

  12. That's a crankshaft, the piece with metal and plastic looks like a window regulator, the round piece thatkinda looks like a hat looks like the housing to a blower motor

  13. The big round piece with the gears looks like a clutch plate out of a dozer or clutch out of old winch

    Great work pulling the trash out of the water

    Thank you

  14. Ya know why the windows on ships are round?

    So the sailors don’t get the water square in the face!!! 😝

  15. How close do you live to The Mississippi River ? I live 2hrs east of it. I should go magnet fishing there also

  16. Thanks for another great video. I like how you get right to it wihout spending 5 minutes telling us what your about to do.

  17. Man you almost have enough parts to build you a boat. Lol. Thanks for sharing buddy. No need to go to the gym. You get one heck of a workout pulling that magnet in with the items on it. Have a great one. Tony

  18. I grew up in st Clair county Illinois across from St. Louis. Get around Eads Bridge you might find whole cars

  19. Tom , one day you should go to newfoundland canada , im not only from there and its truly Gods country , we do have meny places there where ships sunk right off shore .. Why dont we do it you say , well its a really Island with tons of shores.. You tell them what your doing they will be happy to help

  20. You were probably just bringing up an old tug that sank forever ago. No telling how many tugs, barges, and boats are at the bottom of that river. It’s full of them.

  21. Bloody hell Jeff i thought you were gonna bust ya puffle valve pulling that crankshaft in mate haha

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