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33 comments on “Jeff Fisher – White Chair Film – I Am Second®

  1. I love these videos. I'm sad to see they have become more digital and more complex. I loved how the old ones were just the person, the light, and camera angles. The simplicity was beautiful.

  2. I love the vulnerability that's shown in these videos. People need to know that Christians are broken and hurting, stumbling people too — that it's only Jesus in us that makes us who we are.

  3. It is good that he is a believer.He is still sabotaging the Rams by drafting stupidly and setting up the team to fail. I had seen an interview with him while he was still the titans coach and said even then,2005 or 2006,that the Super Bowl loss to the Rams was and will ever remain the most painful loss he will ever have.Couple of years later,he is the coach of said Rams and everything he has done,from drafting little bitty receivers to over-hyped offensive lineman just shows he is out to tear down the Rams from the inside.I guarantee you,as long as he is head coach,the Rams will never make the playoffs.

  4. after losing super bowl by less then a yard and going from mcnair to young then fired i am glad fish found the lord and maybe he should trade for tebow since he dont pass the ball anyways

  5. I really dislike these for the fact that, they've taken an icon and said see look at this guy he believes, and he stopped making shit choices because god. So fuck these celebrities for being propaganda assholes. Most of them are now just judgmental assholes, who used to be shit people.

  6. I give Jeff Fisher a lot of credit for doing this video and being as vulnerable as he is. What really saddens me is the comments that are below. The point is not that he is an NFL coach, the point is a broken imperfect man found Jesus. He is not perfect and none of us are. Anyone who works in the NFL, MLB, NHL, and honestly any other job in the world knows that some day they will be replaced. What is significant is the fact that his life changed when he became a Christian and hopefully he has been able to impact players and other people though what he does from that moment forward.

  7. I realize that most of the people making comments on this video are "believers", and probably have no interest in a different viewpoint, however, just in case, below is a link to a blog from a former pastor who makes a very strong argument that many, if not all, evangelical Christians advocate a certain self- loathing. It is not my goal to troll this comment section, but just to offer the opportunity to hear a different viewpoint.

  8. Try getting NF to do one of these videos.
    He is a Christian rapper.
    He has dealt with a ton through his life; most of which is expressed through his music. His father was physically abusive to him and his mother cared more about pills than her own children until the pills took her life. NF has a great testimony.

  9. Piece of trash person. He got fired for treating players like trash.. Every QB he has had he ruined them with his delusional ego. Like Goff he looked really secured but fishead held goff back also filling his head that he wasn't good enough to start. He Is supposed to be a mentor but no he more like the hater of rams. He is no rams true coach. #FIREFISHER

  10. Jeff fisher is an absolutely terrible person. The last person you wanna be getting advice on how to live your life. He single handedly went out of his way to ruin Vince young's career. No respect for this phony old piece of crap

  11. fisher can ruin any good football player and make him horrible. Bradford Vince young tavon Austin and on and on and on. No player is good under him!!!!

  12. A fuck coach who wasted away many black quarterbacks in his day. He knows he did it and will answer to god when his time comes

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