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Hello Internet it is Barry here welcome to
my virgin kitchen this is my mother, some of you may remember her from previous videos,
I remember her because I came out of her. Today we are doing a food fear of jellied
eels, jellied eels are basically eels that have been simmered in a spicy stock and cooled
down then a jelly forms around it. Have you ever had a jellied eel before mother? No not
jellied eels, no not tried them I have had a cockle or two.
Had a cockle or two I like cockles, ok anyhow are you excited to try jellied eels I just
bought them from fresh from the supermarket, not really, ok they came in a little tub,
scooped it out with a spoon and as you will see right now it is quite an interesting thing
I am genuinely scared of this that is the whole point of this food fear playlist if
I like it I may use it in an upcoming recipe how are you feeling? Lets do this I am nervous,
it is the thought of it, yes just take that thought and turn it into taste. Lets do it!
Got some oh you cannot see your face, I said mum hold your spoon up is that not a thing
you can do where you steam up a spoon and hold it on your nose, anyhow one for another
video. Lets have a smell first shall we, how does it smell, fishy, fishy, oh it is yeah,
mild scent, clear gelatine in there, very nice, fishy that is all we can describe it
as, do you want to take the first spoonful out? Come on mum! It is mind over matter!
I hope we do not get an eelness (illness) from eating this, get it?! Alright ready we
will do it together at the same time, you have got lots of jelly on yours, that is the
thing that puts me off actually is the jelly I hate pork pies and the jelly all around
that stuff. Oh just very fishy, are you ready, I do not know, three, two, one �.
Oh, hmmmmm (not nice facial expressions going on!)
I have a hard bit in mine, no, hmmmm I had a hard bit in mine
I did it *laughter*
Just get it down you! What are you doing? *Barrys mum screams*
I am not going to eat any more of that but if you could imagine what a tin of tuna, you
know you get a cold tin of tuna t was like that but, you like it?! Hmmm hmmm, my mum
has turned into a cartoon character, hmmmm hmmmm, do you like it? Explain what it tastes
like, tinned tuna with a jelly around it almost like a cold, jelly from the sea, salty, I
would not eat it again, but I definitely had a crunchy bit on it then, I may have had one
of the eels eyeballs! Oh barry! Oh no!
So would you eat it again, no because of the bone, there is definitely some sort of yeah,
I do not think eels have bones do they? I do not know maybe they do, of course they
do, well the could wiggle like jelly. There we go then guys that is jellied eels, not
recommended you do not think? Conclusion, it is not the worst thing I have eaten, check
out the food fear playlist for other ones I have done there are some much more disgusting
ones on there, but I think I would eat it again, but not out of choice. So will finish
this off right now. Thanks mum for being a good sport and we will
see you again next time, hmmm salty! Alright, hmmm, I will not do that again, oh
I did not press record on the camera we will have to go again. No! That was just a rehearsal.


  1. I'm surprised he didn't mention that jellied eels was very popular in parts of England. I was told that my grandad used to eat them. I asked my dad how they tasted. He said he'd never had them!

  2. Well jeez they always sounded good to me and I'man American.  I'll take my eels smoked like the Japanese and Italians so the jellied seemed yum.  Does anyone like them?  I like pickled herring.

  3. I have eaten and enjoyed Smoked Eel, and caught, and cooked them in a frying pan myself, and like that, they're as nice as any other fish I've ever eaten. But Jellied? God, don't get me started. What is the joy of a food that wants to come straight back up when swallowed? No, me neither.👎🤢🤢🤢

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