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Jelly Fishing IRL Challenge | SpongeBob SmartyPants Ep. 2

Jelly Fishing IRL Challenge | SpongeBob SmartyPants Ep. 2

For the love of King Neptune,
this is the greatest show under the sea. This is SpongeBob Smarty Pants! I’m your host, Roy, a.k.a. Guava Juice, and I’m joined by my wonderful
contestants, Amanda and Ray, hello! All right, we’re just going to swim
right over to our first round with the Jellyfish Jam Challenge. It’s simple, whoever can catch
the most jelly fish into your net wins the round. – You guys ready?
– Ready. Fish! There you go, all right,
there you go, oh, Ray with one jelly fish,
Amanda with two, three! You just don’t need my help. Two for Ray. All right, that’s it, four jelly fish. Amanda, you know what that means,
you are the winner of round one. You get 50 points on the board,
take off those helmets and get suited up
for round number two. The Bikini Bottom Blitz. All right, listen, smarty pants, each of these locations feature
a SpongeBob trivia question worth 100 points. Buzz in first, answer it correctly,
and those 100 points or yours. Are you ready? I’m ready! I’m ready as well! We’re gonna start off
at Mr. Krab’s house. Question number 1, SpongeBob’s
pet snail Gary makes what noise? [bell ringing] – Ray?
– Meow. Correct! Meow. Crusty Chris, please move
the sponge to Glove World. Question 2, what candy is Bikini Bottom
resident Tom obsessed with? [bell ringing] Amanda? Chocolate! Chocolate is correct! Let’s move on to the Krusty Krab. Question number 3, what animal does Plankton
show SpongeBob in the episode Plankton? [bell ringing] Ray? Labrador retriever? That is correct! He shows his lab. [evil laugh] Question number 4,
go to the Chum Bucket, move the sponge please,
Crusty Chris. Identify this character
based on this silhouette. [bell ringing] Amanda? Pearl. Pearl the whale is correct! Another 100 points goes to you. Moving on to SpongeBob’s Pineapple. Question 5, we’re gonna be playing a game
called Porous Chorus. I’m gonna sing a line from
a famous SpongeBob song, you’re gonna have to finish it,
you ready? ♪ The best time to wear
A striped sweater ♪ Amanda? ♪ Is all the time ♪ That is correct, lovely voice! ♪ One with a collar turtleneck
That’s the kind ♪ That is extra credit! All right, we’re gonna be playing
a game called Sea Star Power. You’re gonna have to identify
the celebrity guest star based on this clue. This mad actor played
an executive, Don Grouper in the episode
Goodbye, Krabby Patty. Ray, give it a shot. Is it Steve Buscemi? Steve Buscemi is absolutely,
positively incorrect. The correct answer is Jon Hamm. Should’ve got that one. [thunder rumbling] [evil laugh] You know what that sound means. It’s time for
the Flying Dutchman’s Wager. You’re going to have to wager some
of your points in this next challenge for a chance to make it
to the final round. Crusty Chris! Come back here, why’d you run off?
It’s not even that scary. It sounded loud, I’m sorry. No worries.
Contestants! Place your wagers… now. While they’re placing their wagers,
I’m going to entertain you by playing my wonderful… clarinet. [music playing] What a beautiful instrument. All right, contestants,
time’s up, Crusty Chris, we don’t need you anymore, toodaloo! Bye! All right, contestants,
lift up those boards and let’s see how much you wagered. Amanda, you’re wagering 20 points, Ray you were going to wager 200 points. Crusty Chris! I’m sorry,
I’m going to need you again. -That’s okay.
-Oh, you got it? Please put these special sound
cancelling headphones on Amanda. Yes, sir. All right, Ray, in fifteen seconds, I want you to name as many
SpongeBob characters as you know. Ready? Go! Gary, Squidward, Squidward’s mom, SpongeBob’s mom is Margaret,
SpongeBob’s dad is Harold, Patrick, Patrick’s mom is Margie,
Patrick’s dad is Herb, Mr. Krabs, let’s see, oh, Squidward,
Squidward’s dad– Three, two, one… That’s it. You did good, that was impressive. Congrats. All right, awesome,
that was super impressive. – Proud of you.
– Thank you. Crusty Chris, take off those
headphones off of Amanda, please. All right, thank you, Crusty Chris,
all right, please leave again. – Sorry.
– I said only nice things about you. Okay good. All right Amanda, it’s your turn. Ready?
Go! SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy,
Mr. Krabs, Plankton, Karen, Pearl, Squidward,
Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, Smitty WerbenJagerManJensen,
The Bubble, Doodle Bob, Five… Karen, did I say Karen? two, one, time’s up, no more! Amanda you won
the Flying Dutchman Challenge! All right, so please let’s see
what you both wagered, shall we? Amanda 20, Ray 200. Unfortunately, Ray you don’t
get any of those points. Amanda, you get plus 20 to your score, meaning you have
a grand final score of 370 points. Yeah! You’re moving on to the final round. Ray, I have one thing to say. Clean up on aisle five, Crusty Chris! Whoa, whoa, whoa! I went to college! Amanda, you won the challenge, which means you’re one step closer
to winning the golden pineapple. -How you feeling?
-A little nervous, but good. You should be nervous, because you still have to survive
the Chum Bucket Challenge! It all comes down to this. Amanda’s made it through
two rounds of the competition and is one step closer
to winning the golden pineapple. – You excited, can you do this?
– I think so. Let’s see if you can survive
the chum bucket. Bring up the chum! You don’t want to mess with
Crusty Chris holding that chum bucket. Who knows what he’ll do. I’m going to ask you seven
final SpongeBob trivia questions. All you gotta do is answer five correctly,
and you win the golden pineapple. But if you answer
three of those questions wrong, well… Question number 1,
what color are SpongeBob’s eyes? Black and white? You sure? – I think so.
– That answer is… – Incorrect.
– Oh, no! The correct answer is blue,
SpongeBob has blue eyes. All right, we’re moving on
to question number 2, what phrase does
the little green fish repeat in Krusty Krab’s training video? Hoopla! Hoopla is correct! All right, one correct answer,
one incorrect answer. Question number 3, in the episode, No Weenies Allowed,
Tom makes potato salad. How long did it take to make? Three days. Three days is correct! Question 4, what is the name of the actor
that voices SpongeBob? Tom Kenny. Tom Kenny… is correct! You’re on the roll, you got
three questions correct so far in a row? – Okay.
– Let’s go for a fourth one. What is the name of Squidward’s
fancy arch nemesis? Squilliam Fancyson. Are you sure? I think so. The correct answer is… Squilliam Fancyson! All right, you need one more
to win the golden pineapple. – Okay.
– All right. – You think you got this?
– I think so. – All right, you hear that?
– Oh, it’s disgusting. Question number 6, when doing a good job
in boating school, you get a gold star to put where? On the good noodle board
in Mrs. Puff’s class. The good noodle board… is correct! That means you have earned
and proved yourself the title SpongeBob Smarty Pants. And you win the golden pineapple. Sweet victory. How do you feel about your victory? I knew I could do it. Crusty Chris, what do you say
we chum Amanda anyways, eh? [screaming] Amanda, how’d it feel? You were right, it is cold. Join us next time as two more
SpongeBob SquarePants fans battle it out to see who
is the biggest SpongeBob fan. I’m your host, Roy a.k.a. Guava Juice, and remember, I wumbo,
you wumbo, he, she, me wumbo! See you next time.

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