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Jennifer Fisher explains to Katie Couric how she built her jewelry empire | theSkimm

The numbers speak for themselves. Speak for themselves. Speak for themselves. The numbers speak for themselves. Practice makes perfect. Ladies and gentlemen, the numbers speak for themselves. Which is why we should move forward. Great hair makes you feel unstoppable. Ever wonder how some of the best and brightest made it to where they are? Behind every successful woman is the story about getting there and their journey to the top. So I’m teaming up with theSkimm to learn and share the secrets of their success. Business is really hard and I’ve had so many things that have happened that okay this is going to be the end of it. And it always comes back. I’m so happy to be here at the farmers market. Is this a place you come a lot? I come here all the time. Why do you love this farmers market so much? If I need a break from work I’ll come out here sometimes and just walk around and I’ll catch my breath and breathe a little bit. And I always find something that I need or have to have or it inspires me to cook something. Or inspires you to design something maybe, right? It does. I’m completely inspired by everything in the city. Enough with the farmers market, we gotta get there. So you and your husband, Jennifer, work together but you have a rule, you never commute together. Why is that? We’re together all day long so let’s have some time in the morning apart from each other not talking about work all the time. What’s your typical morning like? My husband brings me coffee in bed every morning. Really? One morning he came in, I just put him on my insta stories of him bringing me coffee and I got hundreds of people saying, ‘Oh my god, please have him do this every day cuz he’s funny.’ Jennifer Fisher Jewelry started with a single charm because of a tumor on her chest wall and subsequent chemotherapy. Doctors encouraged Jennifer and her husband to find a surrogate. But she ended up getting pregnant on her own, and her first child a son finally arrived. To celebrate his birth and her good fortune, she created a dog tag inscribed with his name, Shane. It would soon become her trademark. At the time I was a stylist, so I wore it on set on one of these long chains. I mean, the grip guys, all the guys, they wanted them for their wives. Everyone wanted one and I ended up making one for Uma Thurman. And she wore it on the cover of Glamour. Suddenly, you know, the phone was ringing off the hook and people started asking me. And it became, you know, ‘Can you make heart? Can make a star?’ Sure, I could do anything you want, why not? So I started literally just making everything. So this really made it personal, very personal. I mean you put it on, it’s — it’s your talisman, it’s your good luck charm. I have my family with me, I have everything that means something with me. Jennifer also struck gold with her now signature hoop earrings. Celebrities love them and put her, and them, on the map. The hoop thing is crazy. The hoop has been around for thousands and thousands of years. We happen to make one at the right time in all the different styles. There’s a hoop for everyone and not every hoop looks good on every person, but they’re pretty flattering if you get the right one for your face. Some pretty well-known people wear your pieces. Issa Rae, JLo, Michelle Obama, Selena Gomez, Hailey Baldwin, Unit, Rihanna. We’ve been very lucky. You’ve always been an entrepreneur. Always. I feel like I was like four when I started my first company. I literally it was like I was the kid that would pick the flowers out of the neighbor’s yard and be like, ‘Hey, do you want my buy some flowers?’ There’s been a splatter paint clothing business, there’s been a button earring business, which was technically my first jewelry company. You just can’t be afraid of going and putting yourself out there and seeing if someone you know wants to buy what you have. Skimm for me how to start your own business. What was your biggest setback and how were you able to bounce back? Business is really hard and I’ve had so many things that have happened that, ‘Okay, this is gonna be the end of it, this is not, this is this is bad.’ And it always comes back. The most important thing is to know that you can learn from that and you can do it differently next time. And there will be a different outcome next time. Where do you go from here? We do salt now, so now my foray into foods has sort of taken off. I feel like in this day and age we can do whatever we want. We don’t need to be defined by what people have done in the past. I’m doing my own thing. Cheers to your success. So Kevin, is it fun working with your wife? It’s been a blast. You must be proud of everything she’s been able to accomplish. I have been and I continue to be on a daily basis. You’ve really, you know, inspired me. And every day it’s something new. You guys usually have drinks after work, don’t you? We do. We work so hard all day long and it’s so high stress and kind of intense in the office during the day that it’s, you know, also a moment to kind unwind with him. Where do you see the company going in the future? Are you going to grow, keep it small? If I listened to everybody, we would have 50 new stores right now. Do I think it’s important for us to grow with the food and what we’re doing into the lifestyle category? Absolutely, because that seems to be where it’s headed. But there will always be jewelry in it forever. It’s always gonna be jewelry.

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