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100 comments on “Jimmy Kimmel Interviews 20-Year-Old Attacked by Snake, Bear & Shark

  1. Maybe the bear ripped some common sense outta his brain cause ik I would not leave the house after being attacked by a bear

  2. The odds of him getting bitten by all 3 animals are 893 quadrillion to 1. He got the 1. Now if only those were my chances at the lottery.

  3. Spiritually speaking, stuff like this usually means he’s getting a calling to be a shaman or something along those lines. This is very interesting.

  4. 20 year old man gets attacked by snake bear and shark then afterward s the comments section

  5. "Holy smokes, I just got bit by a shark." HOW DID HE SAY THIS WITH ABSOLUTELY NO EMOTION ON HIS FACE AT ALL

  6. we should send this guy into space… we will answer the question whether we are alone in the universe for once and for all…

  7. I would stay home more if I were him or carry things to defend yourself that are appropriate for each situation at minimum.

  8. 893 quadrillion to one? 😂 that doesnt make sense. The odds of that happening are 1 to 893 quadrillion. He said it backwards

  9. Uhh, maybe he should just stick to urban city life, stick to concert places and definitely not be a pet owner, stick only to humans.

  10. I have been bit by a snake, a brown recluse spider, attacked by a duck, a squirrel, fire ants and an emu. Been chased by a possum. Almost stepped on a cottonmouth last year but he just ate and didnt attack. Im not good with wildlife either but still swim in the gulf and still go out in nature. Thank God I havent had any encounters with bears but lots of gators who havent came after me yet

  11. He was clearly invading the territories of those other animals. How would you like it if a bear and his friends setup camp in your living-room !!!!!
    He got what he deserved 🙂

  12. I know him he’s was an awesome camp counselor me and my friend were one of the several kids that went on a over night trip with just the clothes on our back and we had to make our own shelters and there were close to 24 kids to start off with and 7 that ended. He was so proud of me and my friend he was so cool as well. But he didn’t get that bad of an injury but he got attacked by a screwdriver on his pinky.😂😂

  13. we was lucky with that shark one
    Edit: normally you see people where the tiger shark have bit their leg in half only held together with the bone

  14. Was thinking “wow he’s so nonchalant about these stories”… then I figured he has some SERIOUS brain damage from a bear attack to his HEAD among others. Yikes.

  15. I'm already subscribed, why do you have to try to torture me? Do you not GET how YouTube works? Old people, sheesh!

  16. The animal kingdom is like, so there's this traveling restaurant every creature must have a bite. Simply divine🐍🐻🦈

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