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Jin | fishing vlog | RUS SUB | ENG SUB

Jin | fishing vlog | RUS SUB | ENG SUB

Hello everyone! It is Jin’s vlog We have a vacation, so we arrived here at 2am and now we are near the coast Look here Before this time, I used to go fishing very spontaneously, but people say that there is a particular time we can go fishing wow, here is a fishing boat, fishing boat it seems like people go fishing at dawn so I also came here to do my hobbies I came here with Yoongi Yoongi My fishing partner, Yoongi is now.. Yoongi: lets get on the boat faster he is tired hhhh now is 3:30am we are going to get on the boat and take off our boat became bigger than we thought before it was with 20 seats the boat has upgraded it became a boat with 70 seats last two weeks I did so much for gathering people for fishing 70 seats, I am looking forward to our meeting with that big boat for today’s fishing I even took pills for a good health It’s good, Yoongi here.hahahahaha hey hey, you can’t help but catch a fish, you will catch everything isn’t this boat for fishing a tuna? Kimchi is tasty About 30 minutes left until we come to the point place for fishing, so I am going to eat ramen and then go fishing it seems like it has 2 ramens inside it is swollen, right? ramen on the boat is much tastier wow, it is really tasty I did nothing, but it is delicious lets eat this and go fishing wow, it was caught and served immediately delicious the time here is 5am, so if we imagine that we will be fishing at 6, 7, 8, 9am, then one fish for one hour 4 fish I would be happy if I have caught 4 fish it was suddenly, I am sorry can I catch at least one today? – you need to steer the rod backward why it is so hard? a…I need to catch at least something it doesn’t take the bait at least it is better than nothing Yoongi, it is the point, wait for it I have hope there is a hope after I caught one now I have a different face expression because I have one fish I need to catch one perch but I can’t (envy) it is big completely different feeling Woow Wooow, I caught one I caught the perch! (pity) it is very small, whats a pity (excited) I had a different feeling at the beginning This is the fight between fishing and my confidence I have at least two, there are people who did not catch anything (hope) I want to have that big one here it is, here it is wooow woow, what is that? what is it? pink salmon? did I catch pink salmon? it is the biggest one I have ever seen in my life I found out it for the first time, but pink salmon is not eaten only after production people eat it raw I caught a big one, so I have a good feeling it seems like fishing successfully ended, but it is only 8am fishing success! I caught a big stone wow, I have many this time Lets try it is it pink salmon? yummy perch and pink salmon! guys, fishing at dawn is difficult if you want to try it once, get enough sleep before coming all my parts of the body passed out it is about 9am, but I had a productive day and energetic this is the end of my vlog today I did fishing dawn fishing and had a great meal so I will sleep

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