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Joe & Joe Go Fishing  |  Novas Christmas Appeal

Joe & Joe Go Fishing | Novas Christmas Appeal

It’d be nice now if we pulled in a big pike Joe. It doesn’t matter if you catch anything or not,
it’s just being out in the open We need the characters of the world. You know, I was homeless for a period of my life. I was lost, and homeless, but it’s not all of me. But if you look at it Joe, we’re all human beings. Even if I am homeless,
which I have been for many years. When I get on a bus I’m a passenger, when I’m walking up the street
as a human being, I’m a pedestrian. We’re all everything. If I’m homeless, that means I’m roofless,
I don’t have a house, it doesn’t mean I’m not a human being. There’s so many stories to tell. The first time I met you was underneath the bridge, and we were sleeping under the bank under the bridge,
in the worst of weather like. You see from that point, if you are in that point,
it’s very difficult to change. Or to ask a person. If you’re saying to a person who
lay last night stinking, rotten filthy. You’re not very clean so you stink, and you know you stink, And you’ve got one euro, everything else is gone. What are you going to do with that one euro? What are you going to do Joe? Well I know what I’d have done,
I’d have went and got another tin somewhere. Why Joe? Because that’s all the options you have
at that particular time. You feel so bad, and that’s the only thing you think
is going to make you feel any better. You need serious help in that moment. I was put into a school when I was seven years of age,
into a borstal, Letterfrack. It was an industrial school,
there was no education there, what you were, you were a slave. You’ve got to accept there’s vulnerable in society, and you need to accept the fact
that you have to take care of them and that’s it. And when ye told us that we could go in
and make it our home and be fed. That was an awful strange thing to us. Usually we were thrown out of lanes,
and thrown away from doors. You were a disgrace on the street.
Look at that wino. The way it is now, I’m not a loner. I’m not short of company. I know when I wake up
in the morning I have a next door neighbour, and it’s nice to be able to sit down and
have a chat for half an hour with one or two. Every day there’s something different going on in here. What I have here at the moment, is family. I can talk to them lads and day I like.
I have a family here. It’s nice to be treated like a human being.

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