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Joely Fisher Recalls Dad Eddie Fisher’s Drug Abuse: ‘Dr. Needles Gave Him A Shot’ | Access

Joely Fisher Recalls Dad Eddie Fisher’s Drug Abuse: ‘Dr. Needles Gave Him A Shot’ | Access

do you think I mean when we talk about
in Demi’s case and again we can’t speculate what what was going on but you
know I imagine there’s a degree of like having to she’s working so hard she’s on
tour she’s probably set pace it’s that lifestyle but then also a degree of
loneliness and I think in the documentary she talks a lot about like
how she doesn’t feel like she’s you know she feels lonely even though she is
connecting to all her fans and the people loved her they adore her but yet
there’s a certain hole that she’s trying to fill Jolie I write in my book
a chapter called the apple doesn’t fall apart very far from the tree but growing
up I will plug 100 percent feel that its genetic
my father Eddie Fisher had to go on as a young man singing and dr. max Jacobs
doctor needles who serviced many many people in his day came in and gave him a
shot of you know a cocktail of it was basically a speedball and and my father
sang like an angel that night and real and then became dependent on it I also
think if you stopped doing something for a long time and you’re used to a certain
amount of drugs that’s the one that’s gonna kill you or take you into the
hospital or hopefully so I think that it is you know old habits die hard and it
is a lifelong battle and it is passed down for sure through generations you
just actually maybe think it wasn’t narcan the drug that they gave prints on
the plane wasn’t it wasn’t that a type of drug that they gave him is it the
common drug starts that central nervous system you think about how he received
that treatment and then not too long after that we lost him
you know I mean I this when we got the news yesterday that demi lovato had
apparently had an overdose and was that headed to the hospital our first thought
was what’s the end of this sentence is that where the period is is she okay
goodness I mean it’s a stable gets thrown out and you’re like I’ve heard
that word before you certainly heard that word before especially with most
recently with Kerry going back to though I mean you’re
and seeing you know that photo of your dad there I mean you saw him injecting
himself at a young age I did I did you know my you there was a ball of the path
as well I’ve never put a needle in my arm but I have I’ve I’ve had a
long-running bout with substance abuse and I my sister called me a periodic
which is in a super sexy term for someone who can go for long periods of
time without but but if I were to pick it up right now I would have a problem
just like you know just like her you

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