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John Fisher: Tribute to a Gifted Sailor | Volvo Ocean Race (2017-2018)

John Fisher: Tribute to a Gifted Sailor | Volvo Ocean Race (2017-2018)

I suppose just the experience you know
sailing in the coal guy after the day the relentlessness of the weather you
know it’s grinding really grinding and it makes you think belong and her often
Bethel some of the things you doing – your men to stay at everything else
I think high light and low light is is that that where they’re in the condition
you know blasting along with 13 artists magic you know this way I find a good man fish
goodnight he was incredibly happy he looks
incredibly fit a big smile on his face he was just enjoying the experience of a
lifetime and ambition of sailing around the world in the Volvo Ocean Race fish was an amazing guy he was
incredibly patient as a teacher he was really good with the younger people
onboard the boat he would teach them how to do things better how to do things
smarter how to sort of think ahead of the game
he was also great company he could talk about sailing he could talk about
anything in the world and he was also one of the most safety
conscious people he was always thinking about how do we make sure the boat is
safer the crew is safe the welfare of the people on board and he was really
just the most thorough gentleman I’ve had the pleasure to sail with Ballantine’s very Kirsten the woman that
makes me the man I am supporting late with everything I do suppose where I
grew up and grown up the love of sailing and watching the Whitbread start you
know every four years sound of the soleman you know it’s one of those
things you always dream of doing whether you ever get the chance if you’re lucky
enough to get the chance to do do a race like this everyone should grab
it I think you know it’s not easy for everyone but you should always challenge

10 comments on “John Fisher: Tribute to a Gifted Sailor | Volvo Ocean Race (2017-2018)

  1. VOR should honor John by implementing mandatory improved technical solutions securing that a sailor can always be found, eg a small backpack with water-activated GPS, satphone, beacon and VHF. It is technically feasible, and not particularly expensive.

  2. I knew the story just yesterday at The Hague village. Well, it's insane that in sport you can lose your life. But he died doing his best hobby… Long live to John Fisher

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