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Jordan Fisher Fulfills One Of His Dreams With His ‘Rent’ Live Role | Access

Jordan Fisher Fulfills One Of His Dreams With His ‘Rent’ Live Role | Access

*** *** *** how do you measure a year *** ***>>Jordan fisher had a career with Disney, performed in Hamilton. One dancing with the stars and hosted a national primetime show. But this weekend he’s going to fulfill one of his longest dreams when he plays mark, airing live over on fox. Is this one of your biggest dreams?>>It is, probably the longest, to be honest with you. This started the genesis of my wanting to pursue this It began with this show 15 years A friend of mine gave me a boot leg of the show, the original cast. I don’t know how they had that, where they put it. And I watched it. I watched it — I binged it. Watched it six times in 48 hours. It moved me. I had been introduced to theater by this point. When you get bit by that bug it’s there. It gives you everything you need to need seemingly in that moment. And mark Cohen moved me so much as a human. Hindsight 2020, there’s a lot to the show and one of the reasons why really great art can transcend, you know, across multiple generations. It is its ability to resonate, there are a handful of shows in our world and in our life that have life and find longevity the way they do because of the message that it has. We need this story right now. Yeah, 14 years ago I had dinner with a mentor of mine. He said let’s talk about manifestation. He said what’s the first dream of yours? I want to be the first mark Cohen of color.>>This was –>>14 years ago.>>You remember saying it?>>I remember like it was yesterday. This is the first time I learned about manifestation. He’s like, let’s just put stuff out in the universe, see it come back, secret, you know. And that was what I said. It kind of came to be my turn. He said, I want a very specific pipe dream. And I was — I just fallen in love with the show. Mark and his nurture as a friend to these people, somebody that was — the only one that was born into privilege chose the life of a starving artist. One of the only ones that isn’t directly dealing with the epidemic in the early ’90s. He was the real outsider looking in but living in the nuclear us simultaneously. That moved me a lot as a kid.>>Cool.>>That’s kind of how it happened.>>You’ve had so much success. It’s really a multifaceted entertainer. Does that mean more to you, giving that pipe dream into into the ethos, give it an extra special kind of umph?>>It’s funny you ask in that way. There’s a handful of answers to that, I think. There comes a point in time in your life and in your career where you go, why am I doing why am I going to spend time on this thing when I could be doing other things, especially now I’m wearing different hats and going into production and developing and creating, you know, the front end of things. Why do we need this story right now? Yeah, especially something like this. Considering that it has been such a long-time goal, very specific, mind you, long-time goal playing this role and having a very specific take on it. And being given the freedom by Michael, who originally directed the show on Broadway.>>Lucky for us. Wait, what are we manifesting now? Let’s be very specific on this day.>>It’s probably going to be personal life things. I’m really grateful for the trajectory of my career and the amount of time it’s taken where people actually give a crap what I’m doing now. It’s given me a lot of time to develop and hone and continue to learn and grow as I’m trying to do every day in my life. I think the thing I’m manifesting at this point is a family.>>I love that.>>You know, Ellie’s grate, by the way. That’s what makes me happy. I’m looking forward to that aspect of my life coming together. Everything else that happens is just a matter of kind of allowing it to flow organically. I have the next like 2 1/2 years of my life pretty mapped out on the career side of things. So –>>How nice is that?>>Yeah, for sure. Then there is the challenge of juggling, you know, how do you>>That’s a great problem to have.>>Great problem to have. A thousand percent.>>You and Vanessa back again. We saw you in Greece. Vanessa hutch inches. What is it, chemistry?>>She became one of my closest friends in Greece. We’ve been fortunate enough to do a handful of really cool things together. We were finishing lunch the other day. We need to work together all the time because we have fun. She’s my work wife. We get it, we understand each other, we can lean on each other in that way. That really goes for a handful of people that are part of the show specifically. I did Hamilton with on Broadway.>>How about that, Hamilton on Broadway, how cool is that?>>You see it, it’s pretty awesome. Keir Sten clem ons and I have worked together for years. Dancing with the stars family, lighting and stage manager. It’s a real family. It was a real family going into it. I could look around and go, okay, cool, this is going to be really special. It’s such a diverse cast.>>I’m so excited.>>Congratulations.>>Thank you.>>I appreciate it.>>2 1/2 year stuff, anything you got.>>It airs Sunday night at 8:00 on fox.>>Up next, Shondra Wilson on

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  1. Jordan kinda looks like he could be Bruno Mars's little brother! Bruno mars is a great singer and has a beautiful voice and Jordan has a beautiful voice and is a incredible singer too!

  2. Jordan and Vanessa would be a cute couple! I wasn't ever a big fan of Zach and Vanessa as a couple in High School Musical! I always wanted Zach to be with Ashley Tisdale or Sharpe and Troy!

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