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Jordan Fisher – I’d Love to Change the World (From “When We Rise”)

Jordan Fisher – I’d Love to Change the World (From “When We Rise”)

♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ [♪♪♪ [ac♪♪♪ [acou♪♪♪ [acoust♪♪♪ [acoustic♪♪♪ [acoustic g♪♪♪ [acoustic gui♪♪♪ [acoustic guita♪♪♪ [acoustic guitar][man]
Each generation has
its own epic confrontationsthat it must face.I knew what
I was called to do…
not as an individual, but as part
of my generation. ♪ Everywhere is
freaks and hairies ♪♪ Dykes and fairies,
tell me where is sanity ♪
Dad, I’m gay. It’s an illness. It can be treated.♪ Tax the rich,
feed the poor ♪
♪ Till there are
no rich no more ♪
I feel, in my heart, that it matters not who they love.♪ I’d love to change
the world ♪
♪ But I don’t know
what to do ♪ Wherever you are,
you are not alone.♪ So I’ll leave it
up to you ♪
Supervisor Harvey Milk
has been shot and killed.♪ Population
keeps on breeding ♪
♪ Nation bleeding,
still more feeding economy ♪
Our friends are dying.♪ Oh ♪♪ Life is funny,
skies are sunny ♪
♪ Bees make honey,
who needs money, monopoly ♪[man over P.A.]
Every compromise, every delay
undermines our humanity.♪ I’d love to change
the world ♪
From Alaska to Florida,from Maine to Hawaii…♪ But I don’t know
what to do ♪
We must rise up
and take our anger
and demand full equality now.♪ So I’ll leave it
up to you ♪
Our time is now. They’re killing us! [no audible dialogue] We fight right here, tonight, till they realize
this is our home and we’re fighting for it
with our lives! No more!♪ World pollution ♪♪ There’s no solution ♪♪ Institution, electrocution ♪♪ Just black and white ♪♪ Rich or poor ♪♪ It’s them and us ♪♪ We’ll stop the war ♪You have shown me
what love looks like.♪ I’d love to change
the world ♪
♪ But I don’t know
what to do ♪
♪ So I’ll leave it
up to you ♪
♪ Aah ♪♪♪♪ [fades]

70 comments on “Jordan Fisher – I’d Love to Change the World (From “When We Rise”)

  1. my friend told me to watch this last night. i watched it and cried, it is so amazing. and i obviously bought the song… this really resonates with me. thank you Jordan, i can't wait to watch this!!

  2. this is my story, and I'm still here. Thanks Cleve, and Dustin for this magnificent film.

  3. I am so touched that this video was put on Disney's channel. Usually Disney wants nothing to do with anything like this and it just means so much to me that is changing. I love this show and song. ❤️

  4. we cant change the world or eachother but we can change how we choose to look, think, and feel about it and we can change how we act towards it

  5. You know this is going to be overexaggerated as all hell. Some of it will make sense, like the personal struggles of gay couples or the bad treatment of Muslims during the wars in the middle east. But other parts are obviously overblown storylines that are all anti-establishment and anti-whatever.

  6. La canción es hermosaa pero el vídeo no me transmitió nada! le falto mas sentimiento de romanticismo! para realidades la vemos todos los días!

  7. What a shallow, socialist pipe dream of a song for an otherwise brilliant TV series. They could have picked a better song. The beat is nice, but the lyrics are childish.

  8. I watched the series because of this video clip and I will never regret it. I realised at 8 that all people weren't as they taught me they were (Barbie is a girl and Ken is a boy, it will never be different). We never talked about this at home, so I made some research and was introduced to how diversified and wonderful we are. This series is full of fight, love, comprises, struggles, bravery, happiness, sadness… It's incredible! I've never seen love as deep as what every couple feels in this. Well done Jordan for your commitment! It's only one cause amount some others to fight even nowadays! May the world hear the call of Liberty, Egality, Fraternity.
    Lots of LOVE Xx

  9. I just watched this and I think the jetta one is better since the jetta one sounded cool and this one didn't sound like the jetta one.

  10. So that dude not only refises to be treated for his g-illness but also starts ritoing and smashing other people's property. And let's not forget that that "minority" is in "most-affected" group of g-cancer.

  11. I may sound like a dick/ sound racist. But fuck it. White people always say that they believe in God n that they go to their Christian churches. How can u believe in God?? N love God?? N yet u support n love with open arms. N yet God himself says in the Bible that y'all love to read from. Go read Leviticus 20:13. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10. Romans 1:26-27 & 1:32 n for the people that supports in this. Y'all gonna be punish with them for u have approved in what they do. Y'all approved in what these gay man & these lesbians do n how they live their life. The Bible isn't meant for the white race point blank. Because y'all can't & y'all won't even follow the Bible right… U can't love God n support in what he hates. U can't have ur cake n eat it to..

  12. Although Disney had lots to do with this, it's mostly for commercial purposes. Yeah Disney is not what Walt had in mind now

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